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Week of 27 October 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 02 November 2003 18:57

Monday, 27 October 2003

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Having spent a very restful day yesterday I was ready to hit Monday head on. We had a nice steady rain all day long. 

More on the Claudia Bishop mystery, Dash of Death.  Quill and her sister Meg are struggling with finances for the Inn due to a recent low number of guests. The book keeper for the local paint company has disappeared with a check owed the Inn for a substantial amount of money. In the meantime, a nationwide TV home living show host comes to the Inn requiring Quill and Meg to bend over backwards to meet her every demand. Turns out, several of the local women who work at the paint factory got together to enter her contest for the best china pattern and won the million dollars. Now one of the women on the team has been found murdered the day after the contest winners were identified. 

As I mentioned yesterday, her writing is fair and her plot development about the same. If you are sensitive to the F word you will not like this book. It is not mentioned just once or twice but receptively for what would be a Cozy type mystery. It does not bother me but, the librarian in me always likes to warn other readers ahead of time. The library system only has a couple of her books in this series which I reserved. Perhaps the others are better. 

Guess that's about all for tonight. Just got back from the gym. The guys need some ball playing before bedtime. 



Tuesday, 28 October 2003

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I decided to post this afternoon before dinner instead of tonight when I get back from the gym. Now that my big consulting job is finished for the year I feel like I have tons of free time in the afternoons and evenings again. I still have two small jobs that are ongoing but they do not require the huge blocks of time my Microsoft stuff does. It is kind of nice to have things less hectic at the moment with the holidays coming on.

It looks like our big software upgrade has been put on hold until the middle of next month. My co-worker and I are really disappointed as we were looking forward to the new and improved way to do our jobs. In the meantime, we just keep working on cleaning up as much of the database as possible.

Today was one of those dreary fall days with low over hanging clouds, mist, and cool temperatures. The leaves are really starting to come down in droves with all the wind and rain from yesterday. 



Wednesday, 29 October 2003

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Not much new to talk about tonight other than the big solar flare/aurora that is going on from noon today until early tomorrow morning. I think we are trying to decide if we want to go out to our dark site and do some observing and watching for the show.

After all the rain that went through the skies are to clear for tonight.


Thursday, 30 October 2003

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Mother nature put on a pretty nice show for us last night. We actually had red streaks going from the horizon up into the sky with a curtain effect along with some green most just glowing. I guess it lasted from about 7 pm when we got to the King estate until about 8:30. Some of the others in our group got there about 8:35 when the show was over. I tried to do some deep sky stuff but between the red glow in the atmosphere and the less than great transparency I finally gave up around 9 pm. We stuck around for another hour then left to come on back home. By the time we got here and walked and played with the dogs it was after 11 before I got to bed.

This afternoon we did the library and dinner run. The temperatures are back up in the low to mid 70's again with fair to partly skies supposedly remaining like this through the weekend.

I finished up the Claudia Bishop the other night. Tonight I am going to start another Laurie King, Letter of Mary



Friday, 31 October 2003

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Today turned into a two shower day. I worked most of my hours the first three days of this week allowing me to leave early today, 1:15, so I could come home to get my yard cleaned up. I cranked up my lawn vacuum getting all the leaves up in about an hour and half. Blowing or raking would have taken at least twice that long. After I finished I mowed and edged then loaded the car up for tomorrow's CBCR table event at Rural Hill, NC, about an hour from here.

Between sweating and getting covered in leaf dust I was absolutely filthy by the time I finished up. I took a quick shower while Bob got dinner started. He fixed the peas and preheated the oven. All I had to do after my shower was heat up the left over pork tenderloin and the rolls.

Needless to say I am exhausted. I plan to spend the evening resting and relaxing on the couch watching my taped shows from this week. 

I did start the third book in the Laurie King series last night. If you like the early 1900's, Sherlock Holmes, and good writing you must read these books. In the third book, Mary Russell and her mentor Holmes, have married and are living in his house in rural England. Mary and Holmes, met an archeologist in Jerusalem four years ago while working another case. She has come to England to visit Mary and Holmes and bring them a homemade wooden box containing a papyrus supposedly written by Mary Magdalene. That same night, after she has delivered the letter, she is murdered on a street in London.

Holmes and Mary with the help of Holmes' brother Mycroft are off on another sleuthing adventure. Laurie King is one of the best writers I have read in terms of plot, character, and story telling. 

Guess it's time to wrap this up. I hope you have a great weekend. Ours is to be nice weather-wise. 



Saturday, 1 November 2003

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It is always nice to finish up the CBCR table events with the one I went to today in Rural Hill, NC. We always make a lot of money and today we even adopted out one of our rescues. We do not usually adopt our dogs out on site because we require a home visit. However, we make exceptions at events where we either know the people because they are with fly ball teams or well known in the sheep herding circles. It so happens today's adoption took place because a previously approved couple by us with a BC, who was also at the event, decided they were ready to adopt a second dog.

We had a wonderful day weather-wise as well. Temperatures in the low 80's with a clear blue sky. I got back into town around 5:30 and stopped by KFC on the way home to pick up some dinner. I first took a quick shower then we sat down to eat dinner. Afterward I unloaded the car and got all the merchandise organized.

It has been a long day. Time to rest and relax and play with the dogs for a while before bedtime.



Sunday, 2 November 2003

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Another beautiful Sunday morning for golf. I wore shorts with the predicted high to be in the low 80's. It was a bit cool when we first teed off but once the sun got up above the tree tops it warmed up quickly.

After lunch back at the house I came home and got started on the house cleaning. We had as many leaves in the house as we had outside on the lawn. Between the dogs tails and long hair and our shoes we carry in a lot of leaves. Once I finished up with the house I took a shower and headed for the couch to relax, watch the race, and read the paper. 

Tonight I had some paper work stuff to finish up at my desk but otherwise plan to spend the evening reading and resting up for another week of work.




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