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Week of 31 March 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 27 April 2003 08:37

Monday, 31 March 2003

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As of this post, 8 pm Sunday evening, the plans are to leave Monday afternoon for Fancy Gap. We are still not sure what the viewing conditions will be like but we decided to go on up and if nothing else have a fun evening. We are all bringing up food to cook and share for dinner Monday evening. If Bob decides to stay up Tuesday to do some observing Tuesday night I will catch a ride back home Tuesday morning with Steve or Bonnie. I don't want to miss two days of work plus I have my other contract stuff to work on.

We have a house sitter coming to stay with the dogs. The forecast for the mountains Sunday was 6 to 12 inches of snow. Who knows what will await us when we get up there. As a matter of fact it snowed like heck here for about two hours Sunday morning but the ground was too wet and warm for it to stick. It finally cleared off late Sunday afternoon but the temperatures are in the mid 40's with lows in the 30's. Winter is not yet ready to leave us.

There may not be a post for Tuesday but I will definitely be back posting on Wednesday.


Tuesday, 1 April 2003

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No update. 



Wednesday, 2 April 2003

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Yes, I have returned. I came back yesterday morning at 6 am with Steve arriving home at 7 am after having just gone to bed at 1 am Tuesday morning. The seeing conditions were not great but good enough for me to bag a few objects with both my binoculars and the scope. Bob, Steve, and Paul practiced for Tuesday nights actual marathon session. 

I came home from work on Monday and mowed the lawn before Bob and I left at 2:15 to drive up to Fancy Gap. Paul was already there to open up the house. We sat around resting and reading in front of the fireplace while we waited on Bonnie and Steve to arrive respectively. We pooled everyone's food together for a great meal. I fried up a couple of burgers and nuked some dogs. Steve brought a frozen pizza and Bonnie made a delicious bean casserole in the crock pot along with home made slaw and peach cobbler. While the guys got set up outside Bonnie and I cleaned up the kitchen then we dressed for the elements and went out to join them. It was somewhat windy but not nearly as cold as it was back in February. We went inside around 9:30 for short break and to warm up in front of the fire before going back out. Bonnie and I finally came in at 11 and the guys followed us soon after. Bonnie went to bed at 11:30 but the rest of us sat up and talked until 1 am. 

I ate breakfast in the car so I could come in, walk the dogs, hop in the shower and take off for work. I made it to work at regular time, 8 am but around 11 I started to get really, really tired sitting in front of the PC trying to concentrate on my work. When I got off at noon I came home and played outside with the dogs before fixing some lunch and sitting down at the computer to check mail and stuff while I ate. After I caught up on things inside I went out to finish the yard work I started on Monday. The lawn is so soupy this time of year it clogs up under the mower deck. I kept having to stop and empty the bag and scrap the grass out from underneath. I left that laying in the curb to be swept up today after I edged. When I finished outside I came in and tidy things up and folded a load of towels before settling back in at my desk for some work. 

For dinner I picked up Taco Bell for myself and Lenore for something different. She ate a whole soft taco and part of a steak quesadilla.  I stayed and visited with her for about an hour and half before coming back home to feed the dogs. We spent the evening reading and playing ball of course.

The long range forecast does not look real promising for this weekend. Since I was caught up on everything I called my dad last night to see if he wanted to play golf this afternoon. The temperatures are to be in the low 70's and sunny so why not take advantage of the weather and play while we can? I can work on the weekend. 



Thursday, 3 April 2003

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Bob came rolling in yesterday morning just I was getting dressed to go to work. I did not expect to see him until I got home from playing golf thinking he would not be getting home until mid-morning or later. Turns out Steve, Bob and Paul decided it would be better to come straight home after finishing up the marathon session rather than sleeping a few hours, driving home, and sleeping more. He immediately went to bed. I walked the dogs and took off for work.

It was a beautiful spring day with clear blue skies and temperatures in the high seventies. Dad and I enjoyed our round of golf. I was home by 3:30, checked my mail, then started dinner.

After dinner I visited Lenore then came home and wrote up this post, checked my mail one last time and headed out to the den to finish off the evening reading. I am not sure I will stay up to watch West Wing at 9 but instead just let it tape.


Friday, 4 April 2003

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Yesterday was bath day for the dogs. Temperatures in the low 80's and lots of sunshine gave me a chance to give the guys their first bath since the fall. And boy to they HATE IT! You should see me trying to wrestle 70 pounds of dog on a leash with one hand while trying to soap/rinse with the other. Especially the rinsing part. They are pretty good about standing still to be washed, until I try to do their head and chest, but the rinsing is what they really despise. Even though I have my foot on the leash they still manage to twist and turn. Between that and the constant shaking I end up soaked as well. Even poor old crippled Kerry can manage to make a break for it when I start trying to hose him down. It only takes about half an hour to do all three but to me it seems like most of an afternoon. 

While I recovered from that event I checked my e-mail, etc. Around 3 o'clock I took off to visit Lenore and make a stop at the library on the way home. We watched West Wing while we ate dinner. Last night was our normal monthly WSAL meeting but I doubt anyone will show up. Bob, Steve, and Paul decided they may as well cancel since they spent most of two days together. I did not think that was fair to those who did not participate in the marathon and wanted to come to the meeting so Bob went ahead and announced it was on for those who wanted to attend. No one showed up, which is what we expected, so Bob and I watched the latest Midsomer Murder.

I am reading a Susan Conant mystery. This is only the second one of her books I have read. If you really like dogs, especially Alaskan Malamutes, you would like her books. She is funny in a sneaky kind of way , especially in describing things her dogs get up to. 

TGIF. I plan to go back to the library this afternoon and do some cleaning in the book donation room. Have a great weekend and thanks again for stopping to visit.


Saturday, 5 April 2003

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I am off to the gym this morning for aerobics class then over to visit Lenore. Duncan and I are doing a home visit this afternoon in King which is just a few miles north of us. 

This afternoon I have some things to do inside. AstroTruck needs to be cleaned out from our marathon session earlier in the week. With the warm weather finally arriving I want to wash all of our winter coats. 

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour if you live in the United States. If you are like us you have half a dozen clocks to set from electronics to auto's and in-between. 


Sunday, 6 April 2003

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After Duncan and I returned home Bob and I reorganized AstroTruck then I mowed the lawn. After dinner, while Bob went over to visit Lenore, I worked for about an hour and half on contract work. We spent the remainder of the evening reading and listening to music.

This morning I gave Bob a haircut now it is house cleaning time. The race, from Talladega, starts at noon so I best get cracking. Other than the couple of hours of rain yesterday morning the weekend has turned out to be sunny and cool. Oh well, dad and I got our golf in this week early.

I finished reading Ruffley Speaks by Conant and moved on the ARC Rhys sent us of her latest Evan Evans mystery. I only got a couple of chapters read last night before I turned out the light at 10:00/11:00 pm. 




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