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Week of 28 May 2001

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Monday, 28 May 2001

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  Celebrating Memorial Day in the United States. I found several nice sites here and here as well as a nice site by the PBS television station for their annual Memorial Day Concert.

Day of rest. After getting the house clean, showered, and lunch I was going to be very ambitious and work yesterday afternoon while Bob napped. Didn't happen. I sat down at the computer to work but after nearly falling asleep while checking my mail and journal pages I gave up. I hit the couch, watched a little of the Indy 500 and woke up two and half hours later. I took the dogs out and decided to give up for the day. I played hall ball with the dogs and watched the remaining laps of the race then switched over to the golf. Bob slept all afternoon. I switched the laundry, fixed Lenore a drink and took the dogs out again before the Coca Cola 500 came on at 5:00. Around 5:45 I got Bob up so I could fix dinner, cream chip beef on noodles. I watched the race while we ate, cleaned up the kitchen and took a quick break to help walk the dogs.

Malcolm is still getting rather confrontational with Duncan. Duncan will be lying there minding his own business and Malcolm just gets in his face growling. I had been getting in Malcolm's face to teach him he is not top dog and was down on the floor exhibiting my alpha role when a fight erupted. I probably could have removed myself quickly enough from the fray but one of the dogs smacked me right in the nose with his head. Fur, teeth, and dog bodies were flying as I was trying to get up and make sure my nose wasn't broken. All of sudden one of them chomped me right on the left boob. Marcia, I know, way too much information, Anne started it with her female anatomy conversations.

Fortunately it did not break the skin, and NO, there will not be any pictures. I can just hear the doctor now, "uh huh, you claim your dog bit you where?" Needless to say it hurt like hell as Bob finally got out into the hall from his office to get it broken up. I dragged Malcolm to his crate downstairs--we moved it from up here because we were not using if very much--and left him to calm down for about an hour. I finished watching the race in peace, which turned out very well as one of my favorite drivers won. 

This morning, black and blue but nothing more serious, I shall survive. I had planned to work in the yard but right now it looks as if it will pour down rain any minute. It was not supposed to rain until this afternoon. I guess I will go to the gym and leave the yard work to tomorrow. 

 malc-kerr-napping.jpg (214032 bytes)   A peaceful moment. I snapped this last Sunday when we had the dogs penned while I cleaned house. Malcolm and Kerry being snuggly. They do all get along real well most of the time if we can just get past this fear aggression thing with Malcolm.

Have a nice holiday. Nothing special planned for us today.


Tuesday, 29 May 2001

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Just as I arrived at the gym and was starting my workout two of the Spinning instructors who are friends came in to spin together and asked me join them. Since I missed a class last week it was nice to get a bonus class.

When I left to go to the gym it was raining and continued to drizzle off and on most of the morning. After I checked my mail and ate some lunch I started working on my office book shelves. Bob wanted me to make a special shelf for our forensics materials we will be using for the book. In order to that I had to remove several rows of books to the downstairs bookshelves in order to move things around and make some more room. I needed to do some clean up and rearranging anyway so this was just a good excuse.

After hauling several stacks of Bob's old business books from MBA school and some other assorted stuff we are not using I started getting books arranged like I want them and leave some room for new additions to the shelves. I also started a basic reference shelf of things I may need. I worked on this project awhile than took a break to do some work on the book.

At one point during the afternoon I decided to take the dogs out. I was going to take Malcolm on the leash but noticed a squirrel in the yard and knew Duncan would go tearing out the door and Malcolm right behind though he really does not chase squirrels like Duncan does. Any way, just as I let them go tearing out the door I heard a cheep, cheep and looked down to see they had almost run over a baby robin in the planter box.  

baby-bird-1.jpg (272644 bytes)  baby-bird-2.jpg (294613 bytes)  baby-bird-3.jpg (324367 bytes)   baby-bird-4.jpg (326688 bytes)

While Bob took these pictures I quickly diverted the dogs attention to the other part of the yard for a quick potty and then had Bob call them back in. Duncan went over and nosed it to see what all the cheeping was about but did not appear to want to harm it. As we were going back in the house he/she was hopping off to the other side of the natural area hopefully to be reunited with its mother. I am pretty sure she was the robin in the tree right overhead and we must have must interrupted a flying session.

