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Week of 25 August 2003

Latest Update: Friday, 29 August 2003 09:44

Monday, 25 August 2003

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It has been so wet this spring and summer I now have a bumper crop of mushrooms/toadstools growing under my maple tree out front. The other evening the sunlight was hitting them just perfect. I thought I would share them with you. Be sure to take note of the fly in the last two pictures. I did not even notice him until Bob was showing me the pictures. He apparently decided to to turn around and look straight at the camera when he realized his picture was being taken.

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We did get to do some telescope viewing last night from Steve's driveway. I am working on my Urban observing list as well as my Caldwell and Messier. Whenever we do stuff at our house, Paul's, or Steve's I can work on those objects. There are some fairly challenging ones on the list but I feel ready to go to the next level of my learning to find objects.

Last night I did get M13, M92, an NGC, and a double star. We also looked at Mars before calling it a night around 11. By the time we go home, played with the dogs, gave them a quick out, and settled for bed it was going on mid-night. I can do that one work night as long as I am getting to bed at a reasonable time the night. Which tonight I will.

I had a hair cut appointment for this afternoon at 4 so I worked until 3:30. On the way back home I had several other stops making it almost 5 by the time I got home. We had homemade pizza for dinner but I did not try to make it to Body Pump class. I can Wednesday night. I can do the spinning class tomorrow night.

Talk about sleaze ball telemarketers. Bob got a call today from one today who said they "heard" about his mom's death and wanted to sell him a headstone. God, how can these people sleep at night! 



Tuesday, 26 August 2003

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Not much in way of anything new going on. The weather this week, hot and muggy, but what else would it be for August. It has actually been a fairly cool one compared to past years where we make it up to close to 100 on some days by the end of the month. It has also been a little bit dryer. Other than the deluge we had Saturday night it has been dry for the last week. 

I worked some extra hours today since I need to leave early Thursday afternoon for a dentist appointment. By the time I got home it was dinner time. Afterwards I headed off the gym for Spinning class. Guess that about wraps it up for tonight.


Wednesday, 27 August 2003

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Bob and I did the library and out dinner routine tonight. Our favorite Chinese restaurant has relocated from one strip type shopping center near our house to the one located right behind our neighborhood across the street from the library. It took about two months for him to get moved and reopened as of this past Saturday night. We decided to have dinner there. The place is really nice inside and the food was a good as it has always been.

By the time we got home, fed and walked the dogs, it was well past 7. I have checked my mail but that is about all I am up for this evening. It has been a very tiring week mentally at work as we try to sort and clean company and contact information before we switch over to an upgrade this fall. By the time I get off work I am doing well to remember my name and my way home!

Time to go relax and read before bedtime. 

It is very hot and humid again today making it hard to even get your breath when you walk out the door.


Thursday, 28 August 2003

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The day from Hell. Yes, we all have them. Today was mine. As I said yesterday, we are swamped at work pushing as hard as we can to get through the mountain of contacts and companies. We work straight through the day taking breaks to go the bathroom or get our lunches from the fridge, etc. 

I left at 1:30 for my dentist appointment but never got further than a mile from the parking deck. I hate interstates and will go out of my way to avoid traveling the ones around town. Today I decided to go Business 40 to Silas Creek to get the dentist since it was really the most direct route. Wish I hadn't!

As I was trying to merge onto the highway the car in front of me was stopped. She went to take off so I looked back, saw the road was clear, and accelerated at the same time turning back around to look ahead. She had stopped again so, yes, I did not get stopped in time and rear ended her. However, I was not going very fast and did get slowed down before I bumped her. I got out of the car and did what any sensible person would do. I asked if she was okay, looked a the damage which was none, and figured we would go our own ways. NO, not this one. She said I want to exchange insurance information and call the cops. I said you must be kidding there isn't any damage, no one is hurt, etc. But, if you want, I will give you my name and phone number and insurance. Well, she works for the Sheriffs department, (we were in the city), and just had to call the cops to make everything legal. 

In the meantime. I called Bob and told him to cancel my appointment as it looked like I was going to be there for some time. I tried to get this dumb woman to move off the ramp and highway and onto the next ramp but she would have none of that either. Finally this young cop on his motorcycle roars up, asks if we are okay.  He had us move to the ramp. I told him "I don't think it was necessary to call you". He said, so you were going to run away. I told him no, but there was not enough damage to warrant all this bother. Long story, short, he filled out a traffic report, no ticket, and told me there was a lot of damage to her car and should be reported. Yeah, right! If you are a policeman, sorry. But he could have just told her there was not any damage worth reporting and to go on. 

I proceeded on to the bank and grocery store. I get home. Bob tells me Kerry fell in the foyer this morning and screamed in pain. He was better but still walking funny. We took him outside, he took three steps and fell down. We loaded him up in the car and headed to the vets. Since we did not have an appointment, we had to wait forever to get in to see the vet. Luckily Dr. Craig was in, who has been seeing Kerry for years. He did not think he broke the hip or leg. He also listened to his heart. His arrhythmia has gotten a lot worse. We asked him what we should do. He gave him an injection to help the hip to see if he could walk any better. If he does not improve by next week he recommends having him put down. We knew this was coming, as he has had a lot of trouble walking around lately. He even falls just walking in the grass. His shoulders and hips just cannot operate anymore like they are supposed to. 

We brought him back home. Penned him up in the foyer to keep him on his run and off his legs, and will hope for the best. 

I fixed leftover pizza for dinner. Checked my mail, wrote up this post. Thankfully a long weekend is coming up. I have work to do but will most likely hold off until Sunday or Monday to do any contract work.


Friday, 29 August 2003

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Bob and I are both taking the holiday weekend off so I won't be posting again until next Monday night. We hoped to do some observing this weekend but the weather forecast doesn't look very promising so we'll probably just lie around and read and relax.

Have a great Labor Day! See you Monday.



Saturday, 30 August 2003

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Sunday, 31 August 2003

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