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Week of 14 January 2002

Latest Update: Saturday, 26 April 2003 08:54

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Monday, 14 January 2002

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Another mildly relaxing day once the weekly house cleaning chores were finished. Other than doing some work at my desk and working on my puzzle I really did not do a whole lot. I fixed beef stroganoff for dinner. I am now reading a biography of Rowan Atkinson by Bruce Dessau. I periodically enjoy reading biographies so I decided to pick this one off my "to be read shelf". Not sure where I bought it. Bob and I really enjoy his Black Adder series. We could never get into the Mr. Bean shows. I understand he has a new series out Thin Blue Line but we have not seen it. And of course to me half the enjoyment of a good biography of a person is also how well it is written. So far this one seems to be pretty good. Will let you know.

I am off to the gym for Body Pump class this morning. I am glad the gym has added the morning classes again. When I first started spinning they held classes on weekday mornings. Gradually attendance dwindled so bad that they now only offer it at night or on Saturday morning. I was doing the Saturday morning class until I started the Tuesday night back to back class of buns & thighs and then spinning. With the new Body Pump class  I have not had a chance to get a new routine down yet to see when I  want to incorporate the other classes in my weekly workouts.

After the gym I have, as usual errands to run. I am not sure when I worked a regular "out of the house" job when I ever got all these darn errands run. 



Tuesday, 15 January 2002

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Bob took this picture of Duncan keeping me company while I worked on my puzzle the other night. I am making great progress. After I get a little more of the puzzle together I will take a picture of my work.

duncan-jigsaw.jpg (66975 bytes)






Speaking of Duncan. He came out of the kitchen last night limping very badly. Upon closer inspection it appears he had torn the dew claw on on leg very badly and possibly injured the one on his other leg. Bob held him while I applied antibiotic cream and wrapped them in vet wrap. Once I did that he seemed to be limping less and this morning appears to be fine. Since neither nail was bleeding or appeared to be torn from the nail bed a trip to the vet is not required at this point. After a couple of days I will unwrap them and see how they are healing up.

Body Pump was great yesterday morning. What a great way to start the day with a good workout. By the time class was over and I made a couple of stops it was 11:30 before I got home. I just missed meeting the new lady that is coming to bath Lenore twice a week. Lenore seemed to like her which is really all that matters. 

I spent most of the afternoon paying bills and mailing some stuff off for reimbursement to the treasurer of CBCR. Last night we watched Buffy and Angel and then off to bed to read.

This morning I am going out to SciWorks for awhile and then back home.




Wednesday, 16 January 2002

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Hi folks. Since today is a quiet news day at the Thompson Techno Grotto I will make an announcement concerning my sister. Frances is getting married on April 20. The reason I mention it here is I am sure future diary pages will contain references to the wedding in terms of shopping expeditions, plans, etc. I, of course, am Matron of Honor. 

Frances will be 42 in March and has never been married. Al is 55 and has been married twice before. We have a scheduled dress shopping excursion for next Wednesday as the first activity. She has three bridesmaids who are all the same age as I am or older. She wants the four of us to pick out something together that compliments our ages. Ha! For me, who wore a tea length dress to get married in, I am happy she is not expecting me to wear frilly, spaghetti straps. 

This morning I am off to the gym and grocery store. I am meeting Betsy for lunch later today and tonight is Astronomy Club meeting. We are meeting some other members of the club for dinner before the meeting. Tonight is Bob is doing the program for the meeting, Winter Messier Objects. I am sure, with all the major preparation he has put into it, that it will be a great program. Wish all of you could attend.



Thursday, 17 January 2002

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Bob will be putting his Astronomy Club lecture up on his web site this week. If you are interested in the subject at all I recommend you take a look at it. He did a lot of research on the subject of Messier and telescopes as related to the modern ones of today plus instructions on how to find the winter deep sky objects he covered. I will post the exact URL when he gets it ready.

My Trooper has to go in the shop today. It is time for an oil change and in the past week or so I started getting a valve tick. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it is nothing serious. It has 65,000 miles on it and being 9 years old I guess it is getting up there a little in age. 

With my truck in the garage I will spend the day at home getting some things done. The unfinished side of the basement needs some additional organization. I also want to clean out the closet in Lenore's room and the tall chest of drawers that we use to keep her things in. I still have some stuff in there that can be boxed up and she has some things in there that she no longer needs. 

Yes, today is normally golf day but the folks had somewhere they had to be today so we are not playing despite the fact that we have a nice weather day. 


Friday, 18 January 2002

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Whew! Dodged a bullet with the car. They changed the oil and varnished the overhead cam lifters. That seemed to take care of the ticking noise. A difference in several hundred dollars to less than two. 

I spent the day getting things done around the house. We had left over meatloaf and broccoli for dinner. 

This morning I am going out to SciWorks for awhile than back home. I have some work to do. I am thinking about going to the gym for the 5:30 buns & thighs class which means an early dinner.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. It is forecast to be cold and rainy here. We are supposed just going to miss snow/ice with the temperatures hovering around freezing. It remains to be seen. 



Saturday, 19 January 2002

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Another slow news day around the Thompson Techno Grotto. Buns & Thighs class went well at the gym last night though I could tell I had not done the class in a couple of weeks. I spent the evening reading the Rowan Atkinson biography of which I am almost finished.

We have rain right now but so far no frozen precipitation. If it continues to be just a cold rain the telescope clinic at SciWorks will go on as usual but inside of course. Although I do not have enough experience to be of any help I will go with Bob and just hang out. It will be fun to see what some of the scopes look like that people bring.

No star watching for tonight with the cloudy/rainy weather. If we do the telescope clinic I guess we will stop and grab a bite to eat on the way home. It it does get cancelled I will fix something.

We need the rain, we are still about ten inches below normal for last year and already below normal for this month. It is snowing just to the north of us but I would rather just see a good two or three day rain.



Sunday, 20 January 2002

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Bob's Astronomy Club lecture is now up on his web site if you are interested. 

Yesterday was cold and rainy but we did not get any significant ice. The temperatures hovered just around the freezing mark in the triad all day. While the trees did get a little icy during the day it did not prove to be any problems for us. It did however, pour down rain most of the day which we really needed. Just to the north of us they got anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of snow. West of us got more icing and several areas had power failures due to falling trees.

We left around 1 o'clock to drive out to SciWorks for the telescope clinic. The Club had a pretty good turnout of volunteers with only a couple of people showing up with scopes to learn how to use them. We hung around until 3:30 than came on home. 

For some reason I was tired yesterday and felt like I needed a nap. By getting back home early I was able to grab an hour or so nap before dinner. I fixed homemade pancakes, bacon, and eggs for dinner then spent the evening finishing my book. One of the things I enjoyed about the Rowan Atkinson biography is reading behind the scenes of the Blackadder shows as well as about his overall career. I was wrong the other day when I mentioned he was working on a new series, Thin Blue Line. He did that series in the mid '90's before making his Mr. Bean movie. His most recent project was a new Blackadder which I just purchased for Bob the other day from Amazon. I always like to do a little research on the books I read on Amazon to see what kind of reviews they get, etc. In researching his biography I stumbled on a video of his I have been trying to get for Bob for years, A Blackadder Christmas Carol. It has been out of print for a long time. I ordered that one plus the most recent series, Back and Forth made in 1999 that we have not seen. We have the first four Blackadder's on video in a boxed set.

This morning is house cleaning. I need to pay some bills this afternoon and will most likely work on my puzzle. I have the outer portion almost all finished and now starting on the lighthouses themselves. 




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