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Week of 20 January 2003

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Monday, 20 January 2003

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We spent another restful afternoon once the morning chores were taken care of. I did get the downstairs vacuumed and dusted after I finished the upstairs. After lunch I answered some e-mails, read list mail, and checked web journal pages. Bob stretched out on the bed to read and I stretched out on the sofa. Everyone went down for an afternoon nap for a least an hour or so. After I woke up I finished reading the Alexander McCall Smith book. 

After dinner I needed to made a stop at Target on the way to visit Lenore. Back home, I  spent the evening reading another Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver archeology mystery.

Today being a holiday I shall go to the morning Body Pump class. First Bob and I need to take my truck out to have the oil changed. I will drop him off back at home before heading to the gym and then over to see Lenore.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week gets off to a good start.


Tuesday, 21 January 2003

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A lovely spring like day here in the Piedmont with temperatures rising very quickly into the low 60's by this afternoon. I played outside with the dogs needing on a hat as any additional outdoor clothing. Although it was very windy at times it was shirt sleeve weather all day.

I used my day off to get my weekly errands run in order to (hopefully) not have another rat race week. After lunch I made a quick run to Panera Bread for some bagels and Fresh Market for some coffee for Bob. On the way home I gassed up AstroTruck then picked up Bob to drive out and pick up my truck. It is now happy with an oil change and read door squeak and window washer repaired. I left the garage for the bank and gas station again to gas up my truck before making a grocery store run.

Good thing I did too! The Weather Channel is calling for rain/freezing rain for tomorrow. HA! The temperatures right now are in the mid-fifties and have to drop all the way to the mid-thirties by morning. We will see how this scenario plays out.

I am spending this evening reading and giving Malcolm some playtime. 


Today I plan on working until 2 PM unless the weather turns bad early. I have some computer projects to work on this afternoon but otherwise nothing really exciting to talk about for now.


Wednesday, 22 January 2003

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I finished up the Aaron Elkins Monday night before we walked the dogs for last time out and started one of the Leslie Meier mysteries, Christmas Cookie Murder featuring Lucy Stone of Tinker's Cover, ME. Lucy's best friend Sue, who now runs a local day care center, has talked Lucy into sponsoring this years Christmas Cookie Exchange. Poor, Lucy everything that could go wrong does culminating in the upstairs toilet pipes giving way and breaking through the ceiling of the downstairs right on the table where all the freshly baked cookies are waiting to be divvied up. The new day care center helper is introduced to everyone at the the party and then turns up dead the next morning. Lucy means to get to the bottom of her murder despite having only two weeks to prepare for Christmas.


The promised cold weather and snow has yet to arrive. Yesterday we had  a few showers off and on but the temperatures remained in the low 40's. Today we are supposed to have cold temperatures move in with some form of precipitation maybe by tonight or tomorrow morning. I spent yesterday afternoon working at my desk taking care of e-mails, FAS and other assorted stuff sitting on my desk needing attention. Last night we watched Buffy then it was off to bed to read as long as I could keep my eyes open.

I plan on working until 2 pm again today just in case the weather is bad tomorrow and I am not able to go in.  


Thursday, 23 January 2003

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I guess this will be a short post as there is very little in the way of news. I have a lot of books to read so I plan to spend as much of my evening time as possible reading. Another Carola Dunn came in on ILL plus I have several more Leslie Meier's waiting in the wings. I also volunteered to do some book reviews for the Mystery Morgue. Two books arrived in the mail today to be read and reviewed. No, it is not a paying gig but I get my name and business/web site on the reviews plus I will add it to my resume. 

As I write this Wednesday night we are forecast to get snow tonight and cold temperatures tomorrow. Guess we will find out in the morning at 6:30.


8:00 am update. Yes, here I am at home. The radio alarm went off at 6:30 talking about 3" of snow. A quick peak out the bedroom window (from which I can see without getting out of bed) confirmed the pavement was indeed covered. I turned off the alarm and snoozed until 7. I was fairly certain after going out and retrieving the newspaper that I would not being going anywhere today. The snow was still falling lightly and the road looked pretty slick. It is still snowing lightly with the temperatures hovering in the teens  and wind chills down to single digits. It is not worth the risk of having someone slide into me and/or being stranded in extremely cold and dangerous temperatures.

As Bob said, I will have a day where I do not have to rushing around all over the place. Later the dogs and I will go out for a bit of snow play. Once it stops snowing I will shovel off the drive and walkway. There are several little projects I want to work on that I can do. I may even break out that new jigsaw puzzle I got for Christmas.

Last night I finished up the Leslie Meier and started one of the review mysteries that came in the mail yesterday. 


Friday, 24 January 2003

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I have snow pictures up of the dogs on their page. Here are some looking down the street,  up our driveway along the house, and the woodpile down in the back. It was one of those fine, dry powdering snows.

P1230007.jpg (160395 bytes)  P1230009.jpg (109892 bytes)  P1230010.jpg (122403 bytes)

When I was out playing with the dogs in the morning it was cold but not as windy as it became by afternoon. Last night it was to be 7 degrees with wind chills down below freezing. If you live in Canada or Alaska or the mid-west this is routine for you. But not for us. We had a similar winter the year I was in Nashville for graduate school back in 1977 and we have had a few single digit winters here since then. But I cannot remember single digits temperatures and the 25 - 30 mph winds to go with them. 

As you can guess we stayed indoors most of the day. I spent some time at my computer checking mail and working on some Friends of Library publicity stuff. Before lunch I worked on laying out my new jigsaw puzzle. In the afternoon I read and took a short nap. 

The roads should be cleared well enough for me to get to work this morning. I will work until 2 pm today. Fortunately I worked extra hours last week since I will come up two days short this week. This afternoon I have some CBCR stuff to do to get ready for my BOD meeting tomorrow in Raleigh.

Have a great weekend. If you don't like cold weather I hope it is warm and sunny where you live.


Saturday, 25 January 2003

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We had our friends Paul and Mary over last night for a nice evening downstairs in front of the fire. They picked up some pizzas on the way over for our dinner. Afterwards we played a rousing game of Scrabble with Paul coming out the winner. It was a fun evening, for us anyway. Mary is allergic to dogs if she touches them. We had to keep the dogs upstairs. They howled and cried for the entire three hours or so we were downstairs.

This morning they let us sleep in until 8 o'clock. With the paper read and breakfast out of the way it is off to the shower and get dressed. I need to leave around 9:30 to drive to Raleigh for our CBCR board meeting. We meet once a year to discuss concerns, etc. as outlined in the bylaws. Our fellow board member Michael is hosing the event proving lunch prepared by his chef/wife. I should be back home around 4:30 or so.


Sunday, 26 January 2003

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I had nice drive down to Raleigh and back. The roads were dry and clear with a lot of very pretty snow along the highway. Michael's wife fixed a very nice lunch of homemade soup along with salad and bread. We finished up our meeting a little after 3 o'clock and I was back home by 5.

I fixed steak sandwiches and chips for dinner then made a quick run over to visit Lenore. When I got back home Bob and I watched the first episode of a new mystery series running on Monday nights titled Midsomer Murders. After we walked the dogs I went to bed to read. I finished up the mystery I am reading to review for Mystery Morgue. I will post a short review on my page tomorrow.

I need to get started cleaning house this morning. This afternoon I have a long list of things I need to do at my desk so I best get started with the day's activities.




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