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Week of 7 July 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 13 July 2003 19:09

Monday, 7 July 2003

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I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Even though I had plenty of rest it was still hard to get up this morning when the alarm went off.

Now that we only have three of us working in the office, I have moved to the cubicle by the window  that gives me a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains off in the distance. We are on the 10th floor of a building that is sort of at the end of downtown. 

While I was at work today I kept the web site for the live scoring for the LPGA U.S. Open in one of my browser windows. The two young guns were playing very well while the veteran was struggling. When I left work at 3:30 I got home in time to see the last three holes on TV. The young lady who had to play qualifying rounds to get into the tournament won. It was her first victory after turning pro doubling what she had made in earnings so far on the tour.

It's getting late and the dogs need some play time. 


Tuesday, 8 July 2003

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Poor Malcolm. For the last few days he has been coughing and gagging periodically  acting like he had something stuck in his throat. Well, whatever it was it "ain't" there now. Sometime during last night he decided the best place to barf it up was all over the love seat in the den where he likes to lay and eat his treats. This morning, after giving the guys their morning pills I sat down to read the paper. Malcolm acted very funny when I gave him his pills and his morning treat but I did not think much about it. After I sat down to start reading the paper I smelled a funny odor. When I looked over I saw the reason. By this time it was going on seven and time for me to eat breakfast and get ready for work. 

I went back to get Bob up to help with the mess. He tipped the loveseat forward so I could clean down behind and underneath. We have This End Up furniture which is not solid in the back. Afterwards we stripped the cushions of their covers for Bob to throw in the wash along with the towels and rags I used to clean up.

What a way to start the morning. I very quickly poured some juice in one bottle and ice tea for my lunch in another, grabbed a cinnamon roll from the counter, and headed off for work. I don't really have a "time" to be at work but I like to get there by 7:30 so I can leave early. I had especially wanted to today because I needed to get home this afternoon and mow the lawn. We had a forecast for late afternoon thunderstorms, which by the way, never developed. At at rate, I made it by 7:45 and ended up leaving 1/2 early. After I mowed Bob helped me get the cushions covers back on. I can make up the time this week.

Guess that's about all the excitement I need for one day. Time for some rest and reading time before bed.


Wednesday, 9 July 2003

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It has been a busy, busy day. I am just now getting around to checking mail and writing today's post at 9:45 pm. I left work at 3:30 for a 4 pm doctor's appointment. Got home at 4:30, gathered up library books and WSAL meeeting materials, walked the dogs, and it was back out the door again. Bob and I made the rounds of library, pet store, drugstore, take out food and dinner with Lenore, back to the drugstore to pick up my prescription, then on to Paul and Mary's for our meeting.

Just as we left the house huge black clouds came rolling along with some fairly hefty thunderstorms. We left the meeting a little before nine. The dogs have been fed and had some playtime while we wait for the last of the rain and storms to move through. By the looks of the radar they should be out of here by the time I finish up.

Two weeks ago tonight I came in from walking the dogs and all of a sudden felt a sharp pain in the upper area of my side around my rib cage. I thought maybe I just pulled something bending down to unleash Malcolm, took a couple of Aleve and went on to bed. Well, the darn thing has been aggravating me off and on now for two weeks. It would get a little better then be pretty painful again. I just kept on doing my normal things like mowing the lawn, house cleaning, and walking the dogs but not working out at the gym. Sleeping at night and rolling over were the two worst times when it was bothering me except when I coughed, laughed, or sneezed.  Last night, just sitting on the couch, it flared up again so I called this morning to make a late afternoon doctor's appointment.

My two main concerns were cracked rib or onset of shingles. Other than the sharp pain in and around my rib cage I had no other symptoms. Turns out I have a pinched rib nerve that keeps having spasms which in turn is causing the off and on pain. The doctor gave me five days of 50mg of Vioxx and a muscle relaxing drug to help with the pain and the spasm.

I finished the Barbara Delinsky book. It was, as usual, very good. Even though I sort of had it figured out and it has a story book ending, she writes a good story. Last night I went to bed to read while I waited on my side to calm down so I could go to sleep and started another Carolyn Hart.



Thursday, 10 July 2003

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Bob and I had to head down to Sears this afternoon to buy a new washing machine. It has been acting up off and on for the last year now but finally gave up yesterday when Bob tried to do a load or Lenore's stuff. It was a Whirlpool I bought in 1980 when I moved into my rent house. Needless to say I got my money's worth. We just replaced the matching dryer last year.

