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Week of 25 November 2002

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Monday, 25 November 2002

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Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful fall day in the Carolina's with bright blue skies. The rather heavy frost required Dad and I to have to wait about an hour before we could tee off which was around 9 pm. We finished up a little after 12 and stopped to pick up lunch on the way home. 

I visited with my folks for an hour or so before heading back across town. As soon as I got home I started the house cleaning. After I finished that up I took a shower then spent some playtime outdoors with the dogs. 

Around 5 I started fixing dinner when all of a sudden I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I gave Bob his plate and promptly headed back to bed. Now, let me tell you right now. There are two things that signal all is not right with the world...when I don't want to eat and when I go to bed before bedtime. I nap on the couch because I am not a bed person. I despise being in the bed unless it is to sleep. 

Bob finished his dinner, walked the dogs, and then did Lenore's evening visit. I snoozed off and on while he was gone finally getting up just before he got home around 7. Feeling a little better I decided I would fix an English muffin and cup of hot tea. That went down very well so I fixed another cup of hot tea and ate a bagel. 

As I sit and type this post, 8:30, I am feeling much better. I told Bob I was not sick just exhausted. This is what happens when I push myself way to hard into full exhausted mode. My body shuts down to make me pay attention. 

I feel certain with an early bedtime tonight I will be feeling fine by morning.



Tuesday, 26 November 2002

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As predicted I was feeling better when I got up yesterday morning. I came home after I got off from work to eat some lunch and check my e-mails before heading off to the library, pet store, and grocery store. However, by the time I got back from running errands and checking my mail I was still not completely firing on all cylinders yet. 

I grabbed my book and headed to the couch to read until time to start dinner. After I ate and visited Lenore I was feeling just about like my old self. I did elect to skip Body Pump and the gym.

Today after I get off from work I need to drop something off at my folks and run a quick errand on the way back across town. This afternoon I will get a few last minutes things ready for our guest including putting dinner in the crock pot. I have an easy to fix Mexican recipe my sister gave me that makes an excellent meal that needs to be "on hold" since we do not know what time our guests will arrive.

I finished up the Carola Dunn and decided to start another Aaron Elkins, the next one in the Gideon Oliver series, Icy Clutches. 



Wednesday, 27 November 2002

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Our guests arrived around 5:30. After unloading their stuff and getting settled in downstairs we did a quick tour of the upstairs before sitting down to dinner.

We spent the evening playing with the dogs and visiting. The men stayed up and talked until around 12:30 while us ladies went to bed early. I read from around 9 to a little after ten before turning off the light.

This morning the we ladies will be taking off for Replacements in Burlington followed by a stop in Old Salem on the way back home. The guys will do the morning Lenore visit and otherwise hold down the fort. 

The weather has turned cold and windy but we do have sunshine.



Thursday, 28 November 2002

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our United States friends. We have a fun day planned. Eat and enjoy the company of our friends and family. My folks will be over sometime this afternoon. We will have our dinner around 5 pm.

Last night after a fine dinner at the nearby Chinese restaurant and a quick visit with Lenore we came home and set up the telescopes in the back yard. Our guests got a glimpse of Saturn, M36, M37, & M38 early in the evening. Later we carried the Dobsonian up the drive for the best view of them all, the Orion nebula. This was actually my first view of the object from urban skies under not really great conditions. It was beautiful showing a lot of nebulosity and even some color. With the Barlow attached for cranking up the power we could actually see the stars in the Trapezium, which is in the middle of the nebula itself. 

Have a great day and be safe if you are on the roads.


Friday, 29 November 2002

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While the guys stay home and do their own thing we ladies are heading out to spend the day at the crafts festival in Greensboro. 

Thanksgiving Day was, as usual, a grand affair at the Thompson house. Having our friends visiting made the day even more special. Malcolm, however, always overly excited when we have a lot of people in the house, snapped at Bob and nailed him right on the nose. Between Malcolm's hard head coming in contact with Bob's nose and the three punctures around the nose Bob was very quickly bleeding quite profusely. He finally managed to get both the wounds and the nose to stop bleeding.

The day was otherwise uneventful. Mom outdid herself yet again on the dressing and pecan pie. The turkey, the first one I have cooked in several years, also turned out nice and juicy. Lots of leftovers to snack on tomorrow. 


Saturday, 30 November 2002

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Sorry for the late post. All can now be revealed. Our holiday guests were our friends Brian and Marcia Bilbrey from Bowie, MD. Brian and Bob spent yesterday and part of today working on our network. Sometime Thursday evening ours went south for some reason. While Bob and Brian worked on computer stuff Marcia and I spent yesterday morning at the crafts fair in Greensboro. Last night we played a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit with the score being even at 1 game a piece. This morning Brian and Bob finished up a few things with the network and took off for home after an early lunch.

Here are some pictures from the entire three plus days visit. We had a great time and so did the dogs. The house will seem very quiet without the three of them around for us to enjoy their company.

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Sunday, 1 December 2002

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I spent yesterday the afternoon getting the house vacuumed and dusted in preparation for putting up my Christmas decorations. Yesterday morning I did the self cleaning on the oven. After I finished up house cleaning I cleaned the oven racks before hitting the shower. While Bob was over visiting his mom I lugged all the Christmas decorations up stairs and into the living room.

After Bob got back home we watched some of the shows we taped last week while Brian and Marcia were here visiting, Buffy, NYPD, and West Wing. After we caught up with our shows we spent the evening reading. I finished up the Aaron Elkins and started a Jill Churchill mystery for a change of pace.

This morning I need to clean the bathrooms then I am doing the Lenore morning visit. I may stop by the Christmas tree lot on the way home and get my tree. 




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