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Week of 23 July 2001

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Monday, 23 July 2001

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Happy Monday to everyone. After spending yesterday morning getting the house cleaned and back in order I played couch potato the remainder of the afternoon. I started out watching the final few holes of the British Open. I like David Duval's personality on and off the golf course and was very glad to see him win. 

After the golf I switched over to watch the Winston Cup race from New Hampshire. I made it through the first hundred laps or so and half a magazine before visiting the "land of nod". I awoke around 4:00 just as the race was getting really exciting anyway. It proved to be a real barn burner down to the last lap with a lot of bumping and pushing by guys to get to the front. I read in the newspaper this morning there was another driver wrestling match in the garage over a track incident. So far this season it has looked more like the WCW-NASCAR racing league.

Dinner of beef stroganoff. We walked the dogs after dinner than I hit the office to do a few things. Back to the den to start a new book. I am reading a copy of Wayne Johnston's Baltimore's Mansion. An autobiography of his ancestor's arrival in Newfoundland and history. It reads more like a novel than a biography. A nice change from the mysteries.

Off to the gym and drugstore this morning. Not sure how the remainder of the day will pan out. Hope your Monday gets off to a good start.  


Tuesday, 24 July 2001

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After I got back from the gym I decided to go ahead and mow the lawn. About 40% has turned brown from lack of rain but some areas were high. After I mowed I went down to the basement to do a load of laundry for Lenore while I finished getting the shirts and merchandise organized from the weekend sale.

After lunch I worked on odds and ends of stuff that I needed to get done. Not a very exciting day I guess.

Spent the evening reading and listening to classical music.

This morning I am picking up my parents to spend the morning at Old Salem. I join the Friends of Old Salem every year and give a membership to my parents for Christmas at the same time. It is a fun place to just walk around and of course go in the book and gift shops. We are then having lunch at the Salem Tavern.  Not long after Bob and I met we went over one Sunday morning and bought the admission ticket to the various historical buildings and took the tour. I have been through several times and still enjoy going with friends from out of town. In addition to the shops there are several other buildings that can be entered without an admission ticket. We are doing this as a way to celebrate my dad's birthday which is on Wednesday. I could not think of anything to get him and thought the lunch at Salem Tavern would be a nice treat as a change from the traditional dinner out. 

I will take the digital camera along in case there are some good picture opportunities. 

I have an appointment around 3:00 to talk with the volunteer coordinator at SciWorks. I thought I would try to split my volunteer time between the library and SciWorks. 


Wednesday, 25 July 2001

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   Happy birthday to my dad!!!!

We spent yesterday morning strolling around Old Salem. It was very hot and muggy but we had a good time. In 1998 the NC Transportation Department and other trust funds for Old Salem built a covered bridge over Main street. I had only seen the bridge from the street so far. The first thing we did was take a walk down to the bridge, which is located at one end of Old Salem beside the Museum.

bridge-1.jpg (46296 bytes)     mom-dad-bridge.jpg (38716 bytes)   bridge-2.jpg (48542 bytes)

  After checking out the bridge we walked back up the main street of Old Salem to the shops. T. Bagge Merchant and the Moravian Gift and Book Store are located side by side and right across the street from the commons area and the College. After doing some browsing in those stores we wandered down to the J. Blum: Printer and Merchant store located right next door to Salem Tavern. We browsed around in there while waiting for the Tavern to open for lunch.

tavern-2.jpg (69896 bytes)    tavern-1.jpg (68241 bytes)

Dad ate the Bratwurst Platter, mom had the Moravian Chicken Pie and vegetables, and I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad. They are famous for their bread and pumpkin muffins which we devoured.

After lunch we walked on up Main street to the other end of Old Salem where the first houses that were built in the town are located. These houses are actually private residences all built in the late 1770's. Last stop before we headed home was the Winkler Bakery where they were making fresh sugar cake, another Moravian tradition. I bought a square plus a homemade chocolate chip cookie for later.

All in all we had a great morning out.

By the time I got home it was time for me to go out to SciWorks to meet with the volunteer coordinator. We had a nice chat and she showed me around a little. I am going back Friday afternoon to get started on the library. It needs a lot of work and she has some project ideas in mind she would like to see me get started on.

I worked on e-mail and stuff in the afternoon until time for dinner. Hamburger Helper for dinner than played with the dogs most of the evening while finishing Baltimore's Mansion.

Off to the gym and grocery store this morning. I keep hoping these cloudy skies will dump some rain,  we really need it.

Be sure to check out Marcia's  trip page from their weekend spent with the Syroids in Vancouver, Canada. 

Have a good one wherever you are and thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 26 July 2001

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Rain, rain, and more rain. Yahoo! Boy do we need it too. It was cloudy and muggy all day yesterday with those brief little showers that only lasted long enough to make it more muggy.

Finally last night it really started raining. Looks like we have had over an inch with more on the way. Dad and would not have been able to play golf today had the weather been nice. I have to take Lenore to the doctor this morning and I think Dad has an appointment. 

