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Week of 24 September 2001

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Monday, 24 September 2001

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Thanks to Greg for letting me know that I did not have an e-mail link on my diary page. 

And, I forgot to mention that Malcolm turned two on Friday. Puppies officially become dogs at two but Malcolm is not aware of that rule. He still acts like a puppy and will continue to do so for quite a long time.

It was nice to spend a relaxing afternoon watching the race from Dover and resting. I managed to stay awake through about two thirds of the race before falling asleep for half and hour or so. I woke up in time to see that last 100 laps. Since Practice was a two hour long premier last night we taped it. We read instead. I am really enjoying On Bear Mountain. 

It is a very nice, cool rainy day today. I have a pretty busy week lined up. I think I will go out SciWorks today since I will not have time to get out there the rest of the week. I need to run a couple of errands while I am out too.

We had friends tape the movie Gladiator for us last night. I have been waiting for that one to come on television and am looking forward to watching it sometime soon. 

And, in the back of our minds and the forefront of each day is the tragic events of almost two weeks ago and the war that the United States is now involved.  

Thanks for stopping by to visit my page. I hope your week gets off to a good one.



Tuesday, 25 September 2001

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Two inches of rain yesterday. Whew, what a relief for the water table, lawns, and trees. Fall has officially arrived.  I have leaves everywhere already and this morning was a cool, crisp 54 degrees with a slight breeze. Everything looks so clean and refreshed after yesterday's good dousing. 

Yesterday UPS delivered the new mount for our small telescope. The other mount was a pain when trying to move the scope around to different positions. Looks like tonight is to be clear and cool so we may get a chance to try it out. I also got a mount for my binoculars for the camera tripod.

I am off this morning for a haircut and take care of some shopping items on my list of things to-do. Bob needs me around this afternoon for hardware holding pictures. Early dinner tonight so I can go to my exercise class than I think we are heading up to Bullington.


Wednesday, 26 September 2001

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Sorry for the late post. Last night we got back from Bullington around 10:30. By the time I did a quick mail check, walked the dogs, etc. it was well past time for getting to bed.

Early this morning I had to meet Nancy at our vets to drop off a rescue that needs spay and the full works of heartworm check, shots, etc. I did not have time to do a post before I left. Nancy and I grabbed a some breakfast afterwards and then I did the weekly grocery shopping.

This afternoon I am going over to Reynolda to start setting up for the book sale which starts tomorrow night. I actually intended to mow the lawn this morning but it really is too wet so I think I will head over to library next and get the set up started so I can get back home and mow this afternoon.

Opera. No, I can't sing worth a lick, I am referring to the browser. Bob now has me running Opera also and I love it. Yesterday I cleaned out and reorganized folders from Explorer and started using my Links page as my home page. So, I spent some time cleaning that page up removing and adding links. I had not updated that page for awhile anyway.

Observing conditions last night we excellent. However, Mr. Moon was so bright in the sky where we do a lot of deep sky stuff that it was really impossible to see much. We did let Bonnie try out our new AZ-3 altazimuth mount and it works very well. We just used her small scope as our test scope. I did look at a couple of new stars that are up right now and managed to identify some constellations. And as usual, the moon was very, very impressive. Always worth studying and looking at in depth. While the temperatures were in the mid 40's it was really nice under the stars. We saw a couple of shooting stars and a few satellite passes.

I did make it to my gym class but did not stay for spinning since we were going up to observe. 

Lots to do today so I best get started. Have a good one!


Thursday, 27 September 2001

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I spent from noon until four o'clock getting the book sale set up. I left when some other volunteers showed up and let them finish the last few things that needed done. 

I did not mow the lawn today. It was still too wet this morning and this afternoon I was just too tired. Also, there is still a lot of seed laying on top of the ground and I do not want to mow it up. We need another good rain it before I can safely mow. 

We ordered Chinese take out for dinner.

The weather has been so pretty the last few days. Clear blue skies and nice cool temps. I am playing golf this morning. Bob and I will go to the library this afternoon and then on to dinner. I need to make sure last minute stuff for the book sale is taken care of before the sale starts at 5 o'clock.


Friday, 28 September 2001

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Busy day today. I have the book sale at the library today. I am scheduled to work the middle part of the day but I need to drive down to a kennel about an hour from here and bring a rescue dog back to Winston. One of our volunteers who lives in Raleigh but is coming to Winston this weekend has volunteered to take her to a foster home in Raleigh. 

