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Week of 17 February 2003

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Monday, 17 February 2003

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Snow day! It looks like we got about 2 inches of sleet and freezing rain on the ground. Everything is pretty much frozen solid including the streets. The Firm is open but I will not go in to work today. By tomorrow the roads will be in good enough shape for me to go in.

I will take advantage of the day at home to work on a couple of projects at my computer and do some paperwork. Yesterday we spent the day indoors except to take the dogs out periodically for potty breaks. The race in Daytona was run in fits and starts due to rain with them finally making it officially over shortened by rain at 109 laps. 

The dogs and I will go out and play around in the white stuff later this morning. Perhaps I will take a picture or two. 



Tuesday, 18 February 2003

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I used my day at home to get a lot of things accomplished. After spending most of the day in front of the computer I stopped around 3 pm and worked on my jigsaw puzzle until time to start dinner.

The evening will be time for reading and playing with the dogs. Speaking of which. I have a couple of pictures of the dogs out playing in the snow this afternoon. Notice they are running around playing on top of the ice/sleet/snow. I guess we had a total of maybe three to four inches but it was frozen solid all the way down to the ground. When we walked the dogs after dinner the middle of the street was slushy but the yard and gutter remained as a slick surface.

I will be off to work this morning at the regular time. We have a new afternoon person starting this week which means I have to get off my work station at 1:00 when she comes in. If one of the other work stations is vacant I will stay until at least two and maybe three to get my hours made up from yesterday.


Wednesday, 19 February 2003

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Sorry readers, short post for today. I spent seven hours in a training session yesterday to learn the next aspect in our project. By the time I got off work, came home and fixed dinner, visited Lenore, checked my e-mail and typed up the notes on the mystery I just finished for the review for Mystery Morgue and wrote this post my brain has turned to mush.

The next week or so will be very mentally exhausting at work as we learn the new procedures for working on the data. 

More tomorrow.


Thursday, 20 February 2003

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I worked my normal working hours yesterday, 8 to 1 then made a grocery store run on the way home. Temperatures were in the very pleasant low 50 range with the sun actually peaking out in the late afternoon. I spent the entire afternoon catching up on the stuff I was too tired to do the night before.

We had FAS meeting at 7:00. Bob and I met several of our fellow astronomy friends for dinner before the meeting.

Today when get off at 2 pm I need to run out to the Rural Hall library to look for a couple of books and make a stop at WalMart. 

I started and finished reading Black Flies are Murder by Lou Allen, a Canadian cozy author of whom I am doing a review for Mystery Morgue. My next reading venture is another Daisy Dalrymple by Corola Dunn. We had to borrow this one from another library on ILL so I need to get it read and returned before next week when it is due.


Friday, 21 February 2003

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On the go again this week! It seems like everyday I get up hitting the floor running and don't stop until I go to bed that night. Another busy day yesterday. I worked until 2 then ran my errands, came home and fixed an early dinner, then headed off to the gym for the 5:30 spinning class followed by a visit with Lenore.

Yes, I know. I create part of the constant movement by going to the gym but I have to make that part of my life or I would go nuts. After I finish this post I will relax and give Mr. Malcolm some much needed attention.

Tonight we have an old friend of ours, actually Bob worked with Pat before I met him, coming over for dinner tonight. We will get some kind of take out and spend a nice evening catching up on the past few years of our lives. I did have lunch with Pat right after I started working at the law firm but she did not get a chance to visit with Bob. 

I hope you have a great weekend. Looks like it will be a wet one here but rain instead of the frozen stuff.



Saturday, 22 February 2003

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Lazy morning. We slept in until 8:30 when FedEx rang the door bell. I leisurely read the paper before fixing my breakfast. Of course I missed my 9 am aerobics class but I have time to make the 10 am Body Pump class that I missed Monday night due to the weather.

Speaking of weather. Luckily for us the temperatures are in the 40's rather than the 30's or we would have had yet another weekend blizzard. The moisture from the gulf is streaming up through the state and points north making some areas prime targets for flooding after last weeks major dumping of snow. While I write this post the birds are singing outside my windows like it is spring time already. Boy, are they in for a shock. 

We had a very nice visit with Pat last night getting caught up on old times and what things are going on now with her. She and Bob were working together when we met way back in 1983.  I visited Lenore late yesterday afternoon then picked up a couple of Domino's pizzas on the way home. 

I have several little projects I want to get finished up today on the computer but otherwise plan on taking things easy.


Sunday, 23 February 2003

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Not really much on the news front this morning to talk about. The dogs got a good brushing yesterday but other than that I spent most of the afternoon taking it easy. 

This morning is house cleaning with the afternoon free to watch the race from Rockingham. I think the rain has moved on through the area although we have a high wind advisory for today. Rockingham is about an hour and half south of us here in Winston-Salem. As usual while I watch the race I will catch up on the stack of magazines on my side table. 

I hope you have a pleasant day. 





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