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Week of 21 April 2003

Latest Update: Monday, 28 April 2003 07:02

Monday, 21 April 2003

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Gosh, Monday has rolled around again already. I spent yesterday afternoon, as promised, working on various projects. After I finished up my assigned biography for Tom I worked on my Favorite Authors Page. I had not added new titles to several of the series plus I added the publication dates. I also added a couple of mystery authors I did not have previously listed.

We left around 3:45 to go to my sister's house. I grilled steaks and chicken on Al's new grill. Frances fixed baked potatoes, salad, and garlic break to go along with the meat. For dessert she had the top of the wedding cake plus lemon meringue pie, and cheese cake. I grabbed some cake for Bob and I and pie to take to Lenore tomorrow. It was getting late, after 7 pm, and we needed to get home to feed the dogs. Bob and can eat our cake later this evening.

Guess I better go out to the den and play some ball with the dogs. Between working this afternoon and being gone this evening they have not had much play time.



Tuesday, 22 April 2003

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I have started another new author series, Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand, starring bookstore owner Annie Darling. Annie owns a bookstore on a small island off the South Carolina coast, Broward's Rock. In this first book of the series, Death on Demand, we meet Annie and her cast of characters who patronize her bookstore.

In other news. After I got home from work yesterday afternoon I checked my mail then took off for the library. I wanted to see how the poster was coming along for the author event now that we are about two weeks away. I also need to get some of the books from the holding room back to the book sale room for next weeks set up of that event. 

After I left the library I stopped off to visit Lenore for an hour. When I checked my mail after dinner I had another biography assignment from Tom so I dove right in and got about an hour and a half of work on that before stopping for the night.

It is time to give the dogs some attention before bedtime. The sun finally came out late this evening for the first time in several days.


Wednesday, 23 April 2003

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I am writing this post about 7:15 Tuesday evening. It has been a long day and I am about ready for an hour or so of relaxing before heading off to bed. As soon as I got home I mowed and edged the lawn. While I swept up I had the guys outside playing ball with them. As soon as I finished up in the yard I took off to visit Lenore. While I was visiting with her I told Bob to put in a Stouffer frozen lasagna so dinner would be ready when I got back home. I had to make a quick stop at the library and the drug store on the way home.

After dinner I worked for an hour and half before calling it a day to get this post ready. 

The weather has turned sunny but cool and windy. Those little helicopter looking seeds that come out in the spring on the maples are flying everywhere in the wind. The ground and roof of the house are just covered in them Once they all fall Bob will have to go up and clean them out of the gutters. 


Thursday, 24 April 2003

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Yesterday was a long day, part of which was my own doing. I arrived at work at 7:30 am so I could leave at 10:30 to go play golf with my dad. The weather was wonderful...cool, breezy, and clear skies. David, my supervisor, does not mind if I leave an hour early on Wednesdays to go play golf. I will make up the hour on Friday.

After I dropped Dad back off at home I went on to the grocery store. By the time I got home and we unloaded the groceries it was time to fix dinner. After an early dinner I made a quick visit with Lenore. I was at home and ready to start working by 6 pm. HA! First of all my mail would not load. Bob had to spend time finding out what the problem was with that. Once he fixed that problem he wanted to show me the pictures from last Sunday at my sister's house he downloaded from the camera. I also had some recent dog pictures I wanted to post. I chose the dog pictures I wanted to keep and had him copy the other pictures to a CD for Frances. She can get them printed herself.

I finally settled down to start work. I am using a pay as you go article service from Factiva. When I log on, Factiva warns me I am not using one of their recommended browsers. Unfortunately the only thing I am running it will supposedly work on is Mozilla. When I did a search and tried to print it, nothing would work. I got frustrated with that mess and bagged working to do this post. 

I had intended to share the cute dog pictures with you but I can't find the file Bob put them in. BAH!

It is late, I am tired, and the dogs have not had any playtime. I shall abandon all other computer activities for now and call it a day!


It is now 9:33 pm. I just learned that our dear friends Brian and Marcia Bilbrey's lovely dog Sally, has suffered a series of strokes. She is now in the care of the vets who hope to be able to help her recover. Please keep Sally and her mom and dad in your thoughts. Being the owner of a 15 year old I know this day will come soon here at our house. After Bob and I were married his parents had to have both their dogs put to sleep. It was very sad but for both of them, with failing health, it was the right thing to do.


