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Week of 29 September 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 05 October 2003 15:23

Monday, 29 September 2003

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Despite the fact that I went to bed early and read for awhile then turned off the light about 9:30 I was still tired and sleepy today. My allergies are really acting up so that may be the cause.

I had a hair cut appointment this afternoon then had to stop by the LSB bank across the street from the library to drop off flyers for our upcoming book sale this weekend. They are helping us do some PR and will be volunteering at the sale next Saturday. Afterwards I made a quick stop in the library to pick up some reserves and confirm set up stuff for Wednesday.

By the time I finished up it was going on five when I got home. I had already not planned to go to the gym tonight. After dinner I spent the usual evening hours doing e-mail and other assorted tasks at my desk.

Once I get this post written I will head for the den to read and play with dogs before bedtime. 



Tuesday, 30 September 2003

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Gosh, where did the month of September go? I cannot believe it will be the first day of October tomorrow.

Today at work, my coworker Sheila and I, started two hour training sessions that will run the month of October in preparation for the conversion of our software that we support to a new upgrade. While the basics of what we do will not change, the way we handle some data quality will. We also have these Friday afternoon sessions, called Webinars, that we sit in on. These are conducted over the Internet from the software vendor's home office in Chicago. Needless to say, the month of October is going to be pretty hectic at work.

I decided to take this week off from the gym. I do that periodically and this seemed to be the week to do it. During dinner Bob and I watched another Inspector Linley mystery finishing it up after we gave the dogs their post dinner walk.

Other than checking mail and writing today's journal that about wraps it up for today. I am almost finished with Death Takes a Hand by Susan Moody, the bridge mystery. Hopefully I can stay awake tonight long enough to finish it.

Fall has come a little early here in the Piedmont. We have had lows the past two mornings in the mid 40's, which is very cool for this time of year. With the highs in the low to mid 60's during the day we are really get some cooler temperatures than are normal for this time of year. The leaves are starting to turn and will soon be falling from the trees. 


Wednesday, 1 October 2003

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We are having an early dinner so I can go over to the library and get the book sale set up for this weekend. Otherwise, not much new to report. 



Thursday, 2 October 2003

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We had plenty of help in setting up the book sale last night. I got home about 7:30, played with the dogs, watched my taped episode of NYPD, and off to bed. I have started a new author, got me not newly published, Valerie Malmont. Her character, Tori Miracle, becomes a mystery fiction author after a career as a crime reporter. Just as she gets her first book published she is laid off from her job at the newspaper. 

So far, I am really enjoying the first book in the series, Death Pays the Rose Rent. Valerie has left New York city to visit her friend who lives in a large house in rural Pennsylvania. Broke and in debt, she is hoping her friend will invite her to stay during the time it takes her to write her second novel. I will let you know how things turn out.

I have to go back over to the library to man the Friends preview at 5 pm. We always open the sale up to Friends members first. The sale for the public will start tomorrow. I need to finish up just a couple of things before we open the doors at five.

After I finish up at the library I will swing back by the house and pick up Bob. We are meeting Paul for dinner then going on to Steve's house for our WSAL meeting.

Whew! Glad tomorrow is Friday. It will be a long one. We have another workshop from 2-5 but I am again electing to work from 7:30 to 5. I took advantage of the extra hours earlier in the week to leave early.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 



Friday, 3 October 2003

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It will be a short post tonight. As usual, it has been a long week and I am pretty tired. We watched West Wing with dinner. After I get finished checking my mail I will watch ER. Then off to bed to read.

I hope you have a great weekend.



Saturday, 4 October 2003

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No update.



Sunday, 5 October 2003

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This weekend is turning into one of those whirlwind never stop for minute weekends. Yesterday morning I did the weekly house cleaning followed by a quick lunch and out to mow the lawn. After a quick shower Bob and I took off for Frances' house to set up their HP computer. Once we got over there Bob did an inventory of the things she would need such as surge protector, CDR and CDRW disks, copy paper, etc. We then took off for Office Max to purchase all necessary items.

Back home, Bob first began by loading a firewall program instead of having them purchase a baby router. He then loaded and ran anti virus stuff, XP updates, etc. Around 5:30 Frances and I went to KFC for takeout. Bob took a break to eat then went back to work setting up their e-mail on Road Runner and loading some other programs. At this point it was getting on toward 6:30. All that was left was to load their HP scanner, copier, fax machine software and get it working. NOPE!

After two tries at loading the software and having it blow up Bob finally called it a night. We got home around 9 pm, played with and then walked the dogs. I read until about 10:30 before turning off the light.

Back up at 6:45 this morning I played golf with dad. What an absolute gorgeous fall morning with crisp clear blue skies, temperatures in the low fifties and dead calm  winds. The wind picked up just as we had three or four holes left to play. Back home, mom had lunch ready for us. I had planned to stop back over at Frances' to show her how to do few things including loading her resume from the floppy disk to her hard drive. When I got to her house she was on the phone with HP support trying to get the copier, printer, fax to work. After two hours and another blow up we all gave up. I had him call Bob and tell him what he thought was the problem but Bob does not agree. Frances was taking the machine back to Office Depot for either a refund or another machine depending on what she decides to do.

I left her house at 2 to come back home. We are all (except Bob of course) going to the annual Dixie Classics Fair tonight. We had planned to meet at 4 but with all this computer activity I knew both she and I needed more time. The plan now is to meet at 4:30. In the meantime I have played with the dogs, made Bob some tea for his dinner, and checked my mail. It will be too late to do much of anything when I get home tonight plus I will be too tired and ready for bed after I play with the dogs.

Guess that's about it for now. I will give a report on how the Fair was tomorrow night. We generally walk around looking at the exhibits and eat good ol' Fair Food.





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