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Week of 12 May 2003

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Monday, 12 May 2003

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Welcome to Monday. Wow, the weekend sure did roll by fast. Yesterday morning Bob changed the blade on my lawn mower to my mulching blade and helped me to clean and oil the air filter. After we finished up that part of the service I drained the oil and put in some new. Now we are ready for the summer mowing season.

I had a nice dinner out with my folks and sister last night. We went to Elizabeth's Pizza. A nice, relaxed place that makes DELICIOUS stromboli. And of course, we had to order dessert. We order four different ones and shared them. 

On the reading front, I am still reading the early Joan Hess, The Murder at the Murder at the Mimosa Inn. The last few days/evenings have been sort of busy and I have not had a lot of reading time. After I finish up this post that is my intention for the remainder of the evening.

Hope you have a great week. Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my journal. 



Tuesday, 13 May 2003

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Another Monday crossed off the calendar. I had several errands to run when I got off from work before my 2 pm hair cut. From there I came straight home, checked some e-mail and did some work at the computer.

Around 3:30 I went in to put the red potatoes on to boil. While they cooked I made some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for dessert, washed up some dishes and tea pitchers, made tea, and generally puttered around the kitchen. To go along with the potatoes I made broccoli with cheese and rolls. After dinner it visited Lenore then attended the 6:30 Body Pump Class.

I finished reading the Joan Hess Sunday night. Next up is the first book in the Lee Harris series, Good Friday Murder. Harris, like Leslie Meier, uses holiday themes for her mysteries. In the first book we meet her amateur sleuth, former nun Christine Bennett. Christine has left the convent, as an English teacher, to reside in her deceased Aunt's house left to her in a small community, Oakwood. Christine is trying to solve a murder that happened in the community 40 years earlier on Good Friday. Mentally handicapped twins were found on Easter Sunday with their bludgeoned mother in their apartment. The twins did not get a trial but were sentenced and sent to jail. One of the twins resides in a nearby institution where Christine's nephew also lives. 

The weather has turned clear, cool and windy. Yesterday's high only made it to the mid seventies. 



Wednesday, 14 May 2003

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Well, I have been on the run since 6:15 this morning and my gas tank has finally come up empty. I worked from 7:30 to 10:30 so I could leave an hour early to go play golf with my dad. It was an absolute beautiful day, clear blue skies, a bit windy, temperatures in the mid 70's. 

After dropping dad off I came straight home. After a quick mail check I decided I may as well mow the lawn. This would be the first cut with the mulching blade and I do not like to let it get too high. On Saturday, when I mowed last, the mower started acting up just as I was about to finish up. It started cutting off in the normal run position. In order to finish I had to run it on full choke the last six or sever swipes of the yard.

Sunday, Bob helped me clean the air filter and I changed the oil thinking that would fix the problem. NOT!!! When I started it up this afternoon it did the same thing, ran in choke than cut off when I put it in regular run speed. Bob came down and helped me drain the gas tank and the carburetor. I put in fresh gas, still would not run. So, we loaded it into the car and off I went to the lawn mower repair joint. 

After dropping off said lawn mower, I made a stop in to visit Lenore, then picked up Bojangles chicken for us for dinner. After I finished eating I dragged out dad's old mower that I keep stored in the basement for emergencies. First off, you have to pull the crank lever about fifteen times to get it to start. Once it gets to running it is fine but has the horsepower of a turtle. I almost push it even though it is self propelled. Once in a while the self-propel sticks when you let off the lever. If that happens while in front of a something, like a tree, you can guess what happens. I have finally learned if I need to let off the self-propel lever to go around an inanimate object to let it off several feet ahead of time rather than either run over the object or plow into it. 

I finished up mowing, watered the plants, and came back to my office to check my mail and write up this post. It is almost time for Buffy. I think I will veg in front of the TV for an hour and catch up on some magazines. Afterward it will be off to bed to read a chapter or two in my book before lights out.



Thursday, 15 May 2003

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Half the week is gone already. Wow. I worked my extra hour yesterday , 7:30 to 12:30 to make up for Tuesday. After work I made a grocery store run. 

After I played some ball with the guys and put in a load of cloths I did the usual routine e-mail/web page checks. I spent about an hour doing some of the PR stuff before getting dinner started.

I made a Lenore visit after dinner then spent another hour getting caught up on more e-mail. Sorry for the short post, but not much else going on right now.


Friday, 16 May 2003

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It's 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon. At the moment we are having one heck of a thunderstorm. I am getting my post written up early instead of waiting until after we get back home tonight. We have our WSAL meeting first at 6:15 at the little diner where we like to eat. This meeting has been postponed twice already this month so we decided to hold it before the FAS meeting since some or all of us often meet there for dinner anyway.

The FAS meeting would normally be next Wednesday night. We moved it tonight so we could incorporate our meeting with the lunar eclipse. Right now the weather does not look very promising for viewing anything other than clouds. But you never know, this system could blow on through or break up by tonight. One thing about lunar observations it does not have to be completely clear.

I had a chance to get some errands run on the way, fortunately before this deluge started. I am willing to bet we have had a couple of inches in the last fifteen minutes. 

Wednesday night I finished up the Lee Harris. I think I will start on another book in the Carolyn Hart series if we get home early enough for me to read before it gets too late.

Well, the weekend is finally upon us. Hope you have a great one. Not sure at this point what I will be up to. 


Saturday, 17 May 2003

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Kerry sort of cancelled our plans to sleep in this morning. About 6:30 he crashed the baby gate we use to keep him penned in the foyer at night so he does not pace all night and keep us awake. I went out and picked up the gate and helped him to get up so he could go lie down on his rug in the foyer. That lasted about 10 minutes before he came plodding down the hall, proceeded to fall down, and started his scrabbling noises to try and get back up. I decided at this point I may as well get up. He doesn't do that very often when we have a morning to sleep in so he may have been trying to tell us he needed to go out.

The weather forecast for the weekend is cool and rainy. I think I will spend most of today relaxing and reading and doing some stuff on the computer. It is nice to have some down time after being so busy the last month or so. The Winston Cup "money race" is on tonight from Charlotte. This race, The Winston, does not have points associated with it. The teams race in three segments with the winner of the final race getting 1 million dollars. 

I am off to the gym this morning and a visit with Lenore. 



Sunday, 18 May 2003

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Yesterday was grooming day at the Thompson Techno Grotto. When I got back from the gym and visiting Lenore I gave Bob a haircut. After lunch I brushed the dogs and trimmed Kerry's nails and paw fur. Malcolm and Duncan keep their nails and paw fur worn down by the walking and running on the road. Kerry, on the other hand, does not get around as fast as those guys, so his paw fur grows out long over his paw pads and his nails do not grind themselves short. 

After grooming everyone else I jumped in the shower for my grooming. The remainder of the day went pretty much as I planned, reading and relaxing plus an hour and half nap. It has been a long time since I spent most of an entire day reading. 

Today will most likely be a repeat of yesterday. I have some bills to pay and some computer stuff to work on but I plan to spend the majority of the day finishing my Carolyn Hart mystery, Something Wicked.



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