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Week of 27 August 2001

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Monday, 27 August 2001

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Just too tired. Bob and I had plans to get some work done yesterday afternoon on the poisons book. But, after lunch I took a break to read and woke up about two hours later. Everyone had been asleep, the dogs, me, and Bob. 

I took the towels down to put in the washer and brought up the dried white load just as Nancy showed up. We hung the shirts outside on the deck stair rails and took pictures of them for the merchandise page. After she left I checked my mail and then fixed home made pizza for dinner. 

After dinner Bob and I went downstairs to switch laundry loads and found that we had water on the floor from the AC again. This happened last Monday night but had stopped and was dried up by Tuesday morning when I went downstairs to check. When I told the guy from Logan Heating and Air about it on Friday he said if it did it again to call them right away so they can see where the water is coming from. We have a 24/7 contract on the air/furnace unit so I gave them a call and left a message on the emergency pager number. They called back in ten minutes and it just so happened that the guy on call was the same one who did our maintenance check on Friday.

He got here around 7:30 and found a clogged piped going from the dehumidifier located on the AC unit to the pump. He very quickly fixed the problem and was gone a little after eight. I bagged getting any work done and spent the evening finishing the Robin Paige mystery, Death at Whitechapel. As usual, another good effort by the husband and wife team of Susan and Tom Albert. As you can guess, this one is based on the Jack the Ripper murders that occurred in the late 1880's. Based loosely on one of the many theories put forth by Ripper historians, this one is centered around Randolph and Jennie Churchill and their son the famous Winston in his early days before he becomes Prime Minister. 

 This morning I have to take Lenore to the doctor for a follow-up appointment. Home this afternoon to work on the poisons book. 


Tuesday, 28 August 2001

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I spent all day yesterday getting little things done. Bob was not feeling well so I needed to stay inside where I could take care of his mother and the dogs. It was a good time to get old mail messages cleaned up in Outlook as well as take care of some backlog of CBCR mail that needed followed up.

I finished organizing the little piles of stuff on my office floor, organized my CD collection on my desk, paid the bills, walked the dogs, waited on Lenore, did a load of her laundry, etc, etc. Pork chops and rice for dinner. Needless to say I spent last night reading and watching the opening rounds of the U.S. Open Tennis matches. 

It is 9:30 and I had intended to be gone by now but I had some CBCR stuff first thing this morning. A dog we had placed last year was being relinquished by the adopting family due to a job relocation in Florida. Fletch placed the dog last year as a favor to CBCR with the family in a nearby city to him in SC. It just so happens I have been working with a family in FL that is an approved home but we had not yet placed a dog with them. This morning I needed to tie up a few loose ends for Fletch and at some point this week the dog should be on his was to Florida and a new home.

After my shower I am off to Wal-Mart and the pet supply store to pick up a few items then I will stop at SciWorks to do a couple hours of work on the library.

Tonight I want to go to the gym for spinning class because there is not a class this coming Saturday. Tonight there is also a meeting of the neighborhood association that at least one of us needs to attend. Since it is being held outside at the picnic area of the neighborhood pool and starts after Spinning class is finished I will just stop on my way home.

So, it looks like another busy day ahead. Guess I better get going. 


Wednesday, 29 August 2001

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By the time I got home last night from the meeting it was after nine o'clock. Interesting to say the least. We had a pretty good turn out for a neighborhood association meeting which means a lot of people are concerned about the things going on in the neighborhood. 

I watched a little of the tennis before going to bed to read. I have started the new Nicholas Evans book, The Smoke Jumpers. Evans is known for his best seller The Horse Whisperer. He followed that with The Loop which did not get as much press but I thought was equally as good. It centered around Wolves. Now as you can tell from the title he has written about fire fighters set in the state of Montana. I am real early in the book but so far I like it.

Yard work this morning. It is time to fire up the gas trimmer and give the forsythia hedge that runs along the drive a good trim. I actually belongs to the neighbor but they do not mind if I trim my side. I also need to trim back one of the hydrangea bushes that has finished blooming. Then pick up sticks, mow, sweep, etc. That will take most of the morning.

Work this afternoon. Perhaps I can convince Bob to go out to dinner tonight instead of tomorrow night.  


Thursday, 30 August 2001

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I finished up the yard around noon and boy was it hot and dusty. Between me sweating and dust flying from the dry conditions I was covered in dirt by the time I finished mowing. 

After lunch I caught up on e-mails and web page stuff. Bob took a nap and I decided to take a break and watch the tennis catch a few winks myself. However, I had so many interruptions with Lenore and the dogs that I finally gave up. 

