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Week of 16 July 2001

Latest Update: Friday, 10 May 2002 11:55

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Monday, 16 July 2001

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Sort of lazy Sunday. It took me until 1:30 to finish cleaning and organizing the house again. I took a break around noon and fixed salads for our lunch. After finally getting the house back in order I took my shower with little time to spare before the race started. And of course, due to getting in bed rather late the night before, it was not long before I fell asleep. I did wake up once to watch a little more of the race before finally falling back to sleep until 5 o'clock. 

I jumped up to put the red potatoes in water to boil for dinner than took the dogs out. I watched the rest of the race and played with the dogs while the potatoes cooked. Bob started the grill and I threw on the steaks to cook. After dinner we took the dogs out, switched laundry loads, and I headed for my office to get some stuff done.

Spent the remainder of the evening reading the Anne Perry mystery until time for bed.

Off to get a haircut this morning and go to the drugstore. Lenore wants me to take her to a craft store this morning. Gloria can get her dressed for that. This afternoon I need to mow the lawn and then work on some projects, least of which is finish cleaning up my office.

I hope your Monday gets the week off to a good start for you.



Tuesday, 17 July 2001

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Golf this morning so I am writing this last night. Lenore enjoyed her outing to the Ben Franklin Craft Store. She did not find exactly what she was looking for but she did get some paint by number stuff she can work on and some better paint for her teapot. Thanks Wendy for the suggestion on what to get.

Back home for a quick lunch of peanut butter crackers and a couple of cookies after which I headed outside to edge and mow the lawn. By the time I finished sweeping up grass clippings from the drive and curb it was already going on three. It was only in the high 80's but in the sun it was fairly warm working.

I worked on my office and taking care of some e-mail until time for dinner. I fixed Bob and Lenore scrambled eggs and we all had pancakes. After dinner and working a little while at the computer I fixed pop corn for me and Bob and finished reading Driving Over Lemons which I briefly mentioned last week. Very funny if you like Peter Mayle or Frances Mayes, this book being set in a remote area of Spain. 

Not sure what tomorrow will bring forth in the afternoon when I return from golf and lunch with dad. 


Wednesday, 18 July 2001

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Nice round of golf yesterday morning. I did some more work on the poisons book yesterday afternoon. I fixed an early dinner of pork chops and rice pilaf so after we took the dogs on their after dinner walk I decided I wanted to watch a movie. We always tape movies or programs running longer than an hour in this house due to the wide variety of interruptions that can occur during an evening.

I chose The Patriot starring Mel Gibson. Mostly blood, guts, and glory but a fairly decent movie and Mel Gibson is such a wonderful actor along with those very lovely blue eyes. Were I twenty years younger he would most definitely be residing as a poster on my wall. However his role was very much like the one he played in Braveheart only two thousand or so years later. I think the representation of the British might have been a little over the top but my knowledge of the revolutionary war era is a little sketchy.

Off this morning to pick up my sister and parents to spend the day in Seagrove, NC or better known as Jugtown. Well known for the local potters who live and work there, it has become one of the more famous locations on the map for people who enjoy buying homemade pottery. There is supposed to be a local diner there that serves wonderful food. We are leaving around 10 am to get down there in time for lunch than walk around the various pottery places.

Frances starts her new job on Monday and this is something we had been trying to plan to do all summer and could not get our schedules coordinated. I should be back home by dinner time. Tonight is astronomy club meeting so Bob and I eat out anyway. 

Chance of thunderstorms for the remaining of the week. We really need rain as things are starting to look dry and parched. 



Thursday, 19 July 2001

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Thanks to Ann Dominik for the e-mail about the movie The Patriot and the historical accuracy. Since Bob and I are not avid movie goers or fans I do not keep up with much of the news along those lines. I think I remember hearing something about the descendents of both main characters being unhappy with the portrayal of the characters, especially the British colonel. No wonder since, as I said yesterday I think the producers were a little unfair to the British. 

We had a fun day yesterday visiting the various pottery shops. Lunch was at the Jugtown Cafe, one of those "old fashion small town eateries where they serve you enough food to go out plow a field afterward" places. Needless to say the food was very good. We stopped in half a dozen or so pottery shops to browse. I did not buy anything but saw quit a few things I liked. I did pick up some small items for gifts and possibly Christmas presents down the road.

It was terribly hot and humid. In and out of the car, I was drenched in no time. We hit a nice rain storm on the way home but none of it made it to Winston-Salem. By the time I dropped off mom and dad at their house and Frances at hers I made it home right at 5:30. I quickly checked my mail and then Bob and I headed out to the library and dinner.

We had a large group for astronomy club meeting, the most we have ever had. After quickly getting the business part over with one of the members did a lap top presentation on the big screen of the summer constellations and Messier objects for viewing. Very timely since we had a lot of newcomers to the meeting.

We got back home by ten o'clock. After settling Lenore and the dogs for the evening I was off to bed to read a few pages before turning off the light.

Off to the library this morning to do a little work with the gift books then on to the pet store and the grocery store. Work on the poisons book this afternoon, etc.


