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Week of 13 May 2002

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Monday, 13 May 2002

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We had a very nice Mother's Day dinner at Frances's last evening. I grilled the steaks and chicken while Al and Frances took care of the indoor food like the potatoes, rolls, etc. The nice weather enabled those of us who chose to do so eat out on her deck. 

If am off to the gym this morning for Body Pump class then back home to for a quick lunch and shower before going for my haircut appointment. I have a 3:00 appointment with the vet to get Malcolm's torn dew claw repaired.

Guess that is about all the news for this Monday morning. 


Tuesday, 14 May 2002

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The vet fixed up Malcolm's torn nail. She had to clip it back at the quick above the break line which I know hurt the poor guy. Last night he was licking at the bandage and whining in pain so I gave him a Rimadyl for the pain. He seems fine this morning. I want to keep it bandaged for a few days until it heals so he does not tear it again.

We had one of those good old fashioned thunder storms last night. An inch of rain in thirty minutes with winds blowing up to 50 mph. Some areas lost power but fortunately we did not. I have a lot of limbs and stuff down to pick up today. I will gather all that stuff up before I mow. The weather forecasters were predicting this cold front to come through all day so I purposely waited to mow until today knowing I would have a lot of blown debris to pick up. It was really windy yesterday even before the storm came through blowing a lot of dead tree limbs down yesterday afternoon.

Today is really pretty with crisp clear blue skies and cooler temperatures. Bob is working on several projects so I will man the home front today so he can work. I have some work to do at the computer. Now that all my web pages have been migrated to the new server I need to check for dead links, etc.



Wednesday, 15 May 2002

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If you did not get a chance to go out last night and view the sky you missed a beautiful event. Venus, blazing away, was positioned just to the right of the moon. With the moon still in its first three days with just a sliver being visible and the remaining portion dark the contrast was lovely. Unfortunately, tonight the moon will be higher up so the two objects will not be positioned again as they were last night.

I spent all day yesterday in the yard with a lot of help from Malcolm and Duncan. Yep, Malcolm's leg was feeling just find today as you can see by the various assistance he gave me in gathering up limbs and sticks from the storm or that I had cut down. He and Duncan decided to have a little tug. After I cleaned up the mess they made I mowed and edged the lawn.

  malcolm-branch-1.jpg (107176 bytes) malcolm-branch-2.jpg (109338 bytes) malcolm-branch-3.jpg (101235 bytes)

malcolm-sleeping-corner.jpg (29667 bytes)  This was taken a couple of weeks ago. Malcolm's favorite sleeping position.

And, last but not least, it is very exciting news to hear that our friends Marcia and Brian will be moving to Maryland later this summer. It is only about a days drive from us. Although Marcia and I did get to meet last year in Atlanta, now Bob and I will get to meet Brian and Sally too.

Busy day ahead for me. I am off to the gym for spinning this morning then the grocery store. This afternoon I am going over to the library to began setting up for the book sale this weekend. Tonight is Astronomy Club meeting. 



Thursday, 16 May 2002

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Whew! Busy day yesterday. I had about an hour break between the morning activities and the library. I spent about four hours putting out books for the book sale. When I left almost everything had been put on the tables and one of our volunteers was labeling everything.

I got home around 5 and took a shower, checked my mail, and walked the dogs before Bob and I took off for dinner and our meeting. If you missed looking up at the sky last night you missed seeing Mercury, Mars, Saturn, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all lined up in one straight line. Another wonderful astronomical event.

We got home from the meeting around ten. Walked the dogs and then gave them some playtime before heading off to bed.

I am off playing golf this morning. This afternoon I will go over to make sure everything is ready for the Friends preview at 5:00 that runs until 7:00 than the sale opens to the everyone. There is still a large pile of stuff in the sorting room that needs to be gone through that only I can sort. I hope to have time to go through some of it while the sale is going on over the next few days.

Bob is doing final review on the book to get it ready to go to the printers.


Friday, 17 May 2002

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The book sale got off to a good start yesterday evening. I worked the preview from 5 to 6:15 and we had made over $100 in that time. One of the other Friends members relieved me so I could come home. I stopped at KFC for some take out on the way.

I was so tired we walked the dogs a little after nine and I headed off to bed. I read a few chapters of my book before turning off the light.

This morning I have Lenore's laundry to do and get her breakfast. Bob is working on final revision of the book chapters so I will be around to do stuff while he works. This afternoon I have to go back over and man the book sale for a few hours and finished sorting some more donations.

I removed Malcolm's bandage yesterday afternoon. His dew claw has healed over nicely therefore no need to keep a bandage on his leg. All my Guys are fastidious bathers keeping themselves very clean. After the bandage came off he washed his leg and paw for a good half hour. 

The weekend is upon us. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy their favorite hobby or activity. 


Saturday, 18 May 2002

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When I left the book sale yesterday afternoon at 4:30 we had made well over $600. Saturday is usually a big day for us so hopefully we will make close to $1000 by the time all is said and done.

We were both pretty tired last night. We listened to music and read all evening. After we walked the dogs at 9:30 I went to bed but stayed up reading to finish my book until 10:45 or so. 

It is a rainy, cool morning. We have a cold front moving in today from Canada bringing temperatures down to freezing in the mountains and just a little warmer here by tomorrow morning. Tonight is public observation at Pilot Mountain but the forecast for clear skies is not looking too good at this point. I think Bob wants to spend the weekend knocking out chapters of the book anyway and I am not real keen on the pubic observations.

If it does not rain in Charlotte tonight the Winston All Star race will be run. This is a non-points money race to showcase the drivers for next weeks big race, the Coca Cola 600. 

Today's project is cleaning off my desk not only of clutter and paperwork but also cleaning and dusting. Otherwise, I plan to take it easy most of the day and be available to help out where Bob needs me so he can work on the book.



Sunday, 19 May 2002

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Other than cleaning off my desk yesterday I did not do much of anything. I was very tired and not feeling all that well so I took the day off. After lunch I watched a couple of things I had taped. One was the biography of Jill Kerr Conway, The Road From Coorain.

I had read the book about five years ago along with her sequel True North. Both are excellent memoirs if you enjoy reading this type of biography. She was born and raised on a sheep farm in Australia. In her first memoir she covers her life from early childhood to her eventual move as an adult to the United States. The book is neither tedious or pretentious instead offering a glimpse of life in this country during the late thirties up to the mid-fifties. She covers her difficult life of trying to cope with her mother, whose personality drastically changes after her father dies when Jill is only eleven. Other events happen which I will do into just in case you wish to read the book for yourself. She was educated early in her life by her mother, who taught her to read at a very early age, until she they moved to Sydney where she attended private schools.

In True North she picks up her life after her move to the states, explains how she started writing her memoirs and her marriage to her husband John Conway. Jill was the first woman to become head of Smith College, a position she held for a number of years. As I said, I recommend both books if you enjoy biographies

I guess it will be the normal house cleaning this morning followed most likely by another afternoon of relaxing and working at the computer. Bob is diligently getting through the chapters of the book for final review while I keep the dogs occupied. 




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