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Week of 29 July 2002

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Monday, 29 July 2002

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It is supposed to be another scorcher today with highs from 94 to 97. With the humidity that will most likely top us out over 100 in the heat index zone. It was pretty miserable out yesterday. I worked up a sweat just walking the dogs down to the corner and back.

After I finished up the house cleaning Bob and I made a quick visit to the nursing home. We got back around one so I could fix us some lunch and sit down to watch the race. One lap in they had a major crash tearing up one of the guard rails. After an hour delay they got started again only to stop 25 laps later for a two hour rain delay. 

I used this time to start sorting my postcards and brochures from the trip that I will put in my album along with the pictures. I put the potatoes on to boil about 4 o'clock to go along with the grilled steaks. The race got back underway around five. 

After dinner Bob and I made another visit to Lenore getting back home around 7:30. I watched a very interesting Atmosphere's segment on the Weather Channel on South Dakota which I found interesting since I had just been there.

I am off to the gym this morning for Body Pump. I have some errands to run this afternoon and a hair cut appointment for 2:30. Bill is coming over to visit Lenore sometime today. I will drop by there on my way home to see if he is coming by for dinner. 



Tuesday, 30 July 2002

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I stopped by the nursing home on the way home yesterday. Bill was there visiting with Lenore. After a brief visit I came on home to do some things before starting dinner. Bill got here just as I had started heating up all the leftovers from last weeks meals. Bob and I had planned to go up to Bullington to observe but it was so cloudy and hazy here we decided not to go. 

I went to bed around 9:45 and managed to get a chapter read in my book before turning off the light.

Today I have two projects to devote my time to. One is finishing up the trip page and getting pictures selected for scanning. I also want to start getting the pictures and stuff in my album. The other project is cleaning up my office which right now looks more like a dump than an office. Between my desk, the floor, and other flat surfaces all being covered in junk I go nuts every time I walk in here.

With temperatures to be in the high 90's again today and the humidity pushing things well over 100 it is a good day to stay in and get some work done. I guess Bob will go over to visit Lenore this morning and I will go this afternoon.



Wednesday, 31 July 2002

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Busy day today. This morning I have spinning class at the gym followed by grocery shopping. When I get home the three dogs are getting their baths which is a major chore in itself.

This afternoon I will do my Lenore visit. Several of us from the Astronomy club are meeting up at the pad late this afternoon to give the grass a cutting. Bob and I will ride up to help with that then stop and eat. On the way home we will make our evening visit.

I have selected the pictures for the trip page and roughed out the basic text. I hope Bob will have time today or tomorrow to get the pictures scanned so I can get the trip page finished and get started putting together the photo albums. One for me and one for my parents.

Guess that is about all for now. It is still very hot and humid around the Triad area. The dog days of summer are definitely with us.



Thursday, 1 August 2002

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I hit the ground running yesterday morning and did not stop until 8:30 last night. After the gym and grocery store shopping  yesterday morning I dived right into giving the dogs their baths. This is no easy chore since both Malcolm and Duncan do not like baths very much. Between struggling to get them to stand still and bathing them too it is very much a major physical struggle. Fortunate Kerry is too old and slow to make his bath that difficult but he still tends to try to wander away from me.

Of course after I finished their baths I was soaked myself. I jumped into the shower than ate a light lunch while I checked my e-mails. Next on the list was having Bob scan my pictures for me. I sat in his office while he scanned them then began work on the picture albums while he transferred and resized them for me. When he was finished I started incorporating them into my trip page narrative.

At 2 pm we left the house for the nursing home. They are moving Lenore to a room at the other end of the hall closer to the nursing station and where everyone comes and goes off the elevator. Bob and I think she will enjoy being closer to the activities on the hall. 

We left the nursing home at 3 to drive up to Bullington. While we waited on Steve to arrive with his mower I started weed eating around the pad and the high stuff along the bank too high for him to mow. Once he arrived I did a little more trimming and we finished up that job about 5 o'clock. Back toward home, Bob and I stopped off for dinner before making our evening stop at the nursing home. We did not stay long since the dogs had been home alone since 2. 

When we got home I decided to go ahead and mow our grass since it was at least a little cooler and the sun was down. After I finished mowing I used my new leaf vacuum to get up the grass and leaves on the driveway and gutter. I want to get some practice in with it before leave season gets fully underway. I finished up in the yard at 8:30. 

Today I want to finish up the trip page and work on the photo albums. I have some bills to pay and book keeping stuff to do this morning while Bob visits Lenore.

As you may have read on Bob's page things are looking a little bleak here at the Thompson Techno Grotto. Between the falling off of computer books sales and not much in the way of business for me I may have to go back to work. If you or anyone you know has a need for my research services please contact me. 

Also, keep good thoughts in your mind for Brian and Marcia Bilbrey as they begin their 5 day adventure across the United States from California to their new home on Maryland.



Friday, 2 August 2002

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My Canadian Rockies trip page is now up. If you find any bad links or other errors please let me know. 

After I returned from my afternoon visit with Lenore I worked on the photo albums until dinner time. I am making pretty good progress on those. Last night after dinner we made a quick visit so we could get back home before our Astronomical League meeting here at the house. Only Paul and Steve showed up but we had several good discussions and made some plans for some observing projects later in the year. We walked the dogs when they left at 10 then I headed off to bed to read at least a chapter before falling asleep.

This morning we are waiting on the call from the nursing home to let us know when they are moving Lenore down to her new room. Bob and I will go over and help with move her television and stereo and personal stuff. I am not sure what I will do this afternoon. We hope to go up to Bullington to do some observing tonight if the weather cooperates.



Saturday, 3 August 2002

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We did not go up to Bullington last night. The conditions turned rotten late yesterday afternoon. Bob and I went over to the nursing home late yesterday morning and moved all of Lenore's stuff down to her new room. We came back home to eat some lunch. I spent most of the afternoon working on my photo stuff. 

The nursing home called around 2 to say they had moved Lenore to her new room. We headed back over to take her a few things and see how she was settling in. Just after we returned back home my mom called. She had bought a couple of things to take over to Lenore. They wanted to meet us for dinner before going over to visit her. We met out at the little Oldtown Cafe where we like to eat. 

Last night I worked on the photo albums for another couple of hours before going back out in the den to play with the dogs before bedtime.

This morning I need to go by the vets and pick up a prescription renewal for Malcolm then on to the library to get some books for Lenore. I am doing the morning visit and Bob will do the afternoon visit. I want to work on the photo albums some more this afternoon.

Conditions do not look too good right now for tonight's observing session but maybe that will change. Have a great weekend. 



Sunday, 4 August 2002

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We did try to go observing last night but the conditions were horrible. Rather than make the long trek up to Bullington we tried a new location at a nearby soccer field. One of the club's new members lives near this field which is located in his neighborhood. Unfortunately the skies there were not all that dark. That along with the horrible haze and dew it was not a good location for finding anything deep sky. I had a hard time even seeing the outline of many of the constellations. 

I am sure under better seeing conditions this fall it will be a great backup spot for us. We ended up sitting around talking until 11:30 before packing everything up and driving home, only five minutes away.

House cleaning and laundry this morning. I stopped at Eckerd last night and picked up another small album to finish up the pictures. I filled the first one yesterday afternoon at the Yellowstone portion of the trip. I think I went a bit over board on the picture snapping on this trip.

This afternoon is the Winston Cup race from Indianapolis to watch, the Sunday crossword, and some magazines to catch up on. 




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