I finished cleaning up my office, paid some bills, and made dinner, pork chops and rice pilaf. After dinner I worked for a bit and then spent the evening finishing my Agatha Raisin mystery.

Many thanks Lynne and Shelley for the messages concerning the bite.

Another gray, drizzly morning. I think I will run some errands this morning. The license plate sticker is due for renewal on one of the cars and I need to stop and pick up some gardening stuff at Lowe's and maybe stop at the bookstore. 




Wednesday, 30 May 2001

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Busy, busy day. I worked most of the afternoon on researching plants and fungi for the book. We ate an early dinner so could go out and mow the lawn. After I finished mowing I needed to check e-mail and get some CBCR stuff lined up. Ray, our neighbor behind us, is interested in adopting one of our dogs being fostered in Greensboro. I talked with the foster mom and let her know they are interested and passed along the contact information.  He is going over to meet the dog and of course if he likes him will bring him home for a trial adoption period to see if things work out.  I had some messages to post to the group about him and I was trying to make arrangements to pick up another dog that is in Raleigh.

After we walked the dogs and I prepared this post I went to bed to read a while and then lights off for another busy day today.

Golf this morning with my dad. We are playing a course on my side of town this week called Long Creek so Dad will be picking me up around 8:15 for our 9:00 starting time. This afternoon I need to leave about 2:15 to drive to Burlington to meet the lady fostering Chase in Raleigh. It is about an hour drive for both of us. Chase is going to Mt. Airy to meet the family I did a home visit on last Monday. Since I am not meeting her until 3:30 I will drive back home to Winston and eat  dinner then drive Chase on up to Mt. Airy after supper. 


Thursday, 31 May 2001

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On the run all day yesterday. Played a pretty decent round of golf at Long Creek. Dad really like the course. We stopped for a quick bite of lunch on the way home at Coppolas for a sandwich. I had enough time to make a couple of phone calls and a quick mail check before jumping in the shower to take off to pick up Chase.

I delivered Chase to his new home last night after coming back here first and fixing our dinner and getting the paperwork ready for the adoption. The new family seemed happy with Chase and he acted like he knew this was going to be his new place to live. 

This morning I am off to the store and then over to my friend Nancy's house to drop off some CBCR t-shirts for her to take to a herding trial this weekend. This afternoon I have to take Lenore back to the foot doctor and then need to get things organized for our weekend away.

For Bob's birthday I rented the Log Cabin at Doe Run on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bill is coming to take care of the home front. It is only a couple of hours away so we will not leave until after lunch tomorrow.  

And, I forgot to wish Brian and Marcia a happy 3rd anniversary yesterday. It's been a busy week. I am looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend away.


Friday, 1 June 2001

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New pictures of Malcolm on the border collie page. I don't know if he pulled the pillow off the sofa to lay on or he had already knocked it off the sofa playing while we were not in there. He likes to toss the pillows around thus we are still using old and grungy ones until he outgrows this bit of puppy fun.

The WebViews page for June is updated. Not many sites but I found some that are pretty interesting to visit.

Short post this morning as I have things to do to get ready for our little trip. I have plenty of books and magazines to keep me busy. I am looking forward to sitting around reading and watching whatever nature has to offer in the way of birds and butterflies or whatever. It is supposed to be cool and rainy so we may not get to do any observing but I don't mind. Just being away will be nice.

I will post a full trip update next week with pictures. No journal update until Monday. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I cannot believe the temperatures that Marcia and Shelley are mentioning on their pages. We have had an unseasonably cool spring and two weeks now of off and on rain spells. I dread to see what July and August will be like as we will most likely get the searing heat being felt on the west coast.

Lots to do so I best get started.


Saturday, 2 June 2001

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Sunday, 3 June 2001

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