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Week of 1 December 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 07 December 2003 18:36

Monday, 1 December 2003

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Ah, Monday after a long holiday weekend. It was pretty much the regular routine at work today. I made a grocery store run on the way home then fixed dinner. I skipped the gym tonight so I could work on my Christmas tree. I am not finished with it yet and still have the other decorations to put out. 

Time to give some attention to the dogs for awhile.



Tuesday, 2 December 2003

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Happy Birthday to me! Yes, I add another year on today making it 49. Wow! I took the afternoon off, 1 pm, to go play nine holes of golf with my dad. It was 47 degrees and windy but with the sunshine and blue skies the playing conditions were not too bad. It is the first time we have had a chance to play in about three weeks. 

The first thing my mom asked when I walked into the house to pick up my dad was if I felt old. I said no, should I?. Most days I find it hard to believe I am 49 years old. I participate in several classes at the gym with kids half my age and manage to at least keep pace with them in spinning, body pump, and cardio. There are some days when my age catches up with me but not too many. 

After I dropped dad back off at the house I came home, picked up Bob and we took off for the library and dinner at the Chinese restaurant. We will do family birthday Friday night when Frances and Al are both off and can join us.

Bob's newest book project seems to be in full swing. The Thompson Techno Grotto once again resembles a PC store/warehouse. It looks like we have a lot of very exciting and fun stuff to play with. 

Guess I better give the Guys some attention since I have been gone most of the day. 



Wednesday, 3 December 2003

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We had a brief smattering of snow showers this afternoon here at home. I could tell from looking at the radar we were getting something north of downtown where I work. I don't think we had any unless it was so fine I couldn't see it out my window.

The forecast is for "something" to fall tomorrow though what it will be is anybody's guess. With our mountains and temperature variations it is hard to predict at the best of times. 

I have been to the gym for body pump. Otherwise not much to report. I have not had time to work on my decorations but plan to get those finished up this weekend.

Be sure to read Bob's page for today. He has posted a wonderful poem sent to us by one our readers from Kipling which I have not heard before. Also, I want to repeat what Jerry Pournelle said and Bob also posted: it is better to have had Kerry and lost him then not to have known him at all. I know a lot of people who will not get a dog or another dog because they have short life spans compared to ours. My feeling is the opposite. I think of all the wonderful dogs I could have owned had I started earlier in my life and look forward to the many I will know the remainder of my life. Having Malcolm and Duncan has certainly eased the pain of losing my first dog, Kerry. Two will be plenty for right now but I know some time down the road we will have three again to help ease the pain of losing the next one.

Jerry sent Bob a copy of the Rainbow Bridge, which I am familiar with. I often send it to my friends who have lost a dog for the first time. I have it up on my Border Collie page as a memorial to Kerry.



Thursday, 4 December 2003

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We had a brief dusting of snow over night when I went out to get the paper this morning. The roads were fine, just wet as if it had rained. It snowed showered off and on all morning then looked like it turned to rain/freezing rain in the afternoon. When I left work at 3:30 the roads were just wet and it was pouring rain.

While back changing my cloths I went to step into our bathroom and show how got my feet tangled and almost fell. Unfortunately or fortunately I ended up catching myself on my towel bar breaking the little bar holder off at the base. We decided to swap the one holding the toilet paper for the one I broke so I could have a towel bar. As with most things that should be simple this turned out to be a major project. When we had the bathroom remolded back in the late 80's the guy that installed the towel bars did a wacky job using too long of a screw and no anchors. When finally got the screws out the wall was a mess. 

While fishing around in tool boxes to see if we had large enough wall anchors I found an extra set of bases for the towel bar. ARG. Bob would not have had to take the toilet roll holder off had I found those first. We never did find large enough wall anchors so now we have to wait until we can get to Lowe's to get what we need to finish reinstalling both holders. That little episode costs us a half hour in time making it too late for me to get dinner cooked and to the gym in time for spinning. The roads are clear and the temperatures are hovering right around freezing so I probably would not have gone anyway.

Instead, I took Malcolm on a short run up and down the street about three or four times to give both of us some exercise. He has not had as much outdoor activity this week with me being so busy which results in a wilder Malcolm than usual.

I finished reading O Jerusalem last night . Not sure what I will start tonight. Guess I better wrap this up and get a few things done.



Friday, 5 December 2003

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No update



Saturday, 6 December 2003

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Whew, very busy day yesterday. I left work at 3 pm, made a drug store and cell phone place stop to pick up another 90 days worth of time. I got home with just enough time to walk the dogs before Bob and I left to head across town. First we stopped at Lowe's to pick up the necessary items we needed to repair the towel bars in the bathroom. 

We then headed on over to Elizabeth's pizza to meet my folks, Frances, and Al for my belated birthday dinner. Afterwards we all went to Frances' house for ice cream and cake. While I looked at pictures and souvenirs from their Thanksgiving trip to Disney World and Epcot, Bob got started on installing the new Brother printer/fax/copier they bought to replace the HP one that did not work.

I opened some birthday gifts which included a neat, glow in the dark Pooh sleep shirt, a Pooh trivet and spoon rest, and a nice blouse for work. We then had ice cream and cake.

It was after nine by the time we got back home to feed to the dogs and give them some playtime.

This morning dawned cold and cloudy without the promised overnight precipitation of more ice and/or snow. This afternoon has turned sunny but cold with temperatures in the mid-forties and 20 MPH winds. I got a lot done this morning including almost finishing up the Christmas decorations. I am taking a break after my lunch to rest and get my mail checked since I did not have time yesterday and Road Runner was down when we got home last night.

After I finish up the decorations I need to tackle my office and my desk, which both look like disaster areas. 

I read this on Brian's page who got it from Tara. Type in your full name to learn what your Middle Earth Name is. I tried mine with both my maiden and married names. Here is what I got for Middle Earth and Orkish:

Barbara Ellen Fritchman: Middle Earth=Confused Beorning, Orkish-Snikluk the Thug. 

Barbara Fritchman Thompson: Middle Earth+Crying Troll, Orkish-Mauburz the Despoiler.

I rather like Snkluk the Thug, don't you? Confused Beorning sounds like me for sure!


Sunday, 7 December 2003

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I did update my page yesterday but I forgot to put in the link to the current page. It has been a very busy day around the Thompson Techno Grotto. After cleaning the house I did a few things in the living room to finish up the decorating. Meanwhile, I needed to be "on hand" literally for Bob when he needed me to hold things for camera shots for the book. 

After a lunch break around 11:30 Bob went up to cover the roof vents with plastic for the winter and blow the gutters out one last time. After he finished up I vacuumed the lawn then mowed. While the temperatures where not extremely cold, low forties, the wind was howling at around 20 mph's. By the time I finished up with those projects I was pretty tired. 

I took my shower then spent the afternoon checking mail and working on Christmas cards and being available for hand shots. We had grilled ribs and red potatoes boiled in their jackets for dinner. 

We are both pretty beat to do much else this evening. My folks and sister spent the weekend off on another short bus trip, this time to Myrtle Beach to do some outlet shopping and catch a couple of shows. Not sure what time they are due back in tonight.




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