We left around 4 to go out to the Rural Hall Branch and then on to dinner. Than on the way home made a quick stop at Reynolda to grab a book for Bob and on home. We spent the evening reading and watching the U. S. Open.

Golf this morning. I am picking dad up at the regular time of 8:45. I should be back home by early afternoon. I need to do some work on the poisons book and will need to do another load of laundry for Lenore.

Not much else going on right now. If you have rain in your part of the United States please send it our way. 


Friday, 31 August 2001

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It has been another busy week at the Thompson Techno Grotto with today being no exception. This morning I am off to the grocery store. Then I want to go out to SciWorks and do a couple of hours work in the library. Back home this afternoon I will get some work done on the poisons book. 

The gym is starting some new exercise classes that I want to attend. The one this evening at 5:45 uses exercise bands for resistance work plus some floor exercises. I will fix a light dinner early so I can attend the class. Just a tip for my readers who may not know, if you are trying to lose weight or just tone up your body you need to vary your exercise routine. Doing the same type of exercise allows your body's muscles to become used to the routine and you will reach a point where the benefits are not as good.

For example, I try to workout three times a week at the gym. One session is the spinning class. The other two days I do cardio machines using different ones each time plus weight work on arms or legs. It is important to weight work varied also rather than do the same machines in the same order every time. Cross training is really the most beneficial and will gain the most results.

Dad and I had a good round of golf yesterday. I played pretty well, dad not quite as good as last time. We did not finish up until 12:30 so that by the time we had lunch and got back to his house it was after 1 o'clock.  I stopped next door to visit with our neighbor that has been battling cancer. She is doing better, gaining strength and getting out more. We had a nice short visit and then I came on home. By the time I checked e-mail and web sites it was close to dinner time.

Last night I watched several good matches played in the U. S. Open. 



Saturday, 1 September 2001

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Ah, woke up this morning to cloudy, cool, rainy skies. So far, not much in the way of precipitation but we can use every drop we get. Sorry for those folks who have Labor Day weekend plans. With Bob and I working at home now, holiday weekends such as this are just another day in the week. And it also means not very good observing weather but once fall and winter get here we will have plenty of good nights for star and planet observation. 

Speaking of which. I have a lot I want to get done today. Dogs need groomed and teeth brushed. I need to write my September WebViews column and get that posted, work on the poisons book, and do a general cleanup of my two desks. 

Mail woes. We have been having a terrible time with Roadrunner mail service this week. Between not being able to get mail, send mail, and mail being queued up at the server I have been very frustrated. It is something I shall just have to learn to live with but up until this week we really have not have that many problems.

Yesterday on one of my reference lists I subscribe to someone posted the URL for the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  If you have never been there I highly recommend making the trip to spend some time seeing this attraction. The museum and Village are side by side and offer a wonderful array of things to see. We stopped there on our way to Mackinac Island several years ago if you wish to see a few pictures of the village and the museum. There is enough to and see to make a full day or more. We had limited time due to our tour schedule. The Village offers many historic buildings, carriage rides, train rides, etc and of course the museum with all the old cars, airplanes, and other transportation vehicles is fascinating. 

My class at the gym last evening went very well. I am bit sore this morning from using leg and thigh muscles in new exercise routines but I enjoyed the class and will make it part of my weekly exercise routine. 

I am enjoying The Smoke Jumpers by Nicholas Evans too. I should be ready to post a full review by the tomorrow or Monday. 

Good luck to Marcia and Brian on their open house tonight. I wish we could be there in person but shall have to settle for well wishes and a virtual visit.

Speaking of open houses, Bob and I are going to visit our friend Robin in her new house tomorrow night and have dinner with her.

Have a good Labor Day weekend and thanks again for visiting my site.



Sunday, 2 September 2001

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Bob successfully brought up our local mail server yesterday. We now have much more reliable outbound mail anyway. I did get a few things done yesterday though not as many as I had hoped. Nancy called me about 11:00 and wanted to know if I would like to ride along with her to do a home visit just south of Winston.

We left around 12:30 and got there a little after one but ended up staying well over an hour just talking with the lady. She is very nice, owns several Shelties but is looking to get a Border Collie for doing agility with. It was a little after three before I got back home. 

I did get started working on my scrap book of the lighthouse trip. I worked on it some last night while watching the tennis. I am almost finished with my WebViews column and will have it ready to post tomorrow. 

This morning is house cleaning day as usual. The race this afternoon is from Darlington, SC so rain may be a factor. Then tonight we go to Robin's for dinner and a nice visit to see her new house. 

Sorry for the short post but not much else really going on to talk about. 




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