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Week of 18 October 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, 24 October 2004 1:25 p.m.

Monday, 18 October 2004

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Bob called this morning and made appointments for both dogs for 4:30 with the new vet. I told him I would about ten minutes early, 3:50, to give me time to stop to get gas and have time to come home and change, grab the dog's file folders, etc.

At 3:20 my supervisor had a project that needed to be complete for an attorney ASAP. Sheila and I worked together to get the information he needed. But, it was a couple of minutes after 4 by the time I got to my car. I called Bob from the car to tell him where to find the files and that I was on my way. While Bob loaded the dogs I quickly changed and we took off. I have a three or four gallons left in the take when the low fuel light comes on. The new vet is about 2.5 miles from the house.

We got there right at 3:30. By the time we filled out paperwork, talked with the vet, he examined both dogs, and did the follow-up it was 6pm when we got out of there. We are not sure at this point if Duncan also has an infection like Malcolm had or if bitting his back is from another problem. I did find a small lump the other night when I was treating the places on his back where he had been chewing. The doctor took a sample to send off to the lab to see what it is. In the mean time he shaved that area on Duncan's back and started him on antibiotics. Malcolm and he both are going on low doses of prednisone to stop the itching and chewing. Bob and I both liked the vet and his staff. His new office is in an old bank. The examine rooms are big, bright, and cool unlike the little hot boxes at the old vets. Although he did not find any signs of fleas he still suggested we put Advantage on both dogs the next two months then start up again next spring.

Last night both dogs woke me up around 1:20 from a deep sleep chewing. Duncan was kicking the baseboard with his foot trying to get to that place on his back while Malcolm was scratching like crazy. I finally put in my ear plugs to drown out the noises and tried to go back to sleep.

I am reading the next book in the Em Hansen series, Fault Line. As the title suggests, Salt Lake City sites on a large fault line. Just before the 2002 winter Olympics are to begin Salt Lake experiences a 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Em has been living in Salt Lake while studying part time with FBI agent Tom in learning the methods of police investigation. At the same time she is trying to sort out her relationship with her Mormon boyfriend Ray. Just after the quake occurs a local state geologist is found dead, pushed off her deck. Tom asked Em to read some construction reports of various housing and shopping center development from the past couple of years. The developer has been hiding the fact that they are built on and along the fault lines. It seems the state geologist was wanting to blow the whistle on those buildings including the Olympics complex.


Tuesday, 19 October 2004

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We have had a cloudy, rainy day here in the Piedmont Triad. Not much in the way of rain, about 1 to 2 tenths of an inch when I checked after dinner. It was raining pretty steadily when I left downtown but had stopped by the time I got to the grocery store which is about 2 miles from our house.

No gym tonight. I have several things I need to catch up on at my desk. I was able to get my morning and afternoon walk in at work under the parking deck.

The guys seem to be doing better. They did not wake me up scratching last night. So far this evening I have not seen Malcolm bothered at all and Duncan just a couple of times. The lump they aspirated on his back looks horrible but the places he chewed raw and sore look a little better. Can't say much for his bad haircut but that will grow back.

Guess that about wraps things up here for this evening.


Wednesday, 20 October 2004

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No update.


Thursday, 21 October 2004

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Not enough hours in the day yesterday. As soon as I got home we took off out to the mechanics to drop the white truck off for an oil change and inspection. From there was made a library stop then on to dinner with Paul before our FAS meeting. On the way to the meeting we were sitting at a red light when I suddenly if felt like a two ton truck rammed us from behind. A family in a Rav4 was behind us. A woman came up to the light and took off while it was still red thinking the left turn only green was our lane. The poor folks in the Rav4 got it from behind and in front after plowing into us.

The cops arrived and moved us all to a nearby parking lot once he determined there were no critical injuries and the cars could be driven. the guy in the Rav4 kept rubbing his neck and shoulders so the cops called the EMT's to come. After the cop finished up the paperwork we started to take off when the EMT guy poked his head in the car for us to sign a form indicating we were not hurt and did not need to go to the hospital.

In the dark last night we could not see much in the way of damage to our car other than some paint and scratches on the bumper. When we drove it out this afternoon to pick up Bob's car we had Tim take a look and sure enough the bumper is pushed in on one side and the spare tire mount is bent in at the bottom. Not really too much in the way of damage, the back door still operates fine. Bob was on the phone all day with insurance adjusters and agents getting things square away for them to come out and take a look.

By the time everything was tidied up last night we were about 15 minutes late for the meeting. It was almost ten by the time we got home. The dogs had to be fed, walked and get in some ball playing.

At the library we had about fifteen or so books come in that I had reserved which included several of our favorite authors with new 2004 titles. Tuesday night I did finish up Fault Line about 11:45pm before turning off the light. Last night I started the new Carola Dunn, A Mourning Wedding. Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher is attending a weekend of festivities at her friend Lucy's wedding taking place at her grandfather's estate. When Lucy's busy body gossiping great aunt is found murdered Daisy once again finds herself and her husband, Scotland Yard's Chief Inspector Alex Fletcher, solving a murder. The estate is chock full of cousins, aunts and other assorted relations on both sides of the family many of whom would benefit by the death of Aunt Eva.

