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Week of 26 November 2001

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Monday, 26 November 2001

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Yesterday turned out to be a rather lazy Sunday afternoon. I called Nancy after I finished up the house work and before I fixed lunch to see if we were on not to tie dye. She was not at home so I left her a message. Bob needed me to do a couple of pictures for the book so I did those right after lunch. I still had not heard from Nancy. I decided to lay down on the couch and read a magazine while Bob went back to take a nap. Nancy finally called around one to say we would not tie dye because not only was she still ill but she had been too ill all weekend to wash the shirts in the solution and get them ready to do.

That suited me fine for as soon as I hung up the phone I too decided a nap was in order. I spent the remainder of the afternoon and most of the evening reading until time to watch The Practice. I did work on the PC back in my office checking mail and typing up the minutes from the Astronomy Club meeting. The ulterior motive being to keep Malcolm back with me so Bob could get the finishing touches on his chapter to mail off and not be pestered to throw the ball.

This morning I am off early to run errands, shop, and get a hair cut. Some of the shopping is Christmas stuff but not much. I have a long list of things to get at Wal-Mart. Since my haircut is not until eleven, I will try to get most of the errands out the way before my appointment. 

I need a new pair of tennis shoes and Lenore wants me to buy them from her for my birthday so I will be shoe shopping at the sports stores. I may try the mall for a couple things I need to check into on my Christmas shopping list.

I told Nancy if she was ready to tie dye this afternoon I would stop by on my way home and help for a little while if she is feeling up to the task. 


Tuesday, 27 November 2001

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I now have most of my Christmas shopping done with the exception of a few things here and there to pick up. I did not find any shoes yesterday. I have to wear high tops because of my bad ankles. The choices for women are pretty narrow. But, I will keep looking when I am out.

Nancy was still sick yesterday so after grabbing a quick bite of lunch at the mall I made two more stops and then came on home. 

Last night I finished the second mystery by author D. R. Meredith in her new Megan Clark/reference librarian series. By Hook or By Book like her first one Murder in Volume involves Megan and her friend Ryan in yet another murder case that the local law enforcement officer seems to have trouble solving himself. And, the Murder by the Yard book club always comes to Megan's aid in helping to solve the case. As I stated in my review of her first book, these are not the best in terms of writing or plot development but they are fun to read. Meredith has a way of injecting humorous dialog into her characters just when you least expect it.

I am off to SciWorks this morning to work a little than back home. Early dinner tonight so I can go to the gym for my exercise classes. Now that the yard work is almost finished for the year I can get back to my normal exercise schedule.

With the warm, damp weather I can see sprigs of grass coming up in the dirt areas of the yard, finally! 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, 28 November 2001

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Yes, things are gearing up for Christmas around the house. Yesterday afternoon I had to pick up the t-shirts from the printer and deliver them to Nancy for today's tie dying. On the way home I stopped by the lot and picked up my Christmas tree. Bob took a picture of me trimming the top off because it was just a little too tall once we put it in the base. Those boxes and bags sitting in the forefront of the picture are my decorations. 

Even though I will not have time to get started before I have to go out of town this weekend I wanted to go ahead and get my tree and put it in water. This tree was just cut on Saturday so I knew it would be good and fresh.

installing-tree.jpg (240261 bytes)

I did make it to gym class last night. It was nice to be back after having missed a full week last week.

This morning I am off to the grocery store. When I get back and unload groceries I am going over to Nancy's to tie dye. She was feeling better yesterday and got the process underway by the time I talked with her yesterday afternoon. 

Tonight is library/dinner out night for Bob and I.

As I mentioned earlier I will be heading out of town this weekend. CBCR and Aussie Rescue of NC are doing a big agility trial this weekend down East of Raleigh, NC. Agility, for those who do not know, is a dog sport where handlers run their dogs through a series of tunnels and jumps. All the dogs will not be Border Collies or Aussies. Dogs must make a clean run plus a good time in order to win. Proceeds from the entries to run plus a dinner we are having on Saturday night will be split between the two groups. 

More on that later this week. 


Thursday, 29 November 2001

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If you have never tie dyed shirts before you have no idea how time consuming the task is. I arrived at Nancy's around 10:30. By the time we folded a batch of shirts and tied them (this forms the design), mixed the dyes, and dyed the shirts it was 1:00. By then we had run out of water softener. I took of for the grocery store and to get us a bite of lunch. While Nancy mixed more dyes I started folding and tying another batch of shirts. As I was dying the next batch Nancy realized it was almost 3:00 and time to pick up her daughter from school.

I finished dying the batch I was working on, then folded and tied another batch for her to dye. I left to come home. It is a lot of fun to do. The folding/tying is what takes so long.

I got home around five o'clock, jumped in the shower real fast and then Bob and I headed out for dinner. 

This morning I need to run some errands before I leave to go out of town tomorrow. This afternoon Bob and I need to put together and hang the new baby gate for the living room door. 

My friend Laura, who moved back to Jacksonville, Fl is coming up today. She is supposed to call me when she gets in. Nancy and I are meeting her for dinner and a visit. On Sunday she is taking back one of CBCR rescue's that has been adopted by a family down there. It just happen to work out that Laura was coming for a visit and could transport the dog back with her.


Friday, 30 November 2001

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Nancy, Laura, and I had a very nice dinner last night. With the mild, warm weather, we were able to sit outside on the patio to eat at The Filling Station. We all ordered individual brick oven pizza which was very tasty. I was back home by 9:30 but after a long day of running errands and getting things ready to leave today I was beat.

This morning it is packing and preparing to leave. I plan to leave around eleven. Once down there this afternoon I will get the CBCR tent set up and then help with the preparations for the trial for tomorrow. 

Rain, damp, and warm weather. I finally have grass coming up in the bare spots. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I posted brief accounts of how the weekend should go. This is my first agility trial as a working participant. I have been to several just to watch. It should be a fun but busy weekend.


Saturday, 1 December 2001

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The Trial begins runs at 7:30 so I imagine we will be up around six o'clock to be at the trial field and getting organized. With two rings going at the same time we need a lot of volunteers to change jumps and ring configurations between classes. 

Tonight we have the dinner with Paul from Highlands Catering doing the food. I have used him for several events. He does great BBQ and grilled chicken. 

It will be a long day I am sure.


Sunday, 2 December 2001

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Happy Birthday to me. I can't remember the last time I was not home for my birthday. I hope to be able to leave to head for home in the late afternoon. Sunday runs are usually shorted because a lot of the dogs/handlers only run the Saturday competitions. 




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