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Week of 15 October 2001

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Monday, 15 October 2001

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With the race cancelled yesterday due to the rain I spent most of the afternoon working in my office. I cleaned up several piles of things that needed attention, typed up the Friends newsletter, and managed to clean up my office a bit.

Last night I finished reading Murder With Puffins. I highly recommend her books. After I watched Practice it was off to bed. Speaking of television, we noticed last week when we watched a couple of shows we had taped the picture quality was horrid. In checking on live feed it appeared that several of our channels had poor reception. Bob thought maybe a cable was loose. Yesterday while he was helping me with household chores I asked him to take a look. Turns out the cable connection to the VCR itself was broken off and just hanging.

So once again we played switch the video equipment. Fortunately we had an older VCR in the bedroom we could move to the den. 

Off to the gym this morning and right back home. I have a laundry list of things to get done some of which will need Bob's attention. We need to hang the new mailbox and blow out the gutters. Then I will blow leaves up from the walkways and mow the lawn. We did not get hardly any rain yesterday but it was enough to give the bare spots a good watering. 

And, we need to repack astro-truck so I can continue with the basement cleaning and reorganizing project. Tonight I have a home visit for a potential  adopting family for a Border Collie. 

Lovely fall weather today, clear blue skies with temperatures in the 70's. It is supposed to be chilly tonight.

I hope your Monday gets your week off to a good start. Have a good one! And, thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, 16 October 2001

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Did not get around to repacking astro-truck yesterday. But I did get the lawn mowed and leaves up in some of the natural areas. 

Duncan behaved very well on the home visit last night. A very nice couple, I hope we can find a good dog for them.

Off to SciWorks this morning. I guess we will repack the truck this afternoon since we plan to go up to Bullington tonight. 

Not really too much else going on right now. Be sure to visit Marcia's vacation page with her cousin Barb. Great pictures of the sights of San Francisco, Alcatraz, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 



Wednesday, 17 October 2001

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Viewing at Bullington last night was fabulous. Yesterday afternoon the skies did not look very promising as a cold front came through. Howling winds and gray skies prevailed even as we made our preparations for leaving. But, the Clear Sky Clock predicted good skies so off we went.

Sure enough by the time we got up there and set up the equipment the skies started clearing. Priscilla showed up just as it was getting dark. We located several constellations on our southern horizon never before seen due to visibility. We saw lots of shooting stars. We located several deep sky objects including M2 which is fabulous. Others that we looked at like the Ring Nebula and Andromeda were even more wonderful with the clear skies. Located between two stars of the arm of Perseus are two of most beautiful clusters of stars, not deep sky, just the arrangement of the stars that are phenomenal. Finally, sometime after 10 pm we saw Saturn rising over Pilot Mountain.

Busy day today after a rather late start. We did not get home and into bed until well after midnight last night. We slept in this morning until almost eight. It is now 9:30 and I am still sitting here at my desk checking mail and writing my post.

First off to the gym and grocery store. This afternoon I need to pack (more on that in a minute), get some general household chores done, etc, etc. Tonight is Astronomy Club meeting. We will go by the library, eat dinner, and on to the meeting.

Tomorrow I leave bright and early for Easley, SC where my friend Fletch lives. We have a golf tee time for 2:15 in the afternoon. I will be spending the night at Fletch's then heading on down Friday morning to a meeting in Atlanta.  Our regional research group is having their quarterly meeting at Georgia University. After the meeting I will head straight back to Winston getting in some time late Friday night.

We have a potential adopter for one of our dogs that lives in SC and I am also trying to work out transport on the way down. The dog is being fostered in Charlotte, which is directly on my way to Fletch's. Don't know if that will work out until sometime this afternoon.

There will be no post for Thursday or Friday. Back to your regularly scheduled programming on Saturday.


Thursday, 18 October 2001

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Leaving for South Carolina to spend the afternoon playing golf and visiting with Fletch, his wife, and all his dogs.




Friday, 19 October 2001

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In Atlanta for a meeting of Southern Searchers. Be back late tonight.




Saturday, 20 October 2001

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Yes, I'm back. Fletch and I had a wonderful round of golf on Thursday afternoon. The weather was perfect, the golf less than... but we had good time. Dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. We spent the evening visiting and playing with the dogs.

I was up around 5:30 on Friday morning to leave for Atlanta. Georgia University is literally right across the street from the World of Coca Cola and the entrance to the Atlanta Underground. After our morning session we had lunch at the Underground at Mick's. Very good food. The afternoon session ran until 3:00 but I left around 2:30 to try to get ahead of the traffic.

I got out of Atlanta fine but hit major traffic jams about an hour down the road. I sat on I-85 for an hour around Commerce, GA then had pretty much bumper-to-bumper cars all the way to Greenville. With only quick bathroom and gas stops the normal 5 hour drive took 6 and half hours. I arrived home pretty tired around 9:00. After greeting dogs and doing some minor unpacking I was off to bed by ten. 

The meeting was very good and it is always nice to visit with Fletch and Hester and all his dogs. He had two foster dogs plus his three. One of the dogs, Bristol, is very much like Duncan. Sweet and loving. He just has real high drive.

I was up this morning in time to make spinning class. After this post I need to check tons of e-mail than spend the day working in the yard. I need to get leaves up so I can water the reseeded areas and do some fall general maintenance stuff.

Tonight is observing night at Bullington. Looks like it will be another nice clear night.




Sunday, 21 October 2001

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Wonder observing conditions again last night. It was just Bob and I, Priscilla, and a new couple that just started coming. The temperature was a little warmer, low 40's and not even a breeze. Saturn was up early, around 9:30 or 10:00. Orion started appearing over the mountain around 10:30. We stuck around until after 11:30 to see Jupiter and its moons come up. Then packed up and came home. 

It was just about one this morning when we finally got to bed. The dogs woke us around 7:30 this morning. I finally got up just before eight. House cleaning chores this morning. This afternoon I will watch the race and plow through a mountain of mail and magazines collected from last week. 




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