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Week of 9 June 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 15 June 2003 08:31

Monday, 9 June 2003

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Very quick post. We got back in town at 9:20 pm in a horrific thunderstorm that followed us down the mountain. By the time Frances drove me home it was 9:45. I gave the dogs some attention, read the Sunday paper, and wrote up this post while we waited on the storm to move through so we could walk the dogs. 

I will have a trip report up later this week after I get my pictures back from the drugstore so I can scan the ones I want to use. I took the 35mm, not the digital. We had a great time. 


Tuesday, 10 June 2003

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I think everything has pretty much returned to normal. While I was away this weekend Bob migrated my e-mail from Outlook to Mozilla mail. When I got home from work this afternoon he had to sit down with me to show me how it work, etc. I then had to get new folders set up to duplicate what I had in Outlook and get things moved around to my liking. 

There are a few things I have to get used to but I am sure over time I will. For starters, Outlook has a much better spell check. I always have spell check on my mail because I can't spell worth a darn. Mozilla mail at least lets you check it before sending but their dictionary does not have a lot of words in it to begin with. The other major difference is moving mail from my inbox into my folders manually. I tread my mail like a filing cabinet, storing e-mails in folders to keep track of them. In Outlook all I had to do was right click on move, get a drop down list or the list of my folders, click on the folder, and move it. In Mozilla, you have to highlight move, the mail folder, the sub folder, the sub folder, etc until you get to where you want the mail message to end up. 

But, as with almost anything Bob loads for me, I learn to use it, which I will with Mozilla mail.

After I played around with my mail for awhile I stopped to get the unpacking of my tote bag, camera bag, and the rest of my suitcase squared away. I dropped my film off this afternoon on the way home from work and I picked up tonight on the way to see Lenore. I will scan pictures tomorrow afternoon and hopefully have my trip page up by Wednesday.

As I mentioned yesterday, we had one heck of storm that followed us down the mountain Sunday night on the way home. We got another three inches of rain last night in most areas of the city. When Frances dropped me off at home it was raining and storming so I wanted to just grab my stuff and let her get on back home. When I left her house on Saturday she volunteered to wash the cloths I had been wearing on Friday. I was just going to leave them at her house and have her bring them with her when she picked me up. When she gave me my nicely washed cloths Sunday evening they were neatly wrapped in a brown paper parcel with a huge note, "no ticket, no laundry". Fortunately she let me have them without the ticket since could not hunt it down standing in the pouring rain.

While on my trip I read a mystery by a first time author, Maddy Hunter. Alpine For You features Emily Andrew, an unemployed, twenty something, fashion conscience woman who finds herself on a seniors tour in Switzerland thanks to an Aunt who won the lottery. When the tour directory is found dead the second night of the tour, Emily steps in to take his place. Between misplaced luggage, half a dozen room changes, and two dunks in the water to retrieve hair pieces and artificial limbs...Emily decides she has taken on more than she can handle. Especially after another several more bodies turn up within the tour group. 

The book was funny at times, especially since I have traveled with tour groups, many of which are senior citizens, and found many of the things that happen to in the book to be a bit too close to home. Being Hunter's first book I will give her benefit of allowing the plot to ramble on a bit in places and maybe trying to be a bit over the top with absurdities. This is the first in her series of Passport to Peril, with her second book due out in the fall. If you like funny travel mysteries by all means give it a try.



Wednesday, 11 June 2003

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The Cumberland Falls trip page is up. I did it fairly quickly so if you find any mistakes be sure to e-mail me and let me know. I just pulled about a dozen pictures that show the highlights of the trip to give you an idea of what we saw. 

I am still getting my Mozilla mail organized. After I mowed the lawn this afternoon I went down to visit Mimi and the baby for a few minutes. Then, I spent most of the afternoon working on my mail and the trip page. 

Otherwise not much else going on. We had one of the hottest days of the year so far today with lots of sunshine. 


