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Week of 7 May 2001

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Monday, 7 May 2001

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Busy day yesterday. Bob did the laundry in between working the kinks out on the book. Getting a late start on the house cleaning, I was not finished until after 12:00. After a shower and lunch I worked on cleaning up my office, catching up on mail and stuff from being gone all day Saturday. I also had to get all the stuff out of the car from the trip and put it away.

At 4:30 I stopped working to make the meat loaf and then watched the golf tournament while it was cooking and paid the dogs some attention. After dinner I worked some more on my web sites and then read until time for Practice.

Speaking of web sites. Over the weekend Bob registered as a domain name for me. I now have a separate web site for my business,, and a new e-mail POP account I am going to be using this address as my primary mail address from now on but I can still get mail at Both web sites still need a bit of fine tuning so if you are visiting either one and come across some mistakes or dead end links, please let me know. We are still getting page addresses linked correctly and I am working on rewriting some of the pages.

Bob also registered so we now have an official web site for the new book. Bob has been working on structure, which we have changed about three or four times. Until we get things exactly as we like them I will not be adding any text. If you read his page for today you will see he has declared a "death march" to get everything done on deadline which means I shall doing a lot of marching myself.  I think I will join that union that Leah and Marcia have spoken about. We don't call ourselves the Netwidows for nothing you know!

This quote from one of Marcia's diary page says it all:

When you read a paragraph, think about whether it was me or Leah that was cooking or washing dishes at the time that it was written . . . more than likely, it was one of us!!  Leah:  we need to form a union!!

Oh well. Off today to run errands and more errands. I get my haircut at 9:00 after which I am going over to the hospital to get my glasses adjusted and meet my parents for two lunches. Now that I have your attention after that sentence. I go to Baptist Hospital Eye Care for my eye doctor and my glasses. I periodically have to get them adjusted because I am constantly taking them on and off to wipe sweat off my face while working out at the gym or in the yard and they get all out of whack.

My parents volunteer at the hospital on Mondays and Fridays. That's my mom in the blue volunteer jacket working in the gift shop. Dad delivers mail and papers and helps deliver gift shop items when there are holidays. He worked patient discharge until his back surgery two years ago. He is not allowed to push the wheel chairs anymore so he does the other lighter jobs that need done. Between them they have something like 25000 hours of volunteer time from the past twelve years.

Dad goes to lunch at 11:00, so I will eat with him. My mom comes down to the cafeteria at 12:00, so I will hang around and talk to her a few minutes while she eats her lunch.

After lunches, I have to make about half dozen stops on the way home. Gotta run. 


Tuesday, 8 May 2001

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I returned back from my lunch and errands around 2:30. Very nice lunch with my dad and mom then made a few more stops on the way home. I worked the remainder of the afternoon catching up on mail and taking care of some business stuff. We watched the Buffy taped while we ate dinner. After dinner I mowed the lawn and then watered some of the areas that are starting to look a little dry. We really need to some rain. After checking my mail we watched Angel and then off to bed.

Playing golf this morning with my dad, so I posted this update last night. Since I got the mowing out of the way last night I really need to work this afternoon. Bob has a chapter he mailed off he wants me to look through and I need to do some of my stuff.

Short post today.




Wednesday, 9 May 2001

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My morning routine unless I have to be somewhere early is pretty much the same every morning. Get up, take the dogs out and get the newspaper, give the dogs their morning vitamins and pills depending on the dog, read the paper, eat breakfast, and sit down at the computer. I catch up on all the Netwidows diary pages, e-mal, etc and then write my diary page for the day. 

As I am sitting here at the computer I hear this roar from Bob's office "MALCOLM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BAD DOG". I go flying out of my office and down the hall hearing Bob say he just raised his leg and pissed on that crate of cables. I am not sure if he was trying to tell Bob he needed to go out or if he was marking his territory. We took the crate to the kitchen and washed off all the cables and the crate and left everything to dry on the counter.

Bob adamantly refuses to get Duncan or Malcolm neutered. Duncan never developed the bad habits that some male dogs get when they are left intact like inside marking and humping the furniture.  This is Bob's quote from his diary page

Barbara, of course, took the opportunity to point out that that's the behavior one has to expect from an intact male. But I'm an intact male, and I don't go around pissing on other people's stuff.

Sorry, but that argument is bunk. Although a lot of males I know definitely have personalities and behaviors that are much more aligned with canine than human, the issues are completely separate. Malcolm is a very good example of a dog that needs to be neutered, especially since we have Duncan. But, I rest my case. 

I am working at home this morning transferring my research into the book document. This afternoon after lunch I will head over to the library to start setting up the book sale that starts tomorrow night. 

We are having dinner with our friends Sue and Robin at the Rose and Thistle located in the shopping center across the street. They will pick Bob up and bring him along and I will just walk over and meet them at 6:00. 



