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Week of 15 November 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, November 21, 2004 1:50 p.m.

Monday, 15 November 2004

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I am back into the regular routine with my normal rushed Monday. Work, home, dinner, and gym. I dropped off roll of film and a prescription at the drugstore before my step class. I had some drugstore items to pick up and Bob needed a couple of soda's to hold him over until tomorrow when I go to the store.

Bob will get my pictures transfered sometime this week for me. He did the white and dark loads today, I will do the towel load when I get home tomorrow from work.

Last night I started a new David Handler mystery. I manged to read a couple of chapters before almost falling asleep with the light on. I will update you later in the week after I have read a few more chapters.

We had a fairly hard freeze last night. The temperatures warmed up to around the mid 50's during the day but will take a plunge back down tonight.

Last Wednesday morning after I finished up the house cleaning I did get my bulbs planted. While I was out digging around in the yard my neighbor gave me a purple shamrock plant and some small iris to plant. I have a green shamrock out back. I put the purple one in the front. The bulbs I put in the natural areas by the driveway, the ones along the front of the house and under the big oak by the street. Most of them were snow crocus along with Grecian windflowers and a new purple flower scilla litardierei. Hopefully they will all come up early and late next spring.


Tuesday, 16 November 2004

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I left this morning at 7:30 to go over to the DMV to renew my driver's license. When I arrived around 7:40 there were only a couple of people standing outside the door waiting. I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes arriving at work just a little after 8:30. By working through lunch I was able to make up my time and leave at my normal 4:00.

I made the weekly library and grocery store run on the way home. Since dinner time I have been plowing through mail and stuff on my desk to see what needs attention first. There are a couple of CBCR orders to get out and I need to write up my review of the book I read over the weekend.

Bob has downloaded my pictures. I will try to go through them and get them up tomorrow night.


Wednesday, 17 November 2004

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With the long range forecast looking like rain, I decided to leave work this afternoon at 3 to come home and vacuum/mow the lawn. If I wait another two weeks that should be the last time I have to do the lawn for the season. Bob can blow out the gutters one more time and I will do all the natural areas for the final clean up.

Just as I finished up the yard, about 5pm, Mimi called to ask if the dogs could come over to play. I spent 25 minutes or so  visiting with her while the dogs romped around having a good time. By the time I fixed dinner, walked the dogs, and checked my mail it was too late to get the pictures sorted for my page.

Have a great evening.


Thursday, 18 November 2004

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I picked out the best of my pictures and Bob resized them for me while I was at the gym. No class tonight, I just worked out on the cardio machines. Last night I sat up, AGAIN, until 11:35 finishing up my book. I highly recommend the David Handler series starring Mitch Berger, New York film critic and Des Mirty a black police detective. Set in Dorsett, Connecticut, the most recent title in the series, The Burnt Orange Sunrise, takes place in an old castle on the outskirts of Dorsett. A fierce winter storm traps Mitch and Des along with the family who are visiting the castle for a large party in honor of the owner...a famous actress and director of whom Mitch has idolized since he was a young man. As guests start dropping like flies, Des and Mitch try to determine who among them has the motive for killing off the family member.


Now on to the pictures. We have a wonderful three days in Savannah of which these pictures show only a small portion of all the many wonderful things we saw and did. Tonight our Internet connection is acting up. I will go back and add more text and links to the pictures below tomorrow or over the weekend.

Once of the main reasons for my mom and Frances to go to Savannah to was to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant. They watch her on the food network. From humble beginnings she raised her two sons on her own and became a renowned cook with her own southern cooking show, cook books and restaurant. The link is to a nice story about her and her two sons and how she got to where she is today.

Below, mom and dad are sitting outside the side entrance to the restaurant waiting for the line to start forming to get in. We got there about 10:00am. They start taking names at 10:45. The line forms to the left of this bench and usually winds all the way down the street. However, the building, three stories tall, seats a lot of people on both the first and third floors. We ate on the third floor. They use the second floor for offices. The food, served buffet style, was down home southern cooking at its best.


When Paula is in residence at her restaurant, she will pose for pictures, autograph cook books, etc. Unfortunately, she was not in the day we ate there but one of the sons, Jamie, was. He, like his mom, was very gracious and down to earth. He signed Frances' copies of the cookbooks and talked with her and others waiting to have their pictures taken. That is Paula in the poster behind Frances and Jamie.

