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Week of 17 May 2004

Latest Update: Saturday, 22 May 2004 15:06

Monday, 17 May 2004

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baby-robin.jpg (100425 bytes) Yesterday evening I took Malcolm over to one his favorite bathroom locations located in front of our bedroom window under the maple tree. As I walked up I glanced over a couple of feet toward the driveway. Look what was hiding under one of my plants? He/she just sat there very still while Malcolm did his business. After taking Malcolm in I grabbed the camera and ran back outside hoping baby robin would still be sitting there. It just looked at me while I snapped about four shots with the flash without moving. 

Over the weekend I read one of the books I picked up on our trip to Cape May, NJ, Cape Island by I. Yevish, a novel set during the late 1800's on the island. If I recall correctly it was a series but I only bought the first one to see how I would like it. The book is one of those local, small publisher deals that will require I order the others either from that book store or if I make a return trip. 

Last night I started another new author I picked up for Bob, Ayelet Waldman. In the first book of the series, Nursery Crimes, we meet former attorney/public defender now stay-at-home mom Juliet Applebaum. According to the jacket blurb, Waldman's books are somewhat autobiographical since she herself is a former lawyer now stay-at-mom. Her husband as well as the characters husband is a writer. In the books he is a screen writer, in real life she is married to author Michael Chabon. I was only able to stay awake long enough to read the first few chapters but I can tell I am going to love the series. 

Two weeks and counting...until Memorial Day weekend. Yes, I need a vacation. Since starting last July 1 full time with Womble I have not been used to working three/fours months without a long weekend break. By this time of the year when I was with the County we had already had MLK day and Easter since the first of the year. Plus I was up to almost four weeks/year when I left. Then, when I worked at home and subsequently part time I was still free to take a day off for a long weekend since I was only working part time anyway.

Now, I must conserve my vacation days being back to square one with only two weeks. While we did get MLK back in January I have not had a long weekend since. We did have the weekend away at Fancy Gap in March but I worked that Friday. I am starting to feel the need to have more that a two day break from the daily grind of the job plus all the other activities I have going on.

As a matter of fact, I took a break tonight and did not go to the gym. We had a nice little garden variety thunderstorm blow up just as I got home. I decided to take the night off and just relax instead.


Tuesday, 18 May 2004

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Back to the old routine today. Work, store, home, gym for spinning class. No rain or storms for today. I need to do a quick mail check then take some time to play ball with The Guys.

Sorry for the short post. Not much in the way of the news. Have a good one.


Wednesday, 19 May 2004

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I left an hour early today in order to get a couple of errands run. We have FAS meeting tonight with library and dinner stops first. It is now rumbling in the distance and looks very much like it may pour rain any minute. 

Last night I finished Nursery Crimes  and started the second book in the antique print mysteries, Shadows on the Coast of Maine by Lea Wait. 

Again, sorry for the short post. Yahoo, it is Wednesday!



Thursday, 20 May 2004

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After we met Paul and his dad for dinner last night we decided to bag going to the FAS meeting. We were not all that interested in the speaker's topic nor the business portion of the meeting. By the time we got home the skies had cleared with no storms coming in for the night. I scurried outside to quickly put my weed and feed down with the grass nice and wet from the rain. It is supposed to be down 24 hours before it gets wet.

While it did sprinkle lightly on the way home it will not be enough to bother it with the three or four hour difference in time. I had enough left over to put out another application in mid-summer.

Tonight we are going over to my boss's house for a cookout. He is the Chief Knowledge Officer for the firm heading up our six person InterAction team. With spouses/significant others we should have around 9 or 10 people all together. Turns out he lives about ten minutes away from us.


Friday, 21 May 2004

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Yea!. The end of a long day of a long week. We have been covered up in data base changes as more attorneys are moving their contacts over. Each time we get a new attorney's contacts we get anywhere from 500 to 2000 database changes to check ranging from names and phone numbers, to e-mail and snail mail addresses, company changes, etc. Each change has to be looked at and checked for accuracy, compared with the data on file already, and/or verified on the web.

I worked through lunch like I used to do both yesterday and today allowing me to leave at 3 instead of 4. By leaving an hour early I was able to run some errands and get back home by 4 before the afternoon traffic jams started.

It is hot for this time of year. I took the dogs out for five minutes of play time. I did not want them on the lawn for too long with the stuff down plus after five minutes their tongues were already hanging out about a mile. With Duncan's age I need to watch him in the heat.

No plans for me this evening other than reading and relaxing. I hope you have a great weekend. No serious rain in sight for the next few days just the scattered thunderstorm variety.


Saturday, 22 May 2004

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Who needs one of those weather alert machines when you can have a dog instead. Last night we did an early last time out, about 8:15, then I went off to bed to read and relax. I finished reading Shadows on the Coast of Maine about 10:15 and turned off the light.  At 2:15 this morning Malcolm barked, once, very loudly. I jumped out of bed to see some kids were in the front of the house messing around or something. The only thing I saw were shadows of the trees swaying then a bright flash of light. At first I thought perhaps an emergency vehicle had gone down the street. As I turned back to head for bed there was another bright flash followed by a crack of thunder. Duncan levitated onto the bed while Malcolm started growling. Apparently, Malcolm had heard the first crack of thunder alerting us to the approaching storm.

Duncan lay beside me or actually on my pillow,  trembling while Malcolm lay at my feet against my legs. I comforted Duncan as several storms rolled through for about half an hour. He finally stretched out beside me during the last one when I finally fell back to sleep.

This morning I was at dads by 8:15 to get started on trimming back his bushes. We lopped them back to about two feet high to let them grow out from the middle again. He has twelve down the front and four along the back side of the house. I cut while he piled the stuff in the wheel barrow then I hauled it across the street to pile it up for the brush crews.

We finished those up around 10:45 cooled off  a little and went inside to eat lunch. After lunch we did the rhododendron and azaleas along the back fence along with a bush that had become way over grown in the corner. After getting that stuff hauled to the front I called it a day about 2pm. There was not a dry stitch of clothing on my body.

I jumped in the shower as soon as I got home the sat at my desk to read e-mail while resting and cooling off with a nice glass of ice water. The afternoon and evening will be rest and relaxing other than giving the dogs some play time.



Sunday, 23 May 2004

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