I started a new book last night, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Set in the author's native Leningrad, Russia during WWII the book pretty much focuses on two main characters Tatiana and her relationship with a soldier from the Red Army, Alexander. Since I have just started I will withhold further comment until I am a little more into the book. WWII has just broken out between the Russians and the Germans in the Crimea and Tatiana and Alexander have just met. 

This afternoon I want to go to the Main Library downtown and do some research on the history of our astronomy society. I have been talking with one of the club members who has been compiling this information and he does not have much from the early years of the club. Since it has been in existence since 1937 I imagine there are some clippings in the vertical files in the North Carolina Room. I will spend a little time seeing what I can dig up as much out of curiosity as well as helping out the club historian.



Friday, 27 July 2001

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Well, did not have much luck at the library on the history of the astronomy club. I am very surprised. Back in the early 40's and 50's most libraries clipped newspapers of the local events. Either there was not much in the paper about the club or they just did not clip it. I am going to call the newspaper library today and have them check the newspaper index for that time period to make sure there are not any articles. If there are some I can go back down to the NC Room with the dates and look up the articles on microfilm.

Bob and I did our routine library and dinner out treat last night. Since I had two more reserves come in I really need to get this Russian book finished seeing that it is 600 pages long. But it is fast reading and I am enjoying it. The other two that came in are pretty short and authors that I know are fast reading. 

I spent last evening reading and playing hall ball with the dogs. It rained an inch and a half yesterday and the night before. Last night we had another half inch with what looks like more for today and the weekend. Not too promising for observing but we really need this rain. 

This morning I am off to the gym and to drop off a prescription at the drugstore. This afternoon I am volunteering at SciWorks. Tonight I am going to a Fiddle & Bow Society concert to hear Gerry O'Beirne. As you can tell from the spelling and the group sponsoring him he is Irish. My other friend Nancy that works at the library also enjoys Scottish/Irish music. I used to be a long time member and supporter of the Fiddle & Bow Society when they held their concerts at the old Rose & Thistle in Ardmore. After losing that venue they moved around to various clubs some of which were in locations Bob was not comfortable with me going to. Also, I just got so busy it seemed I never had time to make the evening concerts or the yearly big festival they always held. 

Now they are holding their concerts at a little cafe not very far from us. They like to use small cafe type settings for their music. The owner of the new Rose & Thistle that just opened on our side of town is hoping to start holding the Club's music as his place again. I really enjoy live music. I don't attend those big expensive concerts anymore but I really like small cafe type entertainment. 

I hope your weekend turns out to be a good one whatever you may be doing.



Saturday, 28 July 2001

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Yesterday turned out to be a busy day. After getting home from the gym and running a couple of errands I worked on some things at my desk until time for lunch. After lunch I took my shower and took off for SciWorks. There is a lot to be done to the library but first I need to get it organized. I worked until 4:45. After dinner I checked e-mail and then left at 7:00 to go the cafe.

It was a  very nice evening. Between his funny stories and his music Gerry puts on a great small cafe type concert. I guess there was maybe fifty people or so sitting at tables and in rows of chairs at the front of the cafe. The stage is in the back. He did two sets and of course I had to buy his CD, Half Moon Bay. I sat with Nancy and her husband Carl with who Gerry is staying tonight. He continues his tour down east in Raleigh tomorrow night. I was back home by 10:30.

Off to the gym for spinning class this morning than over to my parents house for lunch.


Sunday, 29 July 2001

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Marcia's Atlanta trip pictures are up. Very good ones too. She has some great shots of the city skyline and Olympic Park as well as some of me making the Teddy bear at Atlanta Underground. 

For the past week or so I have been trying to identify a new bird at my feeder. He is very hard to get a picture of with the digital camera. Yesterday I finally got a good look at him and a rather blurry picture to make a positive identification. He is an Eastern Towhee or a Rufous-sided Towhee. These birds are not all that common at backyard feeders. I am delighted he has decided to visit mine this summer. I wonder if there is a nest nearby in the big red tip bush I have at the edge of the backyard?

I did not do much yesterday. After getting back from my parents house after lunch I checked my mail and then decided to take the afternoon off and read my book. I guess I fell asleep because next thing I knew it was going on 5:00. Bob got up from his nap and I started dinner. After dinner I put on some classical music and Bob and I sat and read the remainder of the evening. I am about half way into my Russian novel, The Bronze Horseman.

Lots of rain! We have now had over two inches and counting plus whatever we get today. It has rained most of the night and is steady this morning. Most of the southeast has been in horrible drought conditions for several years so I imagine this is welcome relief for those states. Some of the mountain areas of North Carolina and VA are getting so much rain there is some flash flood watches out for today. 

Clean house this morning. The race is from Pocono, PA today. I have a stack of magazines and mail to go through while I watch the race. This evening Frances is coming over. She wants some help doing a couple of things on the computer.




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