Friday, 20 July 2001

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I had an e-mail from my friend Nancy yesterday afternoon that she had to go to the doctor. I seems she had been stung my a very large wasp on Tuesday and it had continued to get worse causing her entire arm to swell. She is a nurse and knew that it was getting progressively worse and needed to get some treatment.

She called me last night just as I was putting the homemade pizza in the oven for dinner to say that she was better and if I wanted to come over and take a look at some of the shirts that had been through the final tie dye stages to come on over. After dinner I took Duncan and we stayed for a couple of hours. The shirts turned out just awesome. Once they are dyed and left in the bags to semi-dry the next step is to wash them in another solution that sets the dyes. The strings we used to tie them and create the various patterns must be cut and the shirts very carefully unrolled and gently placed in the washing machine in this solution. After going through the wash cycle they are then dried and you have very nicely tie dyed shirts.

I will take a picture of some of them with the digital camera at the trial tomorrow. This morning I am going over to the trial site to put up the CBCR "tent" and help Nancy do a very things to get ready for tomorrow. Before I leave this morning I need to finish cleaning up my office and the den area. 

I should be home early this afternoon. If it is clear tonight we may go up to Bullington to do some observing.

Hope everyone has a great weekend whatever your plans are. And, thanks for stopping by and visiting my site.


Saturday, 21 July 2001

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duncan-malcolm-couch-1.jpg (39015 bytes)     duncan-malcolm-couch-2.jpg (37676 bytes) Pictures of my two guys lying together very nicely on the couch. I was not home when Bob walked into the den and found them snuggled up together. Malcolm has a rather strange expression on his face in the second one like maybe Bob woke him up.

Malcolm and I made it to Cleveland, NC and Steve's farm just after 10 am. It was rather overcast and with a cool breeze blowing. However, not long after I started putting up the tent I was hot and sweaty as usual just from the humidity and temperature combined. Nancy and her husband Jeff and some of the other members of her fly ball team that were there to help set up for the trial assisted me in getting the tarp and ground poles on and getting it up in the air.

We then helped set out gates and pens for the trial. I stopped around noon to eat my sandwich while they took a break. I left around 1  o'clock to head back home when they left to go eat lunch. 

Malcolm behaved pretty well during the time he was there.

Back home I took a shower then sat down to check web sites and e-mail. It looked like it was clearing up for a night of observing so around 4:00 I decided to hit the couch to finish the Anne Perry mystery Devil's Acre and rest up a bit. I dozed but did not really fall asleep. I got up about five to heat up the left over pizza and put a small casserole of cooked noodles and canned spaghetti sauce in the oven to go with the pizza.

The weather gods predicted clearing for tonight. Bob and I took off for Bullington around 8:30. By the time we got up there the skies had clouded over. We waited about an hour and it looked like it was going to clear off. Bob unloaded the big scope and we got set up. I looked at a few stars and Mars once before the clouds rolled back in. We left at 10:30 to come back home.

I am writing this after we got back from Bullington. I need to be up and out of the house to head back to Steve's by 8:30. It is only about 45 minutes away. The trial starts running at 8:00 but the biggest number of people and crowds will be there from ten until late afternoon. Since I have all the merchandise and tables and stuff I will have to stay until we decide to break down.

But, I should be home in plenty of time for us to go back up to Bullington tonight if the skies are clear.


Sunday, 22 July 2001

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Successful day at the sheep trial yesterday. We sold some shirts and a lot of note cards. Along with the sodas and water all in all I would say we should have made over two hundred dollars. I have not had time to sort out the money yet. With spectators and participants, Steve had a pretty good crowd of fifty people or so. It is fun to talk with other Border Collie owners and see all the different varieties. They are very nice people and appreciate what we are dong in rescue.

Several other CBCR folks were on hand to help with the table. Nancy was running the trial but her husband and older daughter Jasmine were helping me with the table while we all helped to watch Phoebe, their one year old. 

I left the trial around 6:15. We had pretty good weather for most of the day. It was cloudy with a nice breeze until late in the day then the sun came out and it got hot. By the time I got back to Winston, picked up some KFC chicken, and got home it was seven o'clock. After we ate I quickly checked my mail, changed my shirt and freshened up a bit, settled the dogs, and off we headed to Bullington about an hour later. Man I was on the run for a full day yesterday.

Very good skies. It was clear with very good deep sky seeing until about midnight. Then the dew got very heavy and some weird cloud formations moved in making it hard to really see anything. Dew was forming on the lens and Telrad making it hard to see anything and the clouds were pretty much blocking any chance of finding any deep sky object.

With us, Bonnie, Priscilla, a new couple Judy and her husband Brad, and a new family with their son and his friend we had a good crowd. Just as we were getting ready to shut down for the night another new family that has just joined showed up. I hate we were breaking things up but the seeing just got too horrible to see.

We packed up and got home right around 1am. After giving the dogs some attention and a quick walk it was off to bed. We slept in this morning until 9 o'clock. I need to get the house cleaning started so I can watch the race this afternoon from New Hampshire. I have a stack of magazines to catch up on that I want to read while I watch the race. Hope I don't fall asleep.



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