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Week of 15 December 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 21 December 2003 18:48

Monday, 15 December 2003

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I made to work with no problem this morning. Although the roads looked clear there were some icy/black ice patches here and there on the main roads. I did put it in 4 wheel drive when I pulled out of the garage to make it easier to get up the driveway and just in case the downtown roads were not not clear. With the sunshine and temperatures climbing up into the 40's today it had all melted off by the time I left work.

My coughing last week, as I guessed, was the beginnings of a sinus infection. I shall let it run its course and fight it with what I have on hand in the way of prescription drugs and aspirin. I don't believe in taking antibiotics for it due to the possible immunities built up in the body should I get really serious infection sometime down the road. Other than feeling somewhat like I have the flu but without a temperature and my head feeling like it will explode if I bend over, I can live with residual effects. The worst thing is I coughed so hard I pulled a muscle in my rib cage, again. This is the third rib/muscle injury I have had this year and I am a little tired of them. I guess all the weight training/muscle building I do I the gym isn't building those muscles around the rib cage. Just joking, I don't think you can do that.

At any rate, I will not be working out at the gym until I get past the worst of this mess. In the meantime, things are fine otherwise for a Monday.

I hope your week gets off to a good start. Things for stopping by for a visit. 



Tuesday, 16 December 2003

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No update.



Wednesday, 17 December 2003

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I didn't really have anything noteworthy last night for a post so I just skipped it altogether.

This afternoon I left work at 2 to get a few last minute shopping things done at the mall and Linens-n-Things since I had to be right there anyway. My annual mammogram appointment was for 4:40 at the Brest Clinic which is right in the middle of the two places.

Tonight is the FAS meeting/Christmas party. 

Last night I finished up the Laurie King mystery. I cannot wait until the new one in this Mary Russell series come out next spring. I have loved everyone of the books in the series so far but this last one was to me one of her best.



Thursday, 18 December 2003

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It is now 7:15 pm. I have just arrived home from work. Womble had their Christmas party from 4:30 - 6:30. I worked from 7:30 until time to leave for the party to make up for leaving early yesterday. The party was held at one of our local country clubs with all the usual party type offerings. I grazed a little of this and that to keep from eating to much, mingled with the few people I knew and left around 6:35. 

My cold/sinus infection seems to be mostly gone. The ribs are not still a little tender but will eventually mend as well.  Due to the last few weeks of one night or less a week of gym attendance I have found the five or eight pounds that someone else has lost. I need to get to work on that ASAP.

Last night I started a new Carolyn Hart, a one off, from her other series of which I read the Death on Demand set in South Carolina. This one, A Letter From Home set in 1944 in Okalahoma, involves a local girl who becomes a  journalist for a small town newspaper while all the men are away serving their country. I guess even authors have to take a break from their usual stuff and write something different to keep their minds sharp.   



Friday, 19 December 2003

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Thank goodness it is Friday with a couple of short weeks coming up during the holidays. I went straight to the gym from work this afternoon. 

Speaking of holidays, I shall offer up a childhood Christmas memory for the lack of anything else exciting to post. I have hundreds but something they played on the local public radio station today reminded me of one of our many Christmas traditions we had while I was growing up.

Every year Firestone Tire and later Goodyear, I think, always put out a Christmas album of songs sung by the various artists of the time, this being the 1960's: Julie Andrews, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, etc. Dad would drive uptown to the tire store the week or so before Christmas to get our new album for the year. Of course we played that one plus the old ones the entire week of Christmas and dad had the music playing on Christmas morning when we got up to open our gifts. Back then Christmas didn't start as early as it does now and the stores were not equipped with piping music. 

Now days you can buy all those singers on various Time/Life and other Christmas type compilations but I think it is interesting that we always went to the tire store to buy out newest Christmas album.

I hope you have a great weekend. 



Saturday, 20 December 2003

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Good afternoon from the cold but sunny south. The mountains are getting more snow today while we are just getting cold air. While temps will make it close to 40 today the winds are howling around 15 to 20 mph's. All of my Christmas preparations are completed. Speaking of Christmas, here is the latest cost for purchasing the Twelve Days of Christmas.

As many of you know I always do the Thompson deep clean at the end of the year. Since I am now working full time again I will not have that full week off between Christmas and New Year to spend a day in each room. I decided I will start my room by room cleaning this weekend in the back of the house and work my way forward. The New Year's Day and subsequent weekend I will be ready to do the living room, den, and foyer after I take down the Christmas decorations.

Among my plans for today are ironing and  working in my office organizing and putting things away. It will be time to start new files for 2004 on both the computer and in my filing cabinet. 


Sunday, 21 December 2003

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We met our friends Paul and Mary for dinner last night at the Chinese place. She baked us some type of gingerbread type cake for a Christmas gift and wanted to give it to us.

No golf today. It was too cold this morning plus dad wanted to rest his knee. He has been having a lot of trouble with it for the last year or so. It was really bothering him Friday so he took Saturday and Sunday off to give it a good rest. 

Instead, I did get started on the deep cleaning. After a quick vacuum of the whole house I tackled our bathroom and bedroom It took most the of morning and well into the afternoon with breaks to walk the dogs, fix lunch, and check my mail. I had planned to get started on my office but by 2:30 I had run out of gas.

Instead I read and napped on the couch for a couple of hours while Bob did the same back in the bedroom. This week we are also taking care of the neighbor's dogs while they are away. I made a trip down about 4 to feed and check on them while Bob took his shower. We had left over pizza for dinner.

Guess that's about it for now. Have a good evening. 



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