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Week of 23 June 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 29 June 2003 20:01

Monday, 23 June 2003

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Good evening, Monday evening as a matter of fact. Guess you were wondering where I was this morning. Well, I am changing my posting schedule during the week. It was too confusing for me, and most likely to you as well, for me to post the night before. I will start writing the current day post in the evening instead of the day before.

My folks and I had a very nice dinner at France and Al's last night. Tonight, Bob ate some of the leftover vegetables and wild rice and I had some of the leftover yams along with pork tenderloins.

I sat up too late last night finishing Carolyn Hart's Deadly Valentine. Tonight I am starting another Lee Harris, Labor Day Murder.

The weather has remained warm and sunny. Tomorrow is to be close to 90. Summer looks like it finally has arrived. No rain in sight until the end of the week.


Tuesday, 24 June 2003

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Today was a two shower day! I left work at 11:30 for my parents house to mow and edge the lawn since dad is still out of commission with his knee. Mom fixed lunch for us first making it around 12:45 before I got started. It was hot, not real humid, and we had a breeze periodically. But, by the time I had edged, mowed, and swept up I was soaked to the skin in sweat.

I got home around 3:30, played outside with the dogs for a few minutes then took another shower. Bob suggested we get takeout and have dinner with Lenore to celebrate some good news I received at work today.

The temporary job at Womble ends Monday. David tried to get an extension for the three of us that are left on the InterAction team. One of the my co-workers, who is also one of the temps, called me last night when I got back from the gym. She asked if I had heard from my supervisor David today. I told her no. She was at work when he got back from the meeting he attended to plead our case and told everyone in the office at that time that there would not be another extension.

I was not too upset because the HR department had another part time/permanent job open that I could move into if I wanted it. It was not the same thing but I was willing to take it until something better opened up.

This morning I did not mention to David I had already talked to Patti. He came over to my cubical and told me it was official, the last day for the temporary data steward jobs would be Monday. But...the firm was prepared to offer me a permanent position sometime this week. YOO HOO! I was totally floored because I did not expect this to happen. I am the only one of the three they considered for the job although, to be fair, Patti cannot really take a full time job until fall when her little boy goes back to school.

I have yet to talk with HR so I have no idea about hours, pay, etc. The reason I say this is because Womble has all sorts of permanent positions that are not necessarily 40 hours/week. But, I will take whatever they offer. I also plan to continue my consultant work at nights and on weekends. I am in the middle of a couple of projects right now.

Guess that's about all the news for now. 


Wednesday, 25 June 2003

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We are now in the midst of our hot humid weather so normal for this time of year. Summer did finally show up. 

I had a rather busy day today. When I got in to work this morning I had an e-mail from the marketing person on our InterAction team that I was signed up for a 12 o'clock web meeting. Lunch included. She sent the e-mail yesterday but it was after I had left. Good thing I did not have anything pressing after my planned 11:45 departure. 

I was stopping by to visit my friend Nancy to drop off a couple of Frisbees and pick up some rescue t-shirts for the merchandise page. I e-mailed her and told her it would be after 1 before I got there instead of noon. By the time I visited with her it was well past 2:30. I stopped by to visit Lenore and make a drugstore stop on the way home. 

The InterAction team was meeting at a local bar for dinner and celebration at 5:30 for the exiting InterAction team members, graduation by two of them from college, and myself being added to the team. It has been quite some time since I have done the bar scene. We sat outside on the patio. It was ladies working night out. They had drawings for prizes and a local radio station playing music and doing all sorts of silly things. It was a lot of fun for a change. We all left around 8:30. 

Time to wrap this up and walk the dogs so I can go to bed and read a few chapters before lights out.


Thursday, 26 June 2003

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We had a power failure this evening after dinner from around 6 pm to 7:30 pm. I had just come in from watering the plants...yes I know, WATERING! Well, we have had a week of hot, humid, sunny weather and no rain. I noticed the flower beds were looking pretty dry this afternoon while I was mowing the lawn. Which, by the way has started to turn brown in the one week we have not had any rain.

Fortunately, we have the downstairs area that remains very cool all year long. We grabbed our books and took off downstairs to sit until the power came back on. The upstairs did not get too hot but started to feel rather stuffy in a very short period of time.

Tomorrow I sign the paperwork for the full time position which starts Monday. I will be paid by the hour for a minimum of 37.5 hours a week. Full benefits. Since I have been there since November, even though it has been part time, they will let me start using my paid days off without the three month waiting period. I can work more hours if I wish. David allows us a lot of flexibility. Our job does not require us to be at work any certain time since we are behind the scenes.  

You will not see a post again until Sunday night. Malcolm and I are driving down to Easley, SC to visit my friend Fletch and his wife Hester along with his four dogs. Fletch, full name Fletcher, has a full weekend planned for us that will include some sheep herding and farm chores. The sheep dog trainer/breeder that Fletch uses to train his dog Champ will be away this weekend at the beach. Fletch has to go down and feed the animals which include a brand new litter of BC puppies. I will be sure to come back with plenty of pictures and NOT a BC pup. Don't worry. Fletch has spoken for one of the pups. He sent me a picture of it this afternoon. 

I plan to leave Easley around 10 or 11 Sunday morning to get me back to Winston by early afternoon. 

I finished reading the Lee Harris, Labor Day Murder, which takes place on Fire Island. Very, very good book. For my weekend reading I will start another Carolyn Hart tonight, The Christie Caper and take it with me to Fletch's. 

Have a great weekend. See you next week.



Friday, 27 June 2003

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Saturday, 28 June 2003

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Sunday, 29 June 2003

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As you will see from the pictures Malcolm and I had a great time visiting Fletch this weekend. These pictures were taken out at a working sheep farm where Fletch trains his red and white BC, Champ. It was raining Saturday morning when I was taking them. Also, I could not get very close because I did not want to distract Fletch and Champ working.

After we left the farm we went back home. His wife had fixed a wonderful lunch. We then took Malcolm and another of Fletch's dogs, Molly, for a walk up to a nearby school to play some fetch.

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Around 4 pm we had to go back to the farm to meet a couple who were driving down from NC to buy one of the two pups you see in the little pen. Also, the farm owners had left for the beach. Fletch and I had to feed all the working dogs, hose out their pens, feed the one pup left of the three that Angie was keeping plus a litter of champion coon dog pups in another pen. 

We bathed Both pups to get the mud and dirt off and to clean them of numerous ticks them put them in this pen to keep them from running off and/or getting dirty again while did our chores. The one on the left was for the couple. The other one in the pen and the pictures where she is following Malcolm around belonged to Fletch. She got to ride home in my lap.

Malcolm had a great time running around the big yard at the house and the dog kennels.. Needless to say he was tired on the way home. 

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We left this morning around 10:30 arriving back home around 1:30. I unpacked, washed a load of cloths, and read the newspapers. Around 3 I dropped Bob off at Steve Childers house while I visited Lenore. Steve and Bob are working on Steve's 17" telescope he is building. I went back to pick him up then we drove by KFC for takeout. 

I have spent several hours checking mail, reading pages, and doing other assorted tasks. 

Tomorrow is my first full day of work at Womble. Although I am used to working all day I had that break in the middle of the day where I came home, changed clothes, etc. It will take a bit of adjustment to spending the full 8 hours at work much like it did when I went back to work half time from working at home full time.




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