Thursday, 12 June 2003

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I can do the silliest things sometimes. Usually when I am going to play golf I put my clubs in the car the evening before after I get home from visiting Lenore. Tuesday evening I forgot until I was already upstairs and settled down on the couch for my evening reading time. I told myself "I better go down and put those clubs in the car now while I am thinking about it". Well, I should listen when I talk to myself. I decided I would wait and do it Wednesday morning before I left for work. NOT

When I went over to pick dad up he was putting his clubs in the car while I changed into shorts and a sleeveless shirt. He met me at his back door with "where is your stuff"? ARGGGGG. So, we dropped back and punted. We called the course that is over near my house to see if we could get off. They said yes but hurry, we had to be there by 11:15 to beat the regular early morning groups going off. Dad threw his stuff in his car and we both took off across town. He went on to the course while I made a stop at home for my clubs. I called Bob and asked him if he would go downstairs to retrieve them and put them on the porch for me. I swung by and grabbed my equipment and pulled into the golf course parking area just as dad was coming to his car with a cart. 

Oh well, lesson learned! It was hot but we had a good breeze. The promised thunderstorms have so far not made an appearance as I write this post about 7 pm. 

Guess that's about it for now. I guess I am getting a little more comfortable with Mozilla mail. Still reading the Lee Harris mystery.



Friday, 13 June 2003

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We had some pretty severe storms roll through the city this afternoon. However, this is an improvement over the two and three day rain events we have been having. In between the rain storms the sun has been shinning with the temperatures more normal for June in the low to mid 80's.

After running a couple of errands on the way home I spent most of the afternoon checking mail, etc. I left around 3:30 to go over to the library to work on book donations until time for my 4:30 Friends meeting. After the meeting I picked up Bob to drive over to Rosie's Deli to pick up take out and go eat with Lenore.

Back home, more mail to check and get this post up. I finished the Lee Harris mystery last night and will start another Joan Hess, Busy Bodies.

Guess it's time to head out to the den to play some ball with the dogs and read before bedtime.



Saturday, 14 June 2003

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Happy Saturday to everyone. The weekend finally got here. I did a little Father's Day shopping after I left work yesterday afternoon. Dad wanted a 13 wood to replace his short irons. Most golf/sport stores do not sell them per say. You can have one made, which is not very expensive. I stopped at the golf shop on our side of town and he said he could have one made up for me to pick up this afternoon. 

More thunderstorms yesterday. It would be sunny, cloud up, pour rain, sunny...You get the picture. All of that activity finally blew through after dinner to leave us with warm and muggy conditions. Around 7:30 Bob and I drove over to our astronomy friend's house. He and Steve added a sheet of something I can't name nor spell to the base of the telescope to make the motions smoother. Bob has to go back over this morning to finish the process while I am at the gym and visiting Lenore.

I finished the Joan Hess mystery, Busy Bodies, last night in bed.

I have several things to get done today including some contract work to get started on.



Sunday, 15 June 2003

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Happy Father's Day to my dad and all other dads out there. I will be going over to Frances' house for dinner around 4 pm to celebrate the occasion. Bob will have dinner with his mom.

After I got home yesterday from the gym and visiting Lenore I mowed and edged the lawn. It was already hot and humid at 10:30 when I started. After I finished up in the yard I came in to make lunch then took my shower. I drove over to pick up dad's golf club for his Father's Day gift and stopped to pick up a few items from the grocery store for tonight's dinner.

The remainder of the afternoon I spent checking e-mails and doing some other computer related stuff. I quit about 4 pm and went out to watch some of the U S Open golf tournament before fixing dinner.

I also started a new mystery series written by Hazel Holt featuring her main character Mrs. Mallory. I read the first book in the series Mrs. Mallory Investigates. Being very short, just over 100 pages, I finished it last night before we walked the dogs for last time out. I really like the first book in the series and fell in love Mrs. Mallory. While it was not a funny mystery like some of the other authors I read, it was well written and light. We have a couple more in her series, of which there are about half a dozen titles, but I will check with the library to see which of the others they have before I continue reading on this one.

In the meantime I picked up another Lee Harris, Valentine's Day Murder, to start reading in bed.

This morning I will begin house cleaning in the basement and work my way up to the main floor. It has been awhile since I vacuumed downstairs and the stairs up to the main floor. Bob did the toilets and sinks for me yesterday afternoon so I all I have to do this morning is vacuum and dust. The Winston Cup race is from Michigan this afternoon. I plan to relax and watch the race until time to head over to my sister's house.



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