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Week of 28 June 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, 04 July 2004 18:16

Monday, 28 June 2004

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Good evening. I hope this Monday got your week off to a good start. Mine was business as usual, lots of tickets to work through. 

I have been to the gym for body pump class. First time for that class in about three weeks so I went light on the weights but got a good work out as usual. 

Yesterday evening I did finish up the Donna Andrews. I think it was one of her best ever. For my next book I started one recommended to me, Revenge of the Middle Age Woman, by Elizabeth Buchan. It is fiction though not a mystery. Buchan lives in London thus the setting for her books. Being six months from officially reaching that illustrious title of "middle age woman" myself I thought I would give the book a try.

So far, I am really enjoying the story. Buchan is an excellent writer. Her web site mentions her earlier books she has published will be available in the US in the coming months. In Revenge, her main character., Rose looses her job as books page editor for the newspaper after 10 years and her husband after 25 to the same woman. The early part of the book builds up the ultimate bad events with short flash backs stories of how she met her husband Nathan, vacations, and other events as they and their two children grow up. Their two children, now 21 and 24, are out of nest but trying to support mom as her life gets turned upside down at age 48. Rose is left with her Victorian townhouse and her lovely garden where she goes to work through her anger. An early twist to the plot begins with Rose receiving a travel book by a former lover needing reviewed for the paper. Rose has refused to read any of Hal's previous works and isn't about to start now.  While you may tend to think this is another woman's I hate men book or the latest in whiny prose, you are mistaken. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.


Tuesday, 29 June 2004

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Not much in the way of news. I made it to the gym for spinning class tonight. The only problem with those 6:30 classes is it throws me so late getting back home to check my mail and stuff before it is time for bed.

Think I will cut this one short and go play some ball with the dogs. Have a good evening.


Wednesday, 30 June 2004

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I had a doctor's appointment this morning for 9:45 which allowed Bob and I to sleep in a little later this morning. Rather than drive all the way into work for an hour and then almost back home, the office is literally just around the corner, I opted just to go in late. After I read the paper I folded the towels and did a couple of other odds and ends until time to leave. On the way I needed to stop at the bank and gas station. Since it was a physical I could not eat breakfast.

As usual, they were running late. It was 11:30 by the time I made it to work. I stayed until 5pm. Monday and Tuesday I stayed a half hour late leaving an hour or so to make up tomorrow and Friday. When I did finally get in to work, we had several new projects lined up that will occupy the remainder of the week.

After dinner I took the dogs down to visit Emma for a few minutes while Mimi and I talked. The dogs got in a good play session for roughly twenty minutes or so.

The weather day has been very pleasant with cool temperatures and fairly low humidity. We were supposed to have thunder storms this evening but they all went east and south of us making it a very nice evening. 


Thursday, 1 July 2004

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Well gosh, another month come and gone with the year now half over. I did it again last night. I just had to stay up and finishing reading the last 80 pages of Revenge of the Middle Age Woman. Very good book, I highly recommend it.  If you do end up reading it be sure to e-mail me and let me know your opinion.

We have WSAL meeting at our house tonight. It is a little humid but not overly hot so we plan to start out the meeting on the deck. If it becomes too miserable we can always move inside. 

Guess I better run and get things organized before people start showing up. 


Friday, 2 July 2004

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No update



Saturday, 3 July 2004

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Not really much in the way of news yesterday and I was too tired last night to bother with a post. By the time I got off from work, made a grocery store stop, and got home it was after 5pm. 

I am almost half way through the new Janet Evanovich, Ten Big Ones. Janet has taken a lot of flack over this book in the Stephanie Plum series. I am not sure why. So far I find it just as funny and entertaining as her other ones. Many of her readers are tiring of her indecision over being in love with Ranger or Joe and her lack of deviation from the same general plot as the others. However, her characters, Lulu, grandma, sister, mom, etc. are the reasons  I read the books. For me, if she now had them acting differently from their normal personalities it would end up making the book hokey. 

This morning I was up at 7 and over at my dad's by 8:15. We got the front flower bed weeded of various wild grasses and other invasive green stuff. They had a heavy ran last night making it easy to pull the stuff but muddy. I had mud all over my gloves and subsequently anywhere else I managed to touch... arms, lets, shirt, etc. It was not hot but humid as hell. My clothing was soaked in a short period time. After we finished up the flower bed I trimmed some dead stuff with the loppers from a dogwood tree then we called it quits for lunch. 

The skies look threatening off and on all morning and on the way home. I quickly fired up the mower and got my lawn mowed and edged in case a thunderstorm popped up quickly. We are looking after Emma for Steve and Mimi today. Bob went down to let her out back and I took the dogs down so they could play for a few minutes before I finished up the sweeping.

As a matter of fact, I hear thunder off in the distance as I type this. This afternoon and evening I will rest, read, and watch the NASCAR race from Daytona. When I was growing up it was always run on July 4th and called the Firecracker 400. ABC sports ran it. Now they run it on Saturday night of the weekend near the 4th.


Sunday, 4 July 2004

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Happy July 4th. I ended up taking the day off. I was up and dressed ready to head out at 7 am to pick up dad for golf. When I went downstairs the left side of the basement was semi-flooded. Not the side that floods when we get too much rain. After a quick inspection of the washer connection and then the AC, I discovered the AC was the culprit, again. This happened once before. I went back upstairs to wake up Bob, who was not pleased, to tell him what was going on.

I do not have things on that side of the basement "up" in case of flooding, therefore some boxes with CBCR stuff in it and other boxes we were storing empty had become saturated. Fortunately I got the CBCR stuff out of the boxes before they were damaged. The others don't matter. We do have a maintenance agreement with our AC/furnace company. Bob gave them a call while I started pulling out web stuff from around the unit. First I called dad and told him I couldn't play then Bob told me to go ahead. Glad I did. I shot one of my better rounds.

The humidity was awful, the skies grey, hazy, and threatening looking all morning, but we got in 18. Afterwards we drove over to Frances' house for a 4th cookout. They picked up mom on the way into town from a trip. I grilled the dogs, burgers, and chicken while mom and Frances prepared the indoor foods. I left to come home around 3. It was too late in the day to start the house cleaning and to tell truth, I just did not feel like doing it. Very rare for me. Instead I took a shower and hit the couch to read the paper and watch the final round the US Women's golf championship. Around 4:15 I fixed Bob some leftovers from our lunch. I will wait and eat a light snack of sometime around 7pm. 

We have had thunder rumbling in the distance for the last hour but so far the storms have either fizzled out before they got here or gone around us. It gets dark then the sun comes out. Right now we are having a fairly nasty storm just south of us.

Last night I finished up the Stephanie Plum. I thought it was excellent. I then started the fourth book in the Tim Myers lighthouse mystery series. As I mentioned yesterday, I had planned to watch the race. However, it was delayed by ran until a 10pm start time. I managed to stay awake for about an hour before falling asleep with the TV on. I was watching in bed. I finally gave up and turned if off.

I hope you had a wonderful July 4th Holiday celebration. 



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