Bob did not feel like going out for dinner last night. Instead, I ran by the library to make sure the book sale was ready for opening night than stopped a KFC and picked up just chicken and biscuits. I heated the leftover fried rice from Chinese the night before to go with the chicken. 

Watched the season opener for ER last night. Rather boring. I am guessing this to be the last year for this show. It will be interesting to see how the show progresses this year.

I think if someone granted me a wish and I could choose the perfect weather for all year it would be this past week. Never has it been more glorious here in the Carolina's as it has been this week. Lovely fall weather. I love the change of seasons anyway and could never live where there was not a distinct difference.

Not much else happening at the Thompson Techno Grotto. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you plans may be and thanks again for stopping by to visit.

It is important that we get back to our normal routines and get on with our lives as best we can. However, please continue to remember the many people of all countries who fell as innocent victims of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States.


Saturday, 29 September 2001

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I wrote my post for yesterday but my webmaster never got around to publishing. I was on the run all day yesterday and until I sat down to read my e-mails last night at 6 pm was not even aware of the fact. I got a concerned e-mail message from Marcia when it became much later than our usual time for posting. Bob was pretty busy yesterday and I had several balls in the air at one time, so he just did not get around to it.

I stopped by the library to let them know I needed to drive down to pick up Josey the rescue dog from a kennel in Kannapolis and would not be able to work the book sale from 11 to 3. I drove down and picked her up and got back to Winston around 1 o'clock. Just as we got to the city Josey got sick in the back seat. I don't think she get car sick. More than likely they had already fed her that morning. She has also been under a lot of stress. 

But she is lovely little girl. Rode in the car very well. I came on home and had Bob get her out of the car and hold her on the leash while I cleaned up the car.  She played with my three dogs and walked around the yard sniffing. Then I loaded her back in the car to take her to the nearby kennel where she is staying until tomorrow. 

I left the kennel and drove back to the library. The book sale had been pretty quiet. When a volunteer is not there to man the room the front desk staff takes the money for the books for us. I worked the sale from 3 to 4:30 then I need to leave and go by the drugstore to pick up prescriptions. We had leftover KFC for dinner.

Last night was the season opener for Once and Again. It was really good. The show seems to get better as it goes along. I really hate they moved it Friday night because it really is a good show about family life in today's society. 

A bit of a change in routine this weekend. Since I need to deal with Josey tomorrow and I have some yard work to do, I am doing the house cleaning this morning. That way I can be outside with her tomorrow while I wait for another CBCR volunteer to come pick her up and not have to worry about all the interruptions while I do the cleaning.

Than I need to go over to the book sale for awhile. We are holding a raffle drawing for some prizes at 1 and I want to be there for that. I need to leave the library around 2 and go by the grocery store and pick up some salads to take to the Forsyth Astronomy Club picnic which is this afternoon. I guess we will sometime after 3 to go to the park where they are holding the picnic.

It has been a busy week and I have a lot to get done today. 


Sunday, 30 September 2001

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The book sale appears to be a success. We sold around 140 tickets for the raffle. Most of the books and videos were sold by the time I left around 2. I stayed around long enough for the drawing of the prizes and to call the winners. After stopping by the grocery store to pick up food to take to the picnic I headed home.

We settled the dogs and fixed Lenore a sandwich before taking off to the park. I knew where the park was located but it was my first time actually seeing it. They have very nice shelters, a playground, and Frisbee golf. Bob and I were the second family to arrive after the president of the club Steve and his wife and baby. We sat around and talked until others began drifting in. Then some of the kids and adults played eighteen holes of Frisbee golf. 

Guess I better stick to the real thing. I can throw a regular Frisbee pretty good but the ones used for the golf are a bit different. I just could not get the wrist action necessary to throw is very far or accurate. But, we had a good time. By the time we finished some others had arrived and it was time to eat. I guess in all there was maybe twenty people counting kids and adults. The food was very good with plenty of salads, ham, and good desserts. 

Steve and Wayne did a short exhibition of bottle rocket launching before darkness started setting in and it was time to come home. After a very long and busy day and week I spent the evening reading and playing with the dogs.

This morning I will drive over to the kennel and pick up Josey. Tina, another CBCR volunteer is coming by to pick her up around 1. I also invited Nancy over because I want her to interact with Josey too. While I have Josey I will keep her outside and do some stuff in the yard. I bought two very pretty mums that need planted and I need to water the other flowers, pull up weeds, etc. 




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