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Week of 23 September 2002

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Monday, 23 September 2002

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Happy Monday to everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend. We spent the day yesterday in typical Thompson Techno Grotto style once we got past the morning chores. Bob drilled a dozen or so wood screws into the couch which fixed the horrible squeak. While we had it pulled out I vacuumed the area real good of dust and dog hair.

While Bob visited his mom I finished the house cleaning. After lunch everyone settled into their normal Sunday positions. I started out watching the race and working the Sunday puzzle but very quickly stretched out for a much needed rest and nap. The dogs and Bob also napped. The dogs and I woke up around 3. I fixed pork tenderloin and rice for dinner.

Last night I finished reading Untitled. Alex saved the publishing world again while he and Sarah are reunited in a bizarre set of circumstances. However, that is all I will say. Bob is reading these right behind me so I hate to give away too much. Kaewert really knows how to keep you on edge until the next book comes out with these mysterious endings. I have one more of the series to read and I will be caught up with those currently published. If you do decided to read this series you should do so in the order they were published unless you don't mind knowing how things will turn out later.

Last week at the book store I picked up a J. S. Borthwick the library did not have, The Down East Murders. It was written prior to the one I read last week, The Bridled Groom. Even though she has written several other earlier books I was only interested in this one mainly due to the setting (Maine coast) and plot (how Alex and Sarah met). In Down East Murders Alex and Sarah had already met and worked together in solving a crime in Texas. Now, they are meeting again during summer vacation on the Island off the coast of Maine to help in solving a string of art thefts from local museums, cottages, and the library. Once again Borthwick features an interesting librarian as one of her characters.

Have you noticed I am reading two series both of which feature main characters named Alex and Sarah!  Hum!

The birds are singing and the sun is shinning this morning. We had a brief shower later last night. I am off to the gym for Body Pump. Bob and I are starting a new visiting schedule today. I will go in the mornings and Bob will go in the afternoons.



Tuesday, 24 September 2002

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Yesterday turned out to be a rather hectic day. By the time I got back from the gym and visiting Lenore it was lunch time. After lunch I mowed the lawn. Bob was supposed to do the Lenore afternoon visit by himself. However, we have been concerned with a couple issues with Bryan Center and decided to start investigating other nearby facilities for a possible move. 

After I took my shower we both drove over to talk with Lenore than visited one of the other nearby homes. That took up an hour or so. We are still discussing our options. I checked e-mail and worked on a pile of stuff on my desk until time to start dinner, homemade pizza.

After dinner I had a few more things to do at my desk before settling down for the evening with my crossword puzzle and book.

Today is another full day. After I stop at the library, bank, and gas station I will make the Lenore visit. From there it will be SciWorks for several hours. Today we hope to finish up this reorganization project Nancy (volunteer coordinator) and myself have been working on for past month or so. 



Wednesday, 25 September 2002

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Happy middle of the week to everyone. It is a dark and dreary day around here. We are getting the beginning remnants of Hurricane Isadore starting today and through tomorrow. Rain coupled with the cool temperatures has brought fall like weather a little early. 

It was well after 3 when I got home yesterday. Nancy and I did as much as we could in getting the last of the boxes and crates reorganized and into the new storage closets. I will be now be going back to my library project which will need a lot of work to get it back to the shape it was in before the staff had to start using it for their offices during the refurbishing campaign. 

I was pretty tired when I got home and Bob was tired from working on the book all day. We had left over meat loaf and broccoli for dinner. After dinner I rested and did some work at the computer while Bob went over to visit his mom.

Last night was the beginning of the new fall TV season. We watched the season premier of Buffy at 8. Then I watched the behind the scenes show of NYPD Blue at 9 followed by the season premier at 10. I tend to be a very loyal person and will stick with a TV show until the end. NYPD has pretty much run out of ideas but I like some of the characters so I continue to watch. I compare that with my reading. I will stick with a book or series if I like the characters or the settings even though it is not the best I have ever read. 

This morning I am off to the gym then over to visit Lenore before hitting the grocery store. 



Thursday, 26 September 2002

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We awoke this morning to dark skies, cool temperatures, and steady rain. Isadore is slowing making her way north and a little east. The projected path brings the storm north as it makes landfall today taking it up through Tennessee. However, the curve eastward brings the outer fringes of the rain bands into the Piedmont.