As I mentioned earlier, we drove out this afternoon to pick up the white truck. I came on home and started dinner while Bob stopped to gas us before coming home. I am two days behind in mail to catch up in addition to not getting much sleep last night. By the time I read for an hour to unwind before turning off the light the guys did not seem to want to settle. For one thing, Duncan went over and plopped himself under the window which is Malcolm's sleeping place. We always start Malcolm out in his crate at night. When Bob comes back to bed he lets him out of his crate. He moves around at night between under the window, by the closet door, and in his crate.  However, he did not like Duncan being in his place. Duncan sleep between the wall and the bed on Bob's side. He has a fleecy crate pad he sleeps on plus I just bought him a nice foam filled bed with a built in pillow. I think Duncan goes to sleep in Malcolm's place every once in a while to show him he is still boss dog.

Malcolm finally gave up after asking Duncan to move several times (by going over and placing his face in Duncan's and glaring at him) and went to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. I guess it was going on 1:30 or 2 am by the time I finally fell asleep.

It has been cool, rainy, drizzly, and down right yucky the past several days. The forecast doesn't call for it to go away until sometime late tomorrow afternoon.


Friday, 22 October 2004

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Not really much to report on this early Friday evening. As we were walking the dogs after dinner Emma, Mimi, Steve, and Shane were all out in their back yard. I took the dogs down for a visit while Bob came on back to the house. It has been another cool and drizzly day. It looks like that will be the trend for the next few days.

Tonight I will watch the first episode of the new season of West Wing that aired Wednesday night. After that, continued reading of the new Carola Dunn.

I hope you have a great weekend.


Saturday, 23 October 2004

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Malcolm and I completed our five-mile walk this morning at Tanglewood Park for the American Heart Association. The Firm is a very strong supporter of many of the local events such as the Heart Walk, diabetes walk, cancer, etc. This is my first year participating in the Heart Walk. Malcolm did very well once we got there and he had a chance to settle down. Two of his worst habits I cannot seem to break are maniacal barking in the car at people, dogs, bicycles, etc., and barking at strangers and little children. Since he was a pup he has always been afraid of anything that rolls such as skates, skateboards, bikes, scooters, etc. Most of the time these devices are occupied by a child, thus he barks when he sees a child even when it is not on a moving object.

Once we got out of the car and he realized there were just too many strangers and dogs to bark at he finally quieted down. Everyone once in a while he would look up and discover a small person and bark loudly. Once we got started on the walk he did very well. A lot of folks came up to say hello and let him give them big kisses. We had a great time. I walked with my supervisor/team captain and her dog. I think I only saw about 12 people from the Firm walking. Overall, they had a good crowd. The weather is overcast and cool today. Actually good walking weather. The sun will not be making an appearance until sometime tomorrow.

We got back home around noon. This afternoon I need to get some online/catalog shopping done for a few fall and winter things for work. AND...gasp, yes it is only about 8 weeks until Christmas. I do a lot of online/catalog for that as well. My desk has once again accumulated a large pile of things needing attention and/or filing.


Sunday, 24 October 2004

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It is another dreary, drizzly day. No golf. I got up a little after 7. While I read the paper and played ball with the dogs Bob had a chance to sleep in until 9:30. Speaking of dogs. Bob checked his five years ago today page to learn that yesterday we had driven up to take our first look at Malcolm. Wasn't he a little cutie?

Once everyone was up and about I got the morning chores started. First off, the bed spread went in for a good cleaning after I stripped the bed to change the linens. Next, clean the bathrooms and vacuum the upstairs.

After lunch I hauled the vacuum downstairs to give it a good cleaning of both floors and to rid the ceiling and corners of cobwebs. While downstairs I switched laundry loads for Bob.

The cleaning now complete, I will spend the remainder of the afternoon either in my office working or on the couch reading. Bob is working in another deadline for a Friday finish so I shall handle dogs and other assorted chores so he can work. Last night I grilled ribs and chicken for dinner. We will have leftovers tonight.

I finished the Carola Dunn. As usual, she did another fine job. I love her series and highly recommend it if you like books set in early 1920's England. I have not started the newest Ayelet Waldman, Murder Plays House. Juliet Applebaum former public defender, now stay at home mom, has once again stumbled on another dead body. This time, while searching for a house for her growing family of screen writer husband, daughter six, son 31/2 year old son, and daughter on the way. Their small two bedroom apartment has now become too small. Plus, her husband works all night writing screen plays and sleeps during the day. That is, until they started demolishing the next door duplex.

When Juliet and her real estate friend Eve, also expecting a child, tour a house not yet on the market, they discover the body of an actress in the gust house who is actually the sister of the man selling the house. Regardless of the dead body, Juliet falls in love with the house and is determined to have it at whatever cost...including using the fact that a dead body was found in the house to reduce the price. As I have mentioned many times before while reading one of her books, Waldman writes very funny, current day life, stories. Juliet not only has funny things happening to her while solving the murders but using her young children's antics as humorous parts of the storyline.


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