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Week of 4 March 2002

Latest Update: Friday, 10 May 2002 11:55

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Monday, 4 March 2002

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Routine Sunday.  After I finished the house work and took a shower Bob and I went downstairs to put the bottom plate back on the telescope. I think he and I both mentioned on our pages last week that he removed it so the scope would cool faster. Unfortunately, it also messed up the balance of the scope, especially the side to side movements. With my new right angle finder it also made it front heavy and caused the scope to dip forward really bad. 

I worked on my puzzle. Below is a picture of what it will look like when it is finished. The Artist for this one is William Mangum. These puzzles are made right here in Winston-Salem and are of very good quality.


Bill came over to visit his mom. I fixed pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and rolls for dinner. Last night I finished reading Death At Dartmoor. As usual, another good mystery turned out by the husband/wife team writing under the name of Robin Paige. 

Off to the gym this morning for Body Pump then on to the pet store to pick up dog food and treats. Lenore has a doctor appointment this afternoon meaning I will not get much done today. I do need to pay bills before the day is over to go out for tomorrow. It is to be clear tonight but pretty cold. Bob and I may try to do a little front yard observing with binoculars but not much else.

My sister starts her new job today with Baptist Hospital in patient credit. Hope that goes well for her. I just spoke with my dad on the phone. He is about the same. He has another doctor appointment for Wednesday for a follow up. 


Tuesday, 5 March 2002

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Things are pretty ho-hum around the Thompson Techno Grotto. I am off to SciWorks this morning and to make a stop at the drugstore to pick up Lenore's prescriptions. 

It was too cold to do any observing last night and will be pretty much the same tonight, I think. Plus, Bob is trying to get this last chapter finished for the book while at the same time battling computer problems in both his office and the den systems. 


Wednesday, 6 March 2002

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I worked a couple of hours at SciWorks in the morning getting back home around 12:30. I ate lunch, checked my mail and worked at my desk. Around mid-afternoon I took a break to watch a show I taped Monday night while playing some hall ball with Malcolm. 

I fixed beef stroganoff for dinner then drifted back to my desk to do a couple of things. I could not get interested in the book I was reading so I bagged it, finally pulling off a short biography from my "to be read shelf". I worked on my puzzle for a little while until time to watch Buffy and NYPD Blue. Afterwards, we walked the dogs and I headed off to bed to read a little. Ever had one of those day when you felt like you were just wandering around in life without any focus? Weird!

This morning I am off to Office Depot to pick up printer paper then stop by the library and the grocery store. This afternoon Malcolm, Duncan, and I are going out to visit Bonnie for a little playtime in her back yard. They guys should enjoy that. The weather is to be warm again today, in the low 60's after two days of colder temperatures.

Bob had e-mail from one of his readers in the UK. He just lost his 14 year old BC and sent pictures of his 8 week old Welsh BC  puppy he put up on his web site meeting his other dog an Alsatian. 

And, in the spirit of pups, here is a picture of Kyle. He was found abandoned along a highway here in Winston-Salem. The lady contacted me. CBCR is helping her to find this little guy a good home. She has four dogs already but is willing to keep him until we can get him placed. 



Thursday, 7 March 2002

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Malcolm and Duncan had a great time visiting Bonnie yesterday afternoon. She has a pretty good sized fenced in back yard. The guys played ball and met another two year old BC that lives in the fenced yard behind Bonnie. We stayed about two hours. It was too early to stop and pick up food on the way home so I brought the dogs back home and checked my mail. Bob wanted take out Chinese for dinner. 

I have some pictures from yesterday I will post later today or tomorrow.

Last night I finished my jigsaw puzzle then watched West Wing before heading off to bed.

This morning it is off to the gym for Body Pump class. After class I need to run out to Lowe's again. I want to look at some brick edging to go along the driveway. It is to be nice this afternoon and I need to vacuum and wash my car before going to a meeting in Charlotte tomorrow.

I fixed the link from yesterday's story about the BC pup in England if you want to take a look at him. 



Friday, 8 March 2002

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At an all-day conference in Charlotte today.




Saturday, 9 March 2002

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I'm back from a beautiful spring day in Charlotte. The meeting was excellent. I got home about 4:30. 

As promised here are the pictures from the dog play time at Bonnie's the other afternoon.

bonnie-1.jpg (105479 bytes)   bonnie-2.jpg (110289 bytes)   bonnie-3.jpg (126598 bytes)  bonnie-4.jpg (79639 bytes)  bonnie-5.jpg (129984 bytes) bonnie-6.jpg (121607 bytes) 

As you can see, everyone had a great time. The weather has been very spring like all week and Bonnie has the perfect back yard for the guys to enjoy themselves.

I was supposed to go over and mow my dad's lawn this morning and put out his fertilizer because the weather forecasters predicted rain for late this afternoon and tonight. Ha, Mother Nature so predictable anyway, decided to foil those plans by raining this morning instead. 

After I finished dad's yard, he and I planned to run a couple of other errands  which we will now do this morning since we cannot work in the yard.

Mom and Frances are driving down to the dress shop to do some pre-wedding stuff.



Sunday, 10 March 2002

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Happy Birthday to my sister Frances. We are having a pizza party tonight at Pizza Hut then going back over to her house for desert and gifts. 

Of course today is house cleaning day. This afternoon I may mow the lawn while listening to the race from Atlanta. The weather forecast is for rain on Tuesday. If I mow this afternoon I can get up in the morning and put out my weed and feed if we get a nice heavy dew. 

Not much else happening at the Thompson Techno Grotto. With Bob finishing up the book we have some minor household things that need some attention when he feels like getting to those.

And, on the weather front. We had a brief thunder storm last night. I can never remember the old wives tale about how many days later is it supposed to snow that follows a thunder storm in winter. Something like nine or twelve?




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