Yesterday afternoon I paid some bills and worked on some things on the computer. Bob and I left around 4:15 to go by the library before going to dinner. We took Lenore her favorite cheeseburger from the restaurant for her dinner on the way home.

I went to bed around 9:30 but sat up until 11:30 finishing The Down East Murders by Borthwick. As I said earlier I bought this one  to get more of an idea of how Sarah and Alex met plus I like books set in the Maine/New England area. In The Bridled Groom , written three books later, Alex and Sarah get married. I felt like Down East was much better written than the later Bridled Groom. Brothwick falls into that "funny cozy" genre much like Evanovich and Donna Andrews. 

Obviously no golf today but Dad and I had not scheduled to play today anyway. I have a luncheon at 12:30 for one of my former staff members from Rural Hall. He is leaving to teach computer courses at Forsyth Tech. I will do the Lenore visit on my way to the luncheon. 



Friday, 27 September 2002

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Things have gotten off to a rather slow start this morning. Although I woke up several times between 6:30 and 7:15 I kept going back to sleep. The next thing I knew the dogs were pestering us and it was after 8:00. Bob took them out while I continued to try to wake up. For some reason I was "plumb exhausted" this morning.

I misspelled the name of the tropical storm Isidore in my earlier posts this week. Speaking of which. We got a good all day soaking rain yesterday but not the downpours and flooding that occurred west of us. This morning the sun is trying to come out but we will have thunderstorms in the forecast for the day.

Last night I started reading the sixth book in the Kaewert series, Uncatalogued. Her plot in this novel centers around Pepys Diaries and takes place on the campus of Dartmouth University in Hanover, NH. Alex and Sarah both graduated from Dartmouth in the same class but took different routes until meeting up again in this series of books. Until I finish the novel I have no way of knowing if Kaewert is ending the series here. In all the previous novels she announces the next title in the series. In this one there is no mention of another book. Guess I will have to wait and see how it ends. 

I am not sure what I have on tap for today. At some point I will do my Lenore visit but other than that I have no idea. 


Saturday, 28 September 2002

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As I mentioned yesterday we were rather late getting the day off to a start. By the time I finished up my post and checked my morning e-mails it was well past 10 o'clock. I took a shower then finished up a cover letter and resume to get off in the mail before I left the house around 11:30 to visit Lenore. 

 From there I drove over to the library to drop of the left over post cards for the book sale mailing for them to hand out at the desk. While I was there I spent about an hour working on some things for the library. When I got back home around 2 I was finally hungry after my late breakfast. We had sandwiches for lunch while I watched a little of the Ryder Cup. While Bob went back to read and nap I worked at the computer answering e-mails and balancing the check book.

When Bob got up I suggested he go over to visit his mom first and we could eat a late dinner since we ate a late lunch. While he visited his mom I watched the season opener of ER I taped last night. We had salads for dinner with left over pork tenderloin on the salads while we began watching the two hour season premier of West Wing.

I am off this morning early to drive up I-40 west to Hickory to meet a lady who is driving down from Asheville to bring a dog that is coming into the CBCR foster program. I will drive Ivy back to Winston where I will shuffle her off to another CBCR volunteer who will drive her on to Durham where she will be staying until we adopt her out.

The weather forecast for right now is to be clear tonight. We hope to go up to Bullington to do some observing.



Sunday, 29 September 2002

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We did go up to Bullington last night for a couple of hours. The weather forecasts seem to be rather dodgy all day waffling between cloudy or clear, etc. It turned out to be a rather decent night however I chose a couple of tough Messier objects to bag that took up most of my time. However, I triumphed in the end and located both M92 and M30 in both my binoculars and the scope. By ten o'clock Bob was tired so we packed up and headed home. 

After walking the dogs and playing with Malcolm for a bit I was in bed by 11:30. The forecast for tonight is to be clear and possibly better than last night for viewing conditions so we are planning to go back up again.

Well, it is Sunday morning so you know what today brings. Cleaning house and doing the laundry. We have a couple of cleaning related chores on the schedule for today if Bob wants to get into those. 

I have been following the Ryder Cup this weekend. At the present time the singles matches are being played. We need six points to hold the cup and Europe needs 61/2 to win. The Winston Cup race is in Kansas today. Always an exciting track to watch. 

Guess I better get to it. Oh, and I finished the sixth book in the Kaewert series. She did not end the book with any hint towards where she is going next with the series. Guess I will have to wait just like you will.



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