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Week of 8 September 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 14 September 2003 18:37

Monday, 8 September 2003

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I finished reading the Donna Andrews, Click Here for Murder. I still like her Meg Lanslow series better but this second book in her Turing Hopper series was pretty good. 

We are busy as usual at work. I will be on vacation next week, more on that later, so I am pushing really hard to get as much done this week as I can. Of course, by the time I get back I will be just as far behind or further but I still want to get as much of my backlog complete this week as I can.

I worked for a little while this afternoon before dinner then finished up when I got back from the gym at 7:30. 

It is very cool for early September around here. Today the high was like 72 degrees with a breeze. The long range forecast for the weeks shows more of the same.

Guess it's time to pack it in for the night. I need to choose something to read and play with the dogs. Bedtime will be here very soon.



Tuesday, 9 September 2003

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Since I post at night I want to go ahead and wish Bob a very happy 20th wedding anniversary for tomorrow. We have reservations for tomorrow night at one of my favorite dinning places, The Vineyards. 

For those of you who may be new to my journal page I am very often away on a long trip during this time. I will be taking a short bus trip next week with my folks but I am glad I am home this year to celebrate our twenty years together.

I have been to the gym for spinning. Other than this post, that is it for the remainder of the evening computer/work wise. I shall spend the rest of it reading and playing with the dogs.

I know one thing, it is about 20 degrees cooler today than it was 20 years ago. I think the temperatures were in the high 80's and the church was not air conditioned. The high again today was 74. I hope it stays this way and does not turn hot again.



Wednesday, 10 September 2003

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If you do not read Bob's page on a regular basis be sure to read his post about our twentieth wedding anniversary. He said some really nice things that I will just ditto...except the part of fooling me. Not true! He did not fool me one iota!

And, the fact that he either doesn't take notice or cares that I do have some grey hair, though not a lot for my age. Those of you who know me well would not be shocked when I tell you I do not color my hair so that is not an excuse. 

Knowing what I do today I too would not change my decision. I look forward to the next 20.

We had a very nice dinner at The Vineyards. We both ate veal but with different sauces that I cannot spell and will not attempt to along with mashed potatoes, and steamed squash. Lots of bread, soup, salad, and we shared a dessert. Yep, I am stuffed. 


Thursday, 11 September 2003

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Here are a couple of pictures of the sunset from Pilot Mountain last Saturday night. 

pilot-0903-1.jpg (26264 bytes)   pilot-0903-2.jpg (27672 bytes)  

It is 8:20 and I am still at it. I got home from work at my usual time of 3:20. Played with the dogs, made tea, and gathered up the trash for tomorrow before it was time to leave for the library. I had a Friends meeting at 4:30. After the meeting I picked up dog treats for the Guys at the pet store and Chinese take out for us.

After walking the dogs it was already going on 7pm. I wanted to finish up some contract work since I will be gone next week. The weekend, starting tomorrow is already shaping up to be a busy one.

Guess it is time to wind things up for the night. I need to do a couple of more things but mentally my brain is about mush right now.


Friday, 12 September 2003

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Duncan loves to chase the UPS and mail trucks. That is very dangerous since he could easily get run over. Fortunately he actually charges down the middle of the street toward the UPS truck when he hears it coming. This makes him highly visible to the drivers who usually slow down and/or stop until I can get him back in. And of course, Duncan always hears/spots the truck before we do and has already taken off after it before I can get him in the house or on a leash.

Tonight, we were returning from our after dinner walk when here comes the big brown truck around the corner. Not only was Duncan loose but so was Malcolm. Lately, once Malcolm goes potty for me I have been letting him off leash to run and catch up with Bob who has walked on ahead. Malcolm is so good about sticking close to us and even going on home. I always make sure there are no cars coming before I turn him loose.