After we ate lunch, we walked around the downtown and city market area. Dad and I walked back to the hotel about 3:00 to let him rest. The day started out cloudy with a fairly steady rain falling by the time we got back to the hotel. Mom, Al, and Frances did a couple of more things before heading back.

That evening, the clouds broke with a beautiful rainbow and the sun setting over the capital dome. Savannah is a beautiful city laid out in square blocks. At the end of each short block is a park. The hugh Live Oaks with the Spanish moss hanging from the limbs span large areas of the parks around the city, along the streets, and in the outlying neighborhoods.

We spent Saturday driving over to Tybee Island

This mural is on one side of the main entrance out to the fishing pier. Unfortunately it was cold, windy, and drizzly. But we did walk out on the pier and back then ate lunch at a nice little place, Fannies on the Beach, right on the waterfront.

After lunch we drove over the light house, still on the island. This light is still used today.

Across the street from the light, along the waterfront sits Fort Screven Battery Garland which houses the Tybee Island Museum.

This bridge, going over the Savannah river, is the main entrance to the city on Highway 17. I took this from the River Front on Saturday evening. We had been down there on Thursday night to eat dinner and again on Saturday night. Frances took a picture of me in front of the Waving Girl and then I took one of mom and dad. That cargo ship was just coming into the docks at Savannah loaded with Sea Land trailers.


Friday, 19 November 2004

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No Update!


Saturday, 20 November 2004

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Sorry about last night. I rushed home from work, loaded Malcolm in the car, and took off for his vet appointment for 4:45. He was in for his regular annual checkup and shots. When we switched vets back at the beginning of the month, Dr. Taylor noticed Malcolm had broken off one of his big canine teeth. Yesterday, he noticed the area above the gum had become red and somewhat inflamed which indicates it has started to get infected. Otherwise, he checked up fine. We scheduled his dental surgery for the Monday after the Thanksgiving Holidays to have the tooth removed and his others cleaned.

After dinner I decided to tackle the growing piles of "stuff" that has accumulated on my desk over the last couple of weeks as well some major clutter on my office floor. Between the Vermont trip and the Savannah trip I have not had time to put things away, etc.

First, I organized the desk stuff, filing and taking care of whatever needed to be handled. Next, I cleaned up, removed, and otherwise organized my office floor. An hour and half later I pretty much had things back under control once again. Whew!

I am reading the third mystery in the Sarah Shaber series starring professor Simon Shaw. In The Fugitive King Shaber starts the novel off usual setting of Raleigh, NC but moves the plot and action to Boone, NC. As many of you know I attended Appalachian State which is in Boone. As with Shaber's previous two novels, she brings home to me a lot of places I have lived and visited in her books. She reminds me a lot of the Luke Thanet mysteries written by Dorothy Simpson. Like Thanet, Simon solves mysteries which are often twenty or more years old but have a modern day connection. In Fugitive King Simon is held hostage in his house by an escaped convict from the Raleigh prison. Freedman had been a model prisoner for over 20 years with minimum security privileges such as working at the Governor's Mansion.

When the body of a young girl who had gone missing back in 1958 is discovered in some woods in Boone just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, it turns out to be the young girl Freedman confessed to murdering. However, his claims he confessed under threats from the family and law enforcement officers but did not really commit the crime. Freedman heard about Simon and held him hostage to get him to listen to his story and plead with him to help get his conviction overturned. Simon takes off for the cool mountain air of Boone to get away from the stifling summer heat and humidity in Raleigh and see if he can turn up clues to help Freedman.


This morning I was up and off to the gym for my 9am spin class. After a shower, Bob and I took off for my folks house so Bob could look at the outside bell on their house. That outside phone bell was installed sometime back in the early 70's. Dad said it no longer worked and wanted a new one. After checking the ring tones and connections then spraying everything with WD40, it seems to be working fine. Bob was anxious to get back home to work so we made a quick stop at the library then came on back home.

This afternoon I have some things to do in my office between taking breaks to play with the dogs. The weather for this weekend is dismal with gray clouds and periