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Week of 26 July 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, 01 August 2004 15:09

Monday, 26 July 2004

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Over the weekend a read a nice dog related mystery much like the ones by Melissa Cleary and Susan Conant. In this first mystery written by Lee Charles Kelley, A Nose For Murder, Jack Field is a former NYPD cop who has taken early retirement to open a dog kennel in Maine. His girl friend is a part time medical examiner for the state. In addition to running a kennel Jack does dog training. His ideas, which of course reflect the ideas of the author, are a little weird but came from a real dog training book.

When one of Jack's clients is found dead on her kitchen floor Jack and his girlfriend Jamie Cutter both believe it is murder. Both the local Camden PD and the sheriff's office seem to be hiding information and placing evidence on the scene in order to implicate his clients most recent boy friend. Kelley is a fair writer, nothing spectacular but very enjoyable. I liked his characters and of course, he uses a dog to help catch the true murderer. 


After a quick stop at the pet store on the way home for food and treats I fixed a quick dinner, made a stop at our friends house to get the sprinkler running then went on to the gym for step class. I went back after class to run the sprinkler on the other half of the garden. 

The Firm got hit with the mydoom worm today. It shut down our access to Google and sent everyone in the Firm spoof e-mails. What a mess. Those people should be hunted down, strung up by their thumbs, and left hanging for days. They are EVIL!


Tuesday, 27 July 2004

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dunc-malc-bed-072004.jpg (57532 bytes) Bob snapped this picture this afternoon. He said they laid there together most of the afternoon.

We finally did get some rain last night, enough to make the ground actually look wet this morning. It was supposed to rain/thunderstorm all day but so far we have not had any additional precipitation. Some pretty big storms went just south of this late this afternoon but we could still get some more tonight.

I decided to read the second book in the Jane Austen mystery series by Stephanie Barron, Jane and the Man of the Cloth.


Wednesday, 28 July 2004

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Not really much in the way of news. I went to gym after dinner for Body Pump class. 

It was long and tiring day at work. We had to work on a project requiring research of companies in our database in foreign countries. These always tax me to the limit mentally. Formatting the addresses is very difficult, finding web sites in English, etc. 

I was almost a blathering idiot by 4pm. Now you know why I go to the gym!


Thursday, 29 July 2004

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We had our Team monthly meeting today at 3pm. We normally meet at two, which means we get finished by 3 or 3:30 before I am supposed to leave to go home. We ran until 5 which means I get to leave an hour early tomorrow. Hurrah! 

Bob and I had planned to got by the library and to eat at the Chinese place tonight anyway. By the time I got home and changed it was time to leave. The library closes at 6 on Thursdays. 

We have had off and on showers this afternoon. It did rain again over night last night. We are at least getting a little bit of rain everyday. The lawn is starting to look a little better in most places. Others will have to wait until I do a full reseed in the fall.

Guess I better cut this short and go out to play some ball with The Guys.



Friday, 30 July 2004

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Greetings on this lovely Friday afternoon. I was more than ready for the weekend after a long, hard work week. I took advantage of being able to leave early to run by Office Depot to pick up a few things.

The weather turned off hot with puffy white clouds more like you see in the fall instead of mid-summer. We are getting some sort of offshore breeze bringing the strange looking clouds and hot air. 

I took the dogs out this afternoon to play some ball in the back yard before dinner. I have almost finished the Jane Austen mystery. 

Hope you have a great weekend. Nothing special on tap here other than the usual weekend chores and activities.


Saturday, 31 July 2004

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It has been a very busy morning once I got up and moving. I slept in until 7:45, read the paper, and ate some breakfast. After giving the house and bathrooms and good cleaning I headed outside. I started a project that will take several weekends to complete.

In the back I have one area with a horrible wash problem. Between the run off from the driveway and the downspout I can't keep dirt or mulch from washing. Today, I started transplanting liriope, which I have plenty of in the front to the wash areas in the back. It will take awhile for it to spread but once it does it should do the trick. The other project is to hack and dig up the large tree roots that have risen above ground level. I have two areas where this has become a major problem making it very difficult to mow over them with the lawn mower. It is hard work so I shall limit myself to only chopping away a few at a time. Most of them are dead but still must be cut with the mattock and pulled up.

After getting that project started I put away those tools and fired up the mower. With the little bit of rain we have over night the last week some of the grass has come back to life and of course the Bermuda needed mowed down. I swept up the dead leaves and stuff from the sidewalk then came in to fix lunch.

Bob is getting ready to send Theodore, our old server, to the PC retirement farm. Since he will be working on the network all afternoon shall finish up my other chores and then call it a day. I need to brush the dogs and clean the racks from the oven. This morning I did the self cleaning on the oven but always remove the racks to keep them from becoming discolored and do them by hand.

I was hot working in the sun and or course digging but the temperatures are only in the high 80's even with the heat index.   

Have a great day, enjoy your weekend.


Sunday, 1 August 2004

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Steamy. It was not all that hot this morning playing golf temperature wise but the humidity was well over 90%. Other than an occasional breeze out of the south it was very hot. We have a weather system to our west and a tropical depression off our east coast. Neither one is supposed to make it up our way.

After lunch I made a quick stop at Frances' to help her with a computer project before coming on home. With the likelihood of rain looking so-so I went ahead and watered the stuff I planted yesterday.

We have a friend coming over for dinner tonight. Lori does fostering for CBCR. We had been over to visit her and her dogs now she will come and meet mine. I have a couple of crates that are CBCR crates I want to pass along to her. Now that I am working full time I will not be doing much transporting of dogs like I once did when I worked from home. 




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