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Week of 10 February 2003

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Monday, 10 February 2003

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I spent yesterday pretty much as promised. Bob and I did a combined visit to Lenore after lunch. We got back home around 2. I read while playing ball with Malcolm then spent a couple of hours on my puzzle.

After dinner it took about an hour to go through e-mails and clear up some paperwork on my desk and writing this post. I plan to spend the remaining portion of the evening reading.

Unless we get some horribly bad weather I plan on making a trip to the mall this afternoon to pick up pencils for Lenore and vacuum bags from Sears. I will not go to body pump tonight since my knee and hip are still a bit tender. 

As far as the Carola Dunn I am now reading I am enjoying it. Daisy is now married to her Chief Inspector Alex. After a short honeymoon they are off on a cruise ship to America. Alex to assist the FBI in how to run things and Daisy to write a magazine article about her cruise for an American publication. This was all arranged by her friend Phillip's recently acquired American wife Gloria's father whom we met in a previous story. As usual, Daisy will be falling all over dead bodies and getting herself involved in solving another murder. More later as I get further into the book.



Tuesday, 11 February 2003

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I finished up the Carola Dunn Sunday night. I sort of misspoke yesterday in saying Daisy would be stumbling over bodies as usual. Instead bodies keep going over board and one of the members of Daisy's sailing partner always seems to be nearby when it happens. 

For a change of pace I have a new Maeve Binchy to read Quentins. I look forward to diving into it tonight and will let you know later in the week how it is.

We did not get the promised bad weather Sunday night and Monday morning although the rain turned to wet snow showers this morning downtown for awhile. I let work at one making a quick stop at the Mall and the library then on to visit Lenore. By the time I arrived home and changed my cloths it was time to fix dinner. It turned very windy late yesterday afternoon into the evening hours.

Today I will go out SciWorks for a couple of hours and stop of visit Lenore on the way home. Doing her visits in the afternoon when I am not going back out makes things a lot easier for me. Nothing else much in the way of news. My hip area has about a five by five bruise that is starting to sport many different shades of black, blue, and purple. Now that I see the size of the injury I am very fortunate I hit the table to break my fall or I may have been seriously hurt after all. Instead of icing my knee I guess I should have iced ye old hip. Oh well. I am glad I skipped the gym tonight. Both my knee and hip actually started hurting a bit when I was tramping around the mall.



Wednesday, 12 February 2003

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I got home yesterday around 4:00. When I do the afternoon Lenore visit I fix dinner early so I have the long evening to get my mail checked and the next day's post up and still have time to read and play with the dogs. For dinner last night I fixed fries and a steak sandwich for me. Bob wanted hot dogs but I did not have any buns. No problem, I fixed him three hot dogs, split them down the middle and piled them on one of the big round buns I use for sandwiches. Worked like a charm.

Today is grocery store run after work. Otherwise not much to report so I'll keep it short.


Thursday, 13 February 2003

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We had a beautiful day yesterday weather wise. Although it was a bit windy at times the skies were clear blue with temperatures in the low 50's. Naturally the weekend is upon us and the weather is predicted to turn cold and nasty as usual. Bob and I were supposed to travel up to Bowie, MD this weekend to see the Bilbrey's leaving Friday afternoon and returning next Tuesday. But...things just never did come together for us to be able to make it. My team leader on the InterAction project called a very important training meeting for Monday that felt like I could not miss. Bob is way behind deadline on the book and working very hard to get chapters out. I hated to put him behind any further and add even more pressure on him. Finally, this winter weather pattern we have been having with nasty, snowy weekends seems to want to continue. As much as we dearly love Marcia, Brian, and Sally I don't think having two adults and three dogs getting snowed/iced in would be very pleasant for the long haul. You know that old saying about wearing out your welcome...we could possibly put holes in it if the right snow storm were to come along.

SO, we will be staying put this weekend. I still have a large pile of books in my TBR stack, one of which has a review due on it for Mystery Morgue. 

