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Week of 1 March 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, 07 March 2004 18:27

Monday, 1 March 2004

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First day of a new month already. Well, I did it again last night. I went to bed around 9 to read for an hour. Instead I read until I finished my book which was well after 11. I was so close to the end I just had to find out what happened. 

Then, this morning I over slept, more or less. Sometimes when I dust my alarm clock I hit the station finder just enough to give it a slight nudge off the channel. When I do, the alarm goes off but I don't hear it. It was only 6:30 when I woke up which is not really over sleeping since I can get to work when I choose to. I still managed to make it by 7:30 but it was a rush. Not a good way to start the day however.

I decided this afternoon to change up my gym routine. Instead of doing Body Pump tonight I went this afternoon and did about 45 minutes of cardio.

We are having our spring break weather wise this week. Temperatures are to be in the 60's and 70's all week with lows just down to the 40's. Trust me, it will turn cold again. Hopefully we are finished with the snow and ice. 

Guess that about wraps things up for a Monday . Hope you have a good week and thanks for stopping by.



Tuesday, 2 March 2004

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I worked nine hours today to make up for needing to leave early Thursday for my dentist appointment. By the time I got home I needed to get dinner started so I could go to the gym.

Last night I started Hard Eight, obviously number 8 in the Stephanie Plum series. Otherwise, not much in the way of news.



Wednesday, 3 March 2004

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Greetings from warm and sunny North Carolina. Just like a spring day today, highs in the 70's and I got to leave work early. 

I had a repeat of last weeks scenario with my work schedule. After working those nine hours yesterday I had a call this morning from my dentist. The hygienist that I like only works until 3pm so they needed to reschedule my appointment. Now I had 1.5 hours to play with so decided to leave work early on this gorgeous day to run those errands I couldn't run last week because of the snow plus making the usual library and grocery store run on the way back across town.

After we put away the groceries I changed into shorts and a t-shirt intended to go to the gym this afternoon. However, Malcolm talked me into taking him outside to play soccer ball for awhile thus thwarting those plans. After I finish with this post we will eat an early dinner THEN I will take off for the gym. I am just doing cardio on my own this week, taking a break from my normal classes/routine.

Last night I sat up reading until I finished Hard Eight. Man, was it funny. At one point Stephanie was being stalked some guys disguised... one dressed in a bunny suit and the other two wearing masks. I quote from Stephanie "I am being followed by Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and a bunny rabbit". She's yelling at the guy in the car with her to shoot at them who in turn yells "I can't shoot an unarmed rabbit". I was lying back in bed laughing so hard I woke Malcolm up. 

Next up, I need to read another review book, the second book in a series by Jeffrey Cohen starring Aaron Tucker. His first book, For Whom the Minivan Rolls, is supposed to be very good. Our library never ordered it. Jeff is also the editor for Mystery Morgue, of whom I do reviews for. He sent me the second book in his series, A Farewell to Legs. 



Thursday, 4 March 2004

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Another very warm day here in the Triad, 77 degrees this afternoon. As soon as I got home from work I took the dogs down to visit our neighbors who look after them while we are away and vice versa.

They called us last night with some very sad news. They had a six year old Australian Shepherd that had some personality problems since he was a pup. Aussie's can be even more high strung than BC's developing some real aggression issues. But, like us with Malcolm, they stuck with him, rather than give him away. Unlike Malcolm and Duncan who don't get along with each other, Ewan got along well with Emma their other dog, but not with strange dogs and even some people. Mimi warned us early on when we started caring for their dogs but we never had any problems. I am used to dogs with behavior problems not only from Malcolm but also from being exposed to so many dogs in doing rescue work. 

Mimi and Steve had a baby nine months ago. They were very careful to introduce baby and dog, etc. Also, making sure both dogs did not feel slighted, especially Ewan. Apparently, yesterday morning Ewan snapped, first nipping Steve on the leg then attacking and biting him pretty badly on the arm. Mimi rushed Steve to the hospital. He will be fine but right now he cannot work because Ewan got his working hand. He works as a serials librarian at the nearby college. Trust me, Malcolm and Duncan have both nailed me and Bob on occasion accidentally and it is very painful. They took Ewan to the vet and had him put down which was the only solution they had. They could not risk Ewan biting the baby or even worse, biting someone else. 

The guys and I went down to visit and offer our condolences. The upside to all this, if there is one, now the dogs now have a fenced in yard to play in. Emma, their golden, gets along well with other dogs. Our dogs get along fine with her. Emma is very used to having another dog around. Like people, they will grieve when they loose a pack member. We can let our dogs visit until they decide to get another dog and have a place to run around and play.

Just got back from another workout at the gym. Yep, that's four nights in a row. Unusual for me. I felt like I needed to change up my routine a little. 


Friday, 5 March 2004

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I don't know about you but I am certainly glad it is Friday. After delivering mom to her hair dresser appointment this afternoon, Dad and I made a grocery store run to let him pick up a few things they needed.

Yesterday, dad drove around the immediate vicinity of the neighborhood with Al in the car. The doctor told him just to drive near home and stay off busy roads and during heavy traffic. Since he had PT this morning I did the driving this evening plus he is not comfortable driving at dusk/after dark yet. We went to the K&W for dinner then I did a couple of things for mom back at the house before I left to come home.

Tonight will be relaxing and reading on the couch until bedtime plus playing some ball with the guys. Have a great weekend. 




Saturday, 6 March 2004

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No update



Sunday, 7 March 2004

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Not really much of an eventful weekend to talk about. Yesterday was fairly routine Saturday going to the gym and working most of the day.

Today, pretty much the same except after I cleaned house I gave the dogs a bath. Always a major production. Otherwise I worked for awhile, took the dogs down to play in their new area, and watched the race/golf on TV. 

I did finish A Farewell to Legs by Jeffrey Cohen and worked on that review some earlier. If you like funny, zany type cozies he's not bad. His character, Aaron Tucker, is not really an investigator but instead a freelance writer always finding himself in the middle of murder he ends up having to solve. His wife is an attorney, they have two kids, age 8 and 6, who are typical trials to their parents. 

Weather wise, the spring like temperatures have continued through today. It rained yesterday morning but turned off nice by the afternoon with some gusty winds off and on. Hope you had a nice weekend. Guess I will rest and relax this evening in preparation for another work week.



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