Friday, 25 April 2003

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I feel like one of those little hamsters running on a wheel. This has really been a rough week and I am gradually running out of gas. Yesterday was yet another day of being on the run from dawn to dusk. After I left work at noon I had to meet Lenore at the orthopedists. The ambulance was bringing her from the nursing home for her 12:45 appointment. As usual, they got here there about five minutes before the appointment. I had to stand in line for 20 minutes to see the receptionist, get the paper work done, etc. They did let her go on back to get her x-rays started while I did all that stuff.

She was seeing this doctor to get a second opinion about her legs. What she wanted to hear was that she could start therapy to allow her take her one step to her potty chair and come home to live. That is not going to happen. The good news is he told her she could bend her knees enough to sit in a wheel chair. Otherwise, things will continue as they are. I know she wants to live at home but at this point it is just not something that we can handle nor afford. Her legs have healed but she is not strong enough to ever walk again.

So, I spent 21/2 hours taking care of that. She went back to the nursing home, I stopped at the library and pet store, getting home at 3 pm. My plans had been to make it to 5:30 spinning class but by the time I got in play time with the dogs, mail check, etc it left me very little time to finish up the research I wanted to do in order to get the finished biography off to Tom. I took exactly an hour to cook dinner, eat, and walk the dogs before heading getting back to work.

I finished up the bio for Tom, then took an hour break to watch West Wing from Wednesday night. Back at my desk I am writing this post. I still have a few things to finish up before calling it a night.

One of the books I picked up at the library was the new Donna Andrews. I have been waiting for this fourth book in her Meg Langslow series, Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon

Tom sent me another bio to get started on. Gotta run.



Saturday, 26 April 2003

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It has been a very long and tiring week so I decided to enjoy a leisurely Saturday morning. Yesterday afternoon I stopped to get the oil changed in the car before coming home. After making some copies of the flyer for the author event at the library next month I took off for the library. I spent an hour or so over there getting the flyers to each branch and making a big poster for Reynolda using pictures of the author's books and biographies off their web sites.

Back home I fixed a quick dinner. After we walked the dogs I spent an hour and half working, took a break to watch Angel, and went back to work until 9:15. We walked the dogs for the last time and it was off to bed to read a few chapters before falling asleep.

This morning I am working on updated some of my web pages. I added a couple of pictures of Malcolm and Duncan that had been on the digital camera for a few weeks. Bob helped me do a table design for my author page. I will incorporate that for all the authors as I have time to work on in.

Plans for today include a morning visit to Lenore and lunch with my folks. This afternoon I am driving out to Farmington, about fifteen minutes from here, to a sheep dog trial. My friend Fletch is running his dog. I want to watch Champ run and also have some time to visit with Fletch. We are going out to eat dinner as soon as his runs are finished for the day.

Tonight I will most likely work at least an hour or so depending on what time I get back here.

You may not have noticed there has not been any mention of gym attendance this week. Between the yard and playing golf plus the other hectic things in my life I just did not get there this week. I decided not to go this morning to just give this tired body a full week of rest. I will start back, hopefully, on Monday with my regularly scheduled workouts.

We had more rain yesterday and this morning. It is to clear up by tomorrow though the temperatures are to remain moderately cool.



Sunday, 27 April 2003

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After a rather grueling week I spent a nice relaxing afternoon at the sheep dog trial. Watching sheep dog runs is a very quiet, serene activity. While sitting in comfortable lawn chairs outside the field Fletch and I caught up on all our news. Around 3 pm the skies turned dark and the rain started falling. The handlers will run their dogs in the rain but not in thunder, lightning and torrential downpours. Fletch and I scurried back to his roomy house-on-wheels to wait out the storm. He has one of the camper type vans you drive not pull. Around 5 the storm had passed and the sun came out. We took off to find some dinner in nearby Clemmons rather than stay and watch the rest of the run. I took him back to the field after dinner and got home around 7:00.

I spent the remainder of the evening playing ball with the dogs and reading. 

This morning will be house cleaning as usual. The Winston Cup race is being run in California which means a late afternoon start time here on the east coast. After I finish up the morning activities and have lunch I will hit the computer to get some work done before the race starts.




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