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Week of 27 May 2002

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Monday, 27 May 2002

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Happy Memorial Day to everyone.  

Isn't this little guy cute? My mom picked him up for me this past weekend while they were down at the beach. He is now residing along the new wall I built in a little garden area I am developing.

garden-gnome.jpg (101276 bytes)

I am off to the gym this morning. I have several things to do this afternoon at the computer. We do not have any special plans made for the day. I have a rather busy week coming up with getting the display set up tomorrow for FAS and a trip out of town the end of the week.



Tuesday, 28 May 2002

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I spent part of yesterday watering the plants and cleaning up the lawn mower. I hosed it down real good and clean the mowing deck of all the grass from the spring mowing. Today I will get Bob to help me change the blade to my mulching blade for the summer.

Bill made a surprise visit yesterday afternoon. I had planned on making home made pizza for dinner which always makes enough for four anyway. He stayed until about 10 last night before driving back to Raleigh.

This morning I am going over to one of the local middle schools to set up a display for the Astronomy Club. A group of science teachers will be in a workshop all week with a team from Langley Research Center explaining the new NASA satellite program one of our members has been helping the school system get involved in. We are hoping the display will be good PR for the club and alert the teachers to the various resources offered by club members. 

Guess that is about all that is going on around here for today.



Wednesday, 29 May 2002

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I enjoyed talking with the teachers yesterday during their first break of their seminar. Several stopped to ask questions/advice about various astronomy related topics and to pick up our brochure. 

When I got home around 11:00 I had a message on the answering machine from my friend Betsy about having lunch with her and Nancy at 12:30. I checked e-mail and rounded up library books until it was time to leave to meet them. We ate at a new opening of Quizno's, a chain sub shop. The food was very good. After lunch I stopped by the library to return/check out books before returning home. 

This morning I am off the store then back home to mow the lawn. Tomorrow I am heading to Atlanta for a meeting on Friday. I need to get some agenda things ready and an overnight bag packed.

Last night I finished the Bond of Blood by Roberta Gellis. I have a huge stack of mysteries in my library reading pile I need to get started on next. 

A quick update on Linda. She is not doing too well at the moment. She developed a blood clot near her heart which required some additional surgery. 


Thursday, 30 May 2002

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I am off to Atlanta this morning for a Southern Searchers meeting at Emory University. As soon as I get to Atlanta I am going straight to the library on campus to get set up for the meeting tomorrow. Once I get that taken care of I will go check in at the hotel. I am staying on the campus to make it easier to get around. Not knowing how far away the nearest hotel was it is just as easy to stay right on the campus. They have a conference center and hotel.

By the time I get checked in and locate somewhere to eat dinner it will be time to head back to the room and spend the evening reading. I need to get up early Friday to make sure I am at the meeting room by 8:30 to assist the presenters in their set up. Another advantage to staying close by.



Friday, 31 May 2002

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I will be in my meeting until sometime around 3:00. Once I get the room cleaned up and head out it will most likely be going on 3:30 or 4:00 before I get started out of town. 

I told Bob not to expect me before 8. Traffic is always horrible getting out of Atlanta.



Saturday, 1 June 2002

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Yes I am back. The meeting went splendidly and as usual I walked away with a few good ideas. I also talked with several folks who may have some subcontract work for me down the road. Emory has a beautiful campus in the very nice outskirt community of Decatur, just outside downtown Atlanta. 

Surprisingly enough, this was my first return drive home from Atlanta that I did not get caught in traffic stops along the way. Once I left the Atlanta area I had smooth sailing the entire way home. I made a quick stop for food and made it home in five hours arriving just after 8 pm.

While I was away my friend Linda died from complications of her heart/lung replacements. Her fellow friends and library peers are very sad to lose such a wonderful person who lived with her physical problems with such positive grace and humor. The library community has lost one of its most talented and humblest stars. She will be missed not only by her family but by all those she touched with her reviews/columns in her local newspaper and the children's librarian community.

Since I am attending the funeral tomorrow I am going to do my Sunday chores today. Clean house plus unpack from my trip, take care of a mountain of e-mails, etc. 

While I was gone Bob also took care of our cook top malfunction. You can read all about that on his page from Friday's diary entry if you wish. 

Well, there is lots to do so I best get started. 


Sunday, 2 June 2002

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I am almost caught up on everything after being gone for two days. This morning will finish up my June web column and finish fine tuning some other pages on my research solutions site.

The group driving down for the funeral will be leaving our main library parking lot around 12:45. I am sure it will be early evening before we get to town with the funeral not until 3:00. 

With the scattered thunderstorms popping up on Thursday and last night we have had close to an inch of rain. That at least will help the grass and flowers. It has turned hot, highs in the low 90's yesterday and forecast for today as well. 




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