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Week of 6 January 2003

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Monday, 6 January 2003

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I am still playing catch-up with the house both up and downstairs. I just cannot seem to get all the things done and instead keep falling further behind. I spent most of yesterday getting stuff organized and cleaned up from the mountain trip. Then about four I went over to visit Lenore for a couple of hours since she did not get a morning visit. I stopped at KFC on the way home and picked up some dinner.

After dinner I had a few things to do at the computer. I plan to read until around 9 and then it will be an early night tonight.

Today, the supervisors for the InterAction project team are taking all of us out to lunch at the Olive Garden. There are about 11 of us in all full or part time. We were told originally it would be a catered lunch on our floor. But, last week it was changed and we are all going to or meeting at the Olive Garden at 11:45. We are being rewarded for being 50% complete in the data conversion.

With the luncheon and a couple of errands to run I am not sure what time I will get home this afternoon. I plan to go to the gym for the 6:15 Body Pump class which means a fairly early dinner. 

I have taken a break from the Cozy mysteries and picked up a historical mystery by Fiona Buckley. Her character, Ursula Blanchard, is a Lady-In-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I. I have read a couple of her earlier books in this series and they are quit good. The one I am reading now is the latest, A Pawn For a Queen. Ursula always finds herself performing espionage missions for the Court to save the England and/or the Royal family. In this novel, she has set off for Scotland, in secret, to stop her cousin Edward from delivering a list of supporters in favor of the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots. 


Tuesday, 7 January 2003

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Whew! Mondays are a tough day for me. I am pretty much on the go from 6:30 am to 8 pm. By the time I get home from work, play with the dogs, check my mail and web sites and do a few household chores it is time to fix dinner. I then rush off to my 6:15 Body Pump class followed by Lenore's visit getting back home around 7:45. I sit down for an hour or so to catch up on the mail/magazines on my side table before doing my post for Tuesday. Walk the dogs and finally off to bed to read a few chapters in my book before turning off the light.

Yesterday I changed the schedule around to accommodate some errands and my Body Pump class. Last night we were doing a new tape. Body Pump released a new tape/workout every three months. Whenever we do the new tape the class usually runs a little longer especially if we have new folks in the class. 

I came straight home from work yesterday after our lunch at Olive Garden because I forgot several items I needed to run my errands. After doing the usual afternoon routines I took off on my errands. I knew I would not be very hungry so I decided to take my four leftover slices of pizza from Friday night and share two of them with Lenore for dinner. I left around 3:45 for the library, bank, drug store and office depot before ending up at the nursing home around 4:30. Lenore and I enjoyed our reheated pizza dinner before I left around 5:40 to go back to Office Depot to pick up the post cards announcing the Friends Annual meeting and the drug store to pick up my pictures on the way to the gym. As I predicted it was 8:40 before I got out of the gym. 

It turned bitterly cold here today. This evening while I was running my errands it was spitting snow but no accumulation. The temperatures are only in the low 30's but the winds are howling at 20 to 30 mph. I think it is supposed to warm back up some by the middle of the week.


Wednesday, 8 January 2003

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I was a busy little bee when I got home yesterday. I managed to get all the Christmas decorations and other stuff packed away down stairs. I moved all the table/book shelf top stuff back into the living room and most of it placed where I wanted it. Then fixed dinner, made a library stop, and visited Lenore. 

We watched the new episode of Buffy then walked the dogs before I headed off to bed to read.

By the way, work is going great. However, the team leader just transferred another big data base of names last week and they were totally a mess with all the information in the Company name rather than the proper Outlook fields. Now, we have to get all these records fixed and merged before we can continue with our current merging project. When I downloaded my letter set to work on, DEF, I had over 4000 records. When the records did not have a name attached they gave them all last names of Doe. 

Today is grocery store day on the way home. Otherwise not much else going on.


Thursday, 9 January 2003

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Not really much going to and I was way too brain dead last night to think of much to talk about. Between work and home I spent most of the day at the computer. We had a delicious meal of barbecued spare ribs fixed on the grill with red potatoes boiled in their jackets. We spent the evening reading until time for West Wing at 9 pm then off to bed.