Thursday, 10 May 2001

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The writers and producers of my favorite show West Wing pulled a major shocker last night killing off President Bartlett's secretary Mrs. Landingham. She was a minor recurring character and very loveable yet feisty older lady. I am not sure if she wanted to go off the show, got sick, or what. I dug around the Internet this morning but could not located a news story.

It took four hours yesterday and about four or five Friends of the Library but we got most of the book sale set up. I need to go over this morning and do just a couple of things to finish up and we will be ready for opening night tonight. We have the Friends meeting at 4:30 and then we open our sale at 5:30.

We enjoyed our dinner last night with our friends Sue and Robin, getting back home around 7:30. I caught up on e-mail having been gone all afternoon and of course the dogs wanted my full attention.

Another busy day, as I said, I am off to finish up the book sale set up this morning and then the grocery store. This afternoon I will work some more on the poisons book and then go back to the library for the meeting. Not sure if Bob is going along and then we go eat or what our plans are at this point.



Friday, 11 May 2001

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I did manage to get a little work done on the book yesterday afternoon before taking my shower and going back to the library. Bob went along to read while I was in my Friends meeting. The Friends preview for the book sale started at 5:00 so one of the Friends board members had to man the sale while we held our meeting. We finished around 5:30 and Bob and I went over to the little restaurant to eat dinner. I worked a little after we got back home but spent most of the evening reading until time for ER to come on.

This morning I am off to the plant store to get plants for mom's planter for Mother's Day and my plants for the yard. With this dry spell I may not be able to put them in the ground right away but at least I will have them. We need rain something awful and there not any in the the forecast for the near future. A slight chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon and maybe tomorrow but we need several days of good steady rain.

I need to bring the plants home and then go back to the library to work the book sale from 11- 2 then back home to work this afternoon. It has been a busy week so a nap may take place over the work, who knows.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Saturday, 12 May 2001

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The first day of the book sale was going real well by the time I left. I worked from 11 - 3 and made around $100. The ladies that worked from 9 - 11 also made around $100. If we made anywhere near that much from 3 -6 it was a very good day for the Friday sale when traffic is not as steady as it will be on Saturday.

I went to the plant store yesterday morning. Last year for Mother's Day I gave my mom a little container garden of various annuals and perennials. I needed to replace the annuals that died over the winter and fix it up to look real nice again. I also have another smaller container that I am making up for her. I bought my plants too.

After I got home from the library, Bob blew out the gutters. We have a huge silver maple right behind the house that blows those seed pods that look like brown helicopters everywhere in the spring. After he cleaned the gutters I cleaned up the drive and walkways, pulled some weeds, and did a few other yard chores until time to come in and fix dinner.

After dinner I did a load of clothes for Lenore and finished up some outdoor stuff. Bob and I listened to a new CD I purchased of Bach Adagios while we read. After walking the dogs for the last time I went to bed and finally finished the book I have been reading. I have been so busy of late I have not had a lot of reading time.

Off to the gym this morning for spinning class and then home to plant those flowers and get mom's little gardens ready for tomorrow. 



Sunday, 13 May 2001

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Happy Mother's Day!

I got a new batch of CD's in Friday. I mentioned yesterday that Bob and I listened to Bach Adagio's which was very nice. The others are for me to listen to in the car. I got the new Bette Midler Divine Madness and one of her older ones that I do not have, Bette, Dan Fogelberg's Greatest Hits and Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-78. 

Another busy day yesterday. When I returned home from spinning class I got started on my gardening projects. I fixed both of mom's planters and then got started putting my plants out. Some I put in the ground or my newly built planter and others go in pots to set out in some of the natural areas. I finished that project up by, cleaned up all the mess and came in to fix lunch.

After lunch I took a shower and got caught up on e-mail and diary pages. I needed to run to the store for something I forgot on Thursday for the dinner tomorrow and stop at the pet store to get dog food. I also wanted to run in the library real quick and see how the book sale was going. When I got back I decided to trim Kerry's nails and brush the guys. But just as I finished up with Kerry Bill came in the door from Raleigh. I did get another page done on the book yesterday afternoon and then ordered take out Chinese for dinner. Bob had worked all day on Nutshell, so we just spent the evening reading. I started another book from the library, a biography by author Michael Korda. BTW,  I have a review posted of the book I just finish, Rose of Nancemellin. Bill left around 9:45 just as we were taking the dogs out for the last time.

First I have to give Bob a haircut than clean house this morning and get things prepared for the Mother's Day dinner at our house. Mom chose the menu: grilled shrimp, filet minion, and chicken; baked potato, and rolls with apple pie and ice cream for dessert. We will have eight with mom and dad, Frances and Al, and the three of us. In addition to the planters I fixed I bought mom one of those little fleece throws to take on bus trips. She gets cold on the bus and they are nice and light to throw over your legs or arms.

Tonight is the season finale of The Practice. Once all the regular shows go off the air Bob and I have seven or eight taped shows to watch. 

If you are a mom, I hope you have a wonderful day with your kids and family. If you are not a mom, I hope you have a great day too. 






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