They both took off flying down the street Duncan going toward the truck with Malcolm chasing Duncan. The UPS truck came to a complete stop about four houses down. We yelled for the dogs, Malcolm turned around and came running back to us while Duncan proceeded to jump into the drivers side of the truck. I could not believe it. Once we got the Guys back into the house, guess where he was coming, yep, our house. I apologized to the driver but he was not very upset about the whole thing.

I came home from work and tried to mow the lawn. My mower is still not running properly even after having it in the shop a month or so ago. Something is wrong with the carburetor. Last week it stated missing again on me and trying to choke out but kept running until I finished. Today, I got about half of the front yard mowed when it choked out completely. I had to drag out the old faithful mower of dads again that I keep stored in the basement. Turtles can run faster than this mower can go on self propel so I end up pushing it most of the time. The blades are so dull they barely cut the grass and the power plant on the thing is so weak it can't suck up leaves laying on the top of the grass. But, it runs. I finished up the rest of the mowing with it. Meanwhile, I have a call into a lawn mower repair service that makes house calls. Hopefully they will get back to me before I need to mow again.

Looks like the skies have cleared enough to go out do some observing from the front lawn. With the full moon it is not worth a trip up to Bullington plus I can work on getting some more of my objects on my Urban list and moon list. Hard to believe, but the moon is very difficult when it comes to observing specific features. I am still trying to learn the various craters and seas that are required for my Lunar list completion.

I hope you have a great weekend. I will post this weekend and let you know about my upcoming trip next week.


Saturday, 13 September 2003

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I officially started my vacation today. This morning I went over to dad's about 8 to help him put out his seed and fertilizer then returned back home around 9:30. After giving the house a good cleaning I took a shower, fixed lunch, and settled in at my computer to answer e-mail and organize my desk. No work. None, Nada. 

After giving the dogs some outdoor play time I settled in on the couch to finish up the Carolyn Hart, April Fool's Day murder. I only lacked about 20 pages and wanted get it finished before I headed out of town. Finishing that book gets me caught up on all my favorite series with library copies. I haven't decided what I will take on my trip to read. I also took a little nap.

We did get in some observing last night. Just after we arrived at Steve's house the clouds began to stream in from the east. Although Mars made sporadic appearances off and on before 10pm we became pretty well socked in by that time.

We sat around Steve's driveway chatting when all of sudden around 11 things started to clear up. By 11:30 the clouds were gone, the moon was up and Mars was as high as it was going to get. I actually found a couple of deep sky objects I have bagged before but this time I did it via someone just point out the stars and location. No notebook, sky charts, or books.

Unfortunate by midnight I has started running out of gas. Knowing I had to get up fairly early again this morning we left a little after 12. By the time we got home, walked the dogs, and settled into bed it was going on 1am. I read a couple of chapters thinking I could stay away long enough to finish twenty pages but could not.

This afternoon we are off to the FAS annual picnic at Horizon's park. After we finish up there we may head out to do some observing depending on the weather. The forecast is for partly cloudy skies.



Sunday, 14 September 2003

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This will be my last post until Friday. My parents and I are going on a short bus trip to Wildwood, NJ and Cape May. Since the the trip leaves Monday morning from Level Cross, NC at 6 am I will be spending the night with my parents tonight to keep from having to wake up my household at 4 am. 

We arrive in Wildwood late afternoon Monday with reservations at a nice restaurant followed by a welcome party at the hotel. After breakfast on Tuesday we take Dolphin Watch cruise along the inland waterway and the  Cape May Canal. The afternoon we spend on Cape May visiting the lighthouse, and the USS Atlantis. Tuesday night is another nice dinner and some sort of entertainment. Wednesday we visit historic Smithfield, NJ. We follow this with a visit to Renault Winery for lunch and a tour. We finish up the day in Atlantic City.

Thursday we head back home. Having traveled and toured almost all of the east coast during since I was a small child, I have never seen the Jersey shore or this part of Jersey. I am looking forward to getting away for a few days doing something fun and relaxing. Let's hope hurricane Isabel stays away from the east coast until we get back. 



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