Late yesterday afternoon I fixed a batch of cinnamon swirl muffins (Duncan Hines) then made home make pizzas for dinner. We ate early so I could go visit Lenore and then catch the 6:30 Body Pump class. My knee felt pretty good and my hip, although still a bit tender does not get any direct contact. I did skip out on the abs and cool down at the end of the class which requires a lot of rolling and being on your knees.

It is about time for West Wing followed by last time out for the dogs and maybe a chapter or two in my book before lights out.


Friday, 14 February 2003

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Happy Valentine's Day. I am taking my folks out to dinner tonight and Bob will eat with him mom. 

Yesterday was another busy day. I came home from work, played with the dogs, checked my mail, then left around 3:00 to visit Lenore on the way to my Friends of the Library meeting at 4:30. Our meeting ran until almost six o'clock. Since it was so late by the time I got home I heated up the left over pizza from last night for our dinner. While we ate we watched NYPD Blue.

After I finished up this post we are going to watch the third installment of the Midsomer Murders. Then off to bed. I had a really hard time getting up yesterday morning. I am not really tired just very sleepy for some reason. 

It was another nice day again with moderate temperatures just very windy. I think we have wet weather moving in tomorrow. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. 


Saturday, 15 February 2003

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Since yesterday was Valentine's Day I decided to turn it into a ME day. After all if you can't love yourself who can you love? I am not being conceited but just expressing the fact that it is very important to be happy with yourself which allows you to be happy with those around you. 

I worked until 2 yesterday then headed out to run some errands on the other side of town the idea being I would kill a couple of hours before going over to my folks house to pick them up for dinner. I told them to pick where they wanted to go. Mom decided she wanted Chinese for dinner at their favorite Chinese restaurant on their side of town. After dinner I took them back home arriving back here around 7. I played with the dogs while catching up on a couple of taped shows from the week, walked the dogs and headed off to bed to read. I did not bother to check e-mail or web pages deciding to also take a day off from the demands of my computer. I even brought home some of the leftover Chinese for Bob's lunch today.

We are expected to get some type of horrific winter storm starting tonight and running until Monday. Now, sometimes these miss these big predicted ones so we will wait and see what happens. I am off to the gym this morning followed by a visit with Lenore. Not sure where the remainder of the day will go but reading and working on my jigsaw puzzle are definitely in the works.



Sunday, 16 February 2003

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Good morning everyone. If you live on the East Coast between Maine and Georgia you will no doubt be seeing some type of winter weather. Our good friends the Bilbreys, who reside in the Washington, DC, are watching one to two feet of snow pile up while they celebrate Marcia's birthday this weekend. Down south, here in the Triad, we are expecting one to two inches of ICE! Yep, I would gladly trade two feet of snow for two inches of ice any day of the week. Hopefully we will not lose power but with ice storms it is always a possibility.

I took the weekend off from just about everything that dealt with a computer....e-mail, web sites, journal pages, projects, etc. Yesterday after my morning visit with Lenore I came home and fixed some lunch then went over to the library to sort gift books. After I left there I stop to get gas then drove back over to visit with Lenore for awhile. 

I spent the remainder of the day reading and working on my jigsaw puzzle. For dinner I fixed steaks on the George Foreman grill with pasta salad. Last night I finally finished reading the new Maeve Binchy Quentins. While not horrible I must admit I was disappointed in this effort. Using her main character Ella as the narrator of the story, she focuses the majority of the story around the restaurant named Quentins. Everyone in Dublin eats at Quentins, which started as a small time diner and ended up as an upscale dining establishment. Binchy trots out some of her characters from previous novels as secondary characters as Ella Brady gets herself involved with a married man, Don Richardson, out to scam clients in a money making scheme. When Don disappears and leaves his laptop computer behind in Ella's flat, Ella refuses to believe he had sinister motives. In the meantime she goes to New York to win a grant for her friends of Firefly Films to produce a documentary about Quentins. 

If you like Binchy's novels be sure to give it a try. It may be that I have lost interest in reading this type of novel now that I am into reading mysteries. 

I guess I better get started with the house cleaning. Today is supposed to be the first race of the NASCAR season starting off with the Daytona 500. It may get rained out. If not I will watch the race and catch up on the reading material on my side table. As many of you know from last year watching the race usually becomes nap time. 



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