This afternoon I Friends of the Library meeting. We will be making final plans for our annual meeting the end of the month where I will pass my presidential hat back to Paul and become Vice President for a year.

Sorry for the short post. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, 10 January 2003

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We got a little tease from the mother nature today with spring like temperatures of 70 degrees. As soon as I got home from the store and changed my cloths I headed back outside to wash my truck. By the time I finished up with that project and checked my mail and web sites it was time to leave.

First it was a visit to Lenore then on to the library for the Friends meeting. We finished up around 5:45 getting my back home before 6 pm. We had ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner then spent the evening reading and playing ball with the dogs.

This afternoon when I get off from work I am going straight to our friend Bonnie's house. We are going to work on the posters for FAS we have been redesigning. The club has a couple of school events coming up that we want to have the posters ready for as soon as possible.

As I said, we got a bit of a tease from the weather yesterday. By tonight the temperatures will be falling back down into the 20's with highs this weekend in the 30's and low 40's.


Saturday, 11 January 2003

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It took about three and half hours but Bonnie and I did get one of the posters finished. Most of the time was spent getting the text organized like we wanted it and then retyping it for the layout. The one we worked on yesterday gives basic information on how to get started in astronomy. We included types of telescopes and basic manufacturers and prices. These are the questions we get most often at telescope clinics and other FAS functions. Our goal for this year is to take these stand alone displays into schools to spark more interest in astronomy and the problems with light pollution. The club had several old displays boards that were outdated and/or in pretty bad condition. 

Bonnie and I will meet again on Monday to do the history of FAS display board. That one should not take as much time because we do not have as much text that will need reorganized.

I picked up take out Chinese on the way home. Since it was 6 pm before we even sat down to eat and it had been a very long day for me I decided not to do the Lenore evening visit. Instead I played a lot of ball with the dogs, checked my mail and started a new mystery.

I am reading another of Carola Dunn's Daisy Dalrymple series. Dead In The Water takes place in the Henley-on-Thames district for the annual Thames Regatta. Daisy has been assigned by an American magazine to write an article covering the social aspects of the event. She, along with the members of the rowing team and her cousin Tish, are staying at house of her aunt Lady Cheringham. Daisy's fiancé, Detective Chief Inspector Alex Fletcher of Scotland Yard joins her for the weekend festivities. 

Upon arriving at her Aunt's Daisy very quickly learns of some unpleasant revelries among the rowing eight and four of the Oxford Ambrose team. Her cousin Tish is in love with the team captain Rollo Frieth. Rollo's eight includes the very nasty Basil DeLancey who despised coxswain Horace Bott for his middle class upbringing from the Midlands. Horace takes a lot of ribbing from the entire team but Basil seems to be intent on making life miserable for Bott. As the team prepares for the competition it appears that DeLancey is out to ruin the teams chances of winning the first race by getting Bott drunk the night before the race. As you can guess murder and mayhem greet poor Alex when he arrives for what he thinks is to be a peaceful weekend along the river.

I am off to the gym this morning, a visit to Lenore and lunch at my parents house. Lot's to do around the house this afternoon. Have a good weekend.


Sunday, 12 January 2003

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We spent last evening relaxing in downstairs in front on the fireplace. Bob wanted to watch some old black and white horror movies on TCM that started at 8 pm. He built a nice fire in the fireplace while I visited Lenore. Around 7:40 I popped the pop corn while Bob got the fire going. We pulled out the sofa bed, had all three dogs downstairs with us and settled in for a nice, relaxing evening. I had a large stack of magazines to read. Between the first and second movies we let the dogs out for their second time. Dogs being dogs, as soon as we came in Malcolm and Duncan roared upstairs to go to bed. Kerry can't get up the stair by himself. During the second movie Malcolm came back downstairs to sleep with us but Duncan stayed up stairs. He is also afraid of the fire in the fireplace for some reason.

Bob got sleepy during the third movie so we turned out the lights, let the fire die down, and went to sleep. 

Today is house cleaning day. This afternoon I have a stack of stuff on my desk that needs attention. It is way too cold to play golf, with highs reaching the low 40's maybe by this afternoon. 




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