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Week of 3 September 2001

Latest Update: Tuesday, 14 May 2002 18:03

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Monday, 3 September 2001

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Happy Labor Day to one and all. If you are lucky enough to have the day off I hope you have a great one. It is just another day at the Thompson Techno Grotto though we may take it easy ourselves and spend some time watching tennis and getting in some reading.

I finally finished the September WebViews column. I have some great sites that you should enjoy taking a look at regardless of your interest in the subject. 

I spent yesterday afternoon switching back and forth from tennis to the race and got so caught up in keeping up with both that I did not get my usual Sunday afternoon nap in. I also worked on and finished my scrap book for the lighthouses trip

We had a very good time at our friend Robin's house last night with a delicious dinner, grilled chicken, salad, broccoli, red potatoes, and homemade bread. Apple pie for dessert. I took along a bottle of wine from the Chateau Morrisette Winery we visited earlier this year which Robin and I enjoyed. It was so nice and cool for a change that we were actually able to eat outside on her patio.

I think Bob and I are going to work on the poisons book today, a load of laundry for Lenore, and I have some things I want to do for myself.


Tuesday, 4 September 2001

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Well folks, I have been feeling totally uninspired the last few days. Not much to report anyway.

If you need something to do at your computer for fun try this one, JigZone, online jigsaw puzzles. 

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, 5 September 2001

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The library work at SciWorks continues rather smoothly. I am now processing books with call numbers, cards, and pockets which is slow and tedious. Everyone I have talked with so far is happy about the progress I am making and the way the library is shaping up.

I tend to loose all track of time when I am working and before I know it two or more hours have passed. It was after 1:00 before I got back home. I ate a quick snack lunch while checking e-mails and web pages then worked on an essay for the poisons book. 

Early dinner of ham sandwiches and baked beans so I could go to my exercise class. This morning I am not nearly as sore as I was last weekend which means my leg muscles are adapting to the new workout rather quickly.

Off to the gym this morning to do a light cardio workout and then on to the grocery store. This afternoon I need to edge and mow the lawn. Then Bob and I will go to the library and dinner. If it clears this evening we may try a trip up to Bullington.



Thursday, 6 September 2001

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A review of Nicholas Evan's book The Smoke Jumper is now on my favorites page. A great book, I highly recommend it. Also, if you like stories set in Montana and this same mountain area, I recommend Ivan Doig's books. A list can be found on the same page as the review.

We did go up to Bullington last night. Although it was clear the skies were just a bit too hazy to see much. I did see a couple of shooting stars, many satellite passes,  and one of the most gorgeous moons I have ever seen come up over the mountain. Bob spotted some deep sky objects with the binoculars and we viewed a few constellations. Bonnie did not arrive until after 9:00. By 10:30 conditions were deteriorating even more so we packed up and came on home.

We got back just as Sampras and Agassi were in the third set of the quarterfinals of U.S Open. They played a heck of good match with Sampras winning in a tie break in the fourth. It was not over until a little past midnight making it a rather late night.

This morning I am not playing golf even though the weather is cool and clear. I am leaving around one this afternoon to drive down toward Charlotte, NC to do a home visit for a family interested in one of the CBCR dogs. Duncan and I will have a nice outing together and give us a chance to spend some time without the little Malcolm. I will be back late, like 6:30, but still early enough if we decide to go back up to Bullington tonight. A lot depends on the conditions. If it is to be hazy or cloudy I doubt we will give it another go.

This morning I have some general housekeeping chores that I usually do on Thursday afternoon and then will work on some projects. 


Friday, 7 September 2001

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The mysterious BEEP! Bob has had an on and off high pitched beep coming from his office. He has not been able to pin down where, among all the machinery, it is coming from. I have been in a couple of times to try to help locate it but it is so intermittent that I have not been able to catch it myself. Short of camping out for the day in his office I am not sure what we can do. This morning it woke me (I am a very light sleeper) sometime around daybreak.

Long but fun day on the road yesterday. Duncan was his absolute best as usual. He is really a good dog in the car. I took one route down and up a recommendation from the gentleman I did the families home visit on, I took a different route back. Other than a few short miles, most of the routes covered wonderful farm land and back roads. It did not take that much longer to go take those routes and made the drive much more pleasant. Duncan always enjoys going to visit people and they always fall in love with him instantly. 

We left home right at 1:00 and got back just a little after 6:30. Bob and I already decided we would not try to go up to Bullington when I got home. Bob was tired and the seeing conditions have not been that great with all the haze. I told Bob to go ahead and fix them a sandwich and I would grab a bite on the way home. One of the reason I was little late getting back was because I had to stop for gas and then a stop a Wendy's for a chicken sandwich.

I stayed up late again to watch the tennis match. Two young guns Andy Roddick from USA and Lleyton Hewitt of Australia. The match started at 9 and was not over until 12:40 or so. In the end I think Hewitt's previous U.S Open experience and play is what gave him the edge to beat Roddick in the five setter. A late overrule by the chair umpire late the in that fifth set caused Roddick to loose his cool but I do not feel like that was the cause of the subsequent break and lose 6-4 in the final set. Several times Roddick had chances to break Lleyton to take the upper hand and each time he came back with great shots. Sampras is the only remaining American in the men's semi's that start tomorrow. 

Work at home today. Perhaps Bob and I can track down Mr. Beep. This afternoon Nancy needs to get some pictures for the CBCR website with the digital camera of a dog here in Winston-Salem that a lady is giving up for adoption.  



Saturday, 8 September 2001

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Bob found the mysterious beep in his closet. After turning off the two pc's located near the closet door we continued to hear the beep. Bob had an unused UPS sitting the closet that is defective or something.

I have a mobile Nokia phone that uses a calling plan that is being phases out as of this month. AT & T closed their service centers in Winston-Salem and wanted us to drive to Greensboro to roll the plan over to their new local plan. Long story short we found a local AT & T dealer just down the road. Off we go to get the phone switched. We get down their and find out AT & T would not do the change over the phone for us. Full details available on Bob's diary page this morning.

I am off to the gym for spinning class this morning. Then I leave around 11 to drive down to Raleigh. CBCR is having a gathering of all the volunteers this afternoon with pizza for lunch. Many of these people we talk with on the phone or e-mail but never get a chance to meet in person. We also have to hold a meeting once a year to elect officers according to our bylaws.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Sunday, 9 September 2001

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We had a great time at the CBCR gathering yesterday afternoon. Not only did I get to meet some of the volunteers I also met four of our rescue dogs and some of the great dogs owned by our volunteers. The drive down only took a couple of hours. We ate pizza and talked then played with all the dogs. We started our business meeting around three which lasted about and hour and a half. Then it was clean up and farewells and off back home. I was returning with the CBCR tent they used that morning for the dog walk and some merchandise stuff plus some more rescue t-shirts for us to tie dye. 

On the way home I called Nancy to see if I could drop the t-shirts and tent off at her house. She had gone down that morning with the tent and to work the table for the dog walk but had to leave around eleven to get home for her daughters soccer game. I guess I got to her house around 7:15. After I filled her in on the events of the afternoon I got home just after eight.

This morning I am doing a quick house clean then going over to my parents house for lunch and a visit with them. This afternoon I will work. The race was on last night from Richmond.




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