Once we got in the store it took us all of 20 minutes to pick up the one we wanted, pay for it, arrange for delivery on Saturday, and be on our way home. We had looked at models on the web last night and already had a fairly good idea of the price range and features we were interested in within the Kenmore line.

I fixed a quick dinner and stopped over to visit with Lenore for a few minutes before going to the grocery store. When I came out of the store the sun was shinning and it was pouring down rain. It felt like steam bath.

It has been a busy week and Malcolm has had very little in the way of playtime. I shall wrap this up and spend the evening giving him some attention. 

By the way, my rib muscle/nerve felt much better today. Whew, tomorrows Friday!


Friday, 11 July 2003

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It has been a very busy week. My days tend to run from 6 am to 8 or 9 pm with very little down time. This morning I was at work by 7:15, left at 3:15. Gave the dogs a few minutes of attention before sitting down at my desk to check my mail and get some files set up for my contract work. Fixed dinner, went to the gym for a light work out on the cardio machines only, visited Lenore, and back home.

I now have two contract jobs running along with my full time work. I told my Microsoft client I would try to put in as many hours for him as I can between Thursdays and Sundays. This past week seems to have been busier than usual but it may be just the newness of the full day at work still kicking in.

It is now 8 pm. I had planned to work some tonight but I think I will just spend the remainder of the evening reading and playing ball with the fellas. 

I hope you have a good weekend whatever your plans may be. 


Saturday, 12 July 2003

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It was a beautiful day today, but alas, I had to spend it indoors working. After I finished up the house cleaning this morning I made a beeline for my desk while Bob went over to visit Lenore. I spent an hour or so clearing off my desk, organizing my files, and getting my Word documents set up for my projects.

After an early lunch, I got started about noon working straight through until 3:30 when Sears showed up with the new washer. I took a break to go down and watch the removal of the old machine and the installation of the new one. Once installed, Bob immediately loaded Lenore's load of wash that was in process when the old one died. 

I gave the dogs a few ball tosses and called my dad before heading back to work for another hour, stopping to fix dinner.

Bob went back over to visit Lenore after dinner while I got back to work for another hour and a half. Time to call it quits for the night. I am getting tired and the dogs need some attention. We have storms in the area but I am not sure if they will get to us or not. Since I do not have a power supply backup I will stop even though I save every time I make a change to a document.



Sunday, 13 July 2003

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Yep, it happened. At nine o'clock last night we had a couple of on again/off again power surges followed by total darkness. We took the dogs downstairs where it would be cooler and we are safer in the event of really severe weather. Bob called POWER ON number which gave us a fixed by 11 pm message.

We pulled out the sleeper sofa, retrieved the Coleman battery powered lanterns, and settled in for the evening to read and watch mother nature's fireworks through the French doors. 

Around 10:30 Bob called the number again. It was now estimated to be back on by midnight. Although I only lacked about 40 pages in my book I was too tired to stay away. Next time I woke up if was around 1 am when Bob told me the power had come back on. I trudged up stairs to sleep in the bed so I would have an alarm clock for this morning since dad and I were playing golf. Malcolm and Duncan went up with me to sleep in their regular places. Bob stayed downstairs with Kerry.

Dad got along very well even going the full distance of 18 holes. It was such a joy to watch him hitting his new 13 wood. He had gotten to the point where his short iron game was really costing him strokes and aggravating him. He hit only two bad shots all day with his new club and shaved about 8 strokes off his score. Myself, I played fair on the front but managed to reel off six pars in a row on the back after a double bogey start on 10 and 11 and bogied the last hole.

I really should have stayed home and worked this morning but I have been grinding all week and needed the morning off. Plus, dad was so excited about getting back out to play. My side only twinged a couple of times.

Mom had lunch ready for us when we got home. I stayed and visited with them before heading back home to mow and edge the lawn. It was not hot but man was it humid. Not a dry stitch of clothing on me when I finished.

I ended up taking the rest of the afternoon off to watch the NASCAR race from Chicago before fixing dinner then made quick run over to visit Lenore. I am writing up this posts before getting settled in to do some more contract work. With thunder storms in the area again tonight I thought I better get this post up in case we loose power AGAIN!

Hopefully I will be able to finish up my Carolyn Hart mystery tonight. 




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