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Week of 10 March 2003

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Monday, 10 March 2003

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Happy Monday to everyone and Happy Birthday to my sister. I am off to Durham this afternoon to meet with a client about some contract work. This particular project was discussed a couple of years ago but the company was not ready to get the project off the ground after our initial conversation. They called me last week to set up a meeting date for me to drive down to Durham and talk face to face with them about the project. It only takes about an hour and a half to get down there. I will work until noon then take off for my 2 pm meeting. I should be back by dinner time.

Dad and had I nice day for golf although the ground was still very muddy with a lot of small ponds in the many of the fairways. The temperatures got up to the mid-sixties with clear blue skies giving everyone a touch of spring fever. In the afternoon our friends Paul and Mary picked us up around 2 to drive over to see a house they are looking at to buy. It is very near us in a fairly new development. Bob and I thought it was a nice house, and told them we saw no reason not to buy it. 

By the time we got back home it was time for me to head over to Frances' house for our celebration dinner of baked chicken, rice, yams, green beans and rolls. We have a very nice, relaxing evening celebrating my parents 57th wedding anniversary and my sisters 43rd birthday.

As soon as I finish this post we are going to walk the dogs and I am off to bed early to get some much needed rest and extra sleep. I missed my afternoon race/nap and need to get to bed early to make up for it.


Tuesday, 11 March 2003

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Sorry for the short post. It was a long day yesterday but hopefully a profitable one. I got back to Winston around 5 pm. I called Bob when I left Durham to have him put one of the Stoffer's dinners in the oven. It was almost ready by the time I got home. After dinner I spend about two hours or so getting e-mail and stuff caught. After some play time with the dogs it will be another early night.

I bailed out on Cameron Kent's book. It was not all that bad just did not hold my interest. I have started the last Leslie Meier she has published, Turkey Day Murder.


Wednesday, 12 March 2003

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Yesterday was another lovely spring like day here in the Triad. After I left work I had several errands to run before making a stop in to visit with Lenore before coming home. When I pulled into the driveway our neighbor, Jim, was out front cutting some limbs off his damaged maple tree with his chain saw. Last week when we dealing with all the storm debris I ask him if he would mind taking down the dogwood in the front yard later this spring that appears to be dead.

Just as I got my clothes changed he knocked on the door and wanted to know if I wanted him to go ahead and do it now. The tree has two major trunks. The one on the left is obviously dead. However, after looking at the other one we decided that we could try cutting away the dead branches and leaving the lower part of the limb where it seemed to be trying to sprout new branches. Jim did some major surgery with the saw and left a rather lopsided looking tree standing. This summer if it looks like those small branches are actually trying to grow leaves I will leave it standing to see if can recover itself. If not, we will take the rest of it down.

After I finished up raking up small twigs and limbs from that adventure it was time to start dinner. I boiled some red potatoes in their jackets and fired up the gas grill to barbecue some ribs. 

Of course, after dinner, I spent a couple of hours in front of the computer before going out to the den to read and give the dogs some attention before their last time out and an early bed time to read a bit more before turning off the light.



Thursday, 13 March 2003

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Mother Nature is certainly giving us a big tease. Temperatures again yesterday were mild, high in the low 60's with clear blue skies. I made a grocery store run on the way home. Then took the dogs outside to play and enjoy the nice weather. We ate an early dinner so I could go by and visit Lenore before my 6:30 Body Pump class.

I finished up the Leslie Meier last on Tuesday night. There are two more in her series I need to see if the library has to bring me up to date with her most recent titles. Tonight I am starting Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels by Mindy Starns Clark. The publisher, Harvest House, sent a copy to me back in January to review. 

In the good news/bad news department. The law firm took away our extra hours we were working so I am back to 20 hours a week for them. The good news I am fairly certain I have the contract work I interviewed for in Durham on Monday. 

Guess that's about it for now. Time to play with the dogs before bedtime.


Friday, 14 March 2003

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Another short post for tonight. I left the house around 2:45 to visit Lenore before going to the library for my 4:30 Friends meeting. I finished up at 5:50, drove back home and picked up Bob so we could Paul and Mary for dinner at the Chinese restaurant. We left there to go to the WSAL meeting at Steve's house. While we were at the restaurant eating we had a heck of a storm blow up.

We just got home, around 9:00 pm. The dogs need some playtime followed by their last time out walk. Then off to bed to read a few chapters before it gets too late.

Have a great weekend. 


Saturday, 15 March 2003

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The temperatures were a little cooler yesterday along with a gusty wind from time to time. Still, I rushed home from work at noon, played with the dogs a few minutes, then headed outdoors for an afternoon of lawn maintenance. First I fired up the lawn vacuum to clean up the front yard. After I finished vacuuming I added some top soil to several really bad bare spots before proceeding with the fertilizer. After I finished that part of the job I vacuumed the back yard and finished spreading the fertilizer. Next I used the spreader to sow the grass seed before hand sowing the bare spots to over seed them before spreading straw over them to hold the seed place. 

The entire afternoon of work plus clean up took about three hours. Although I was tired I was not completely exhausted. We had toasted cheese and ham sandwiches with chips for an early dinner while we started watching another Midsomer Murder episode. After dinner I did the Lenore visit getting back home around 6:30. We finished watching our show with the remainder of the evening spent reading and relaxing.

I am off to the gym this morning for Cardio Combo followed by a visit with Lenore. After lunch I will clean the bathrooms top to bottom before doing the vacuuming and dusting. It is supposed to rain on Sunday but I want to get the house cleaning out of the way just in case it doesn't. 



Sunday, 16 March 2003

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The rain finally came in late yesterday afternoon continuing through last night and this morning. I have several projects to do this morning before lunch. If the race, being run at Darlington, SC, is not rained out I will spent my afternoon relaxing in front of the TV. If does get rained out I have some other things I can work on. 

This morning while Bob does the laundry we need to work on cleaning up the downstairs. The fireplace needs cleaned out, floors and stairs vacuumed, etc. Once I finish  up down there I have a few things to tackle in my office....namely the floor and my desk. I will also do the morning Lenore visit and Bob can go this afternoon.

Last night while we ate dinner we watched an old Masterpiece Theater we taped several months ago, Me and Mrs. Jones. It was not really a Masterpiece but a modern British movie. Mrs. Jones is actually Liam Marple's byline for a scandal column for a local British tabloid. In order to get some juicy dirt on the new PM, Laura Bowden, Liam poses as fund raiser Harry Fletcher to get inside #10. Of course the dirt is on her husband, who is having an affair. 

We followed this with Tie A Yellow Ribbon starring John Wayne. After walking the dogs around 9:30 I was off to bed to read a few chapters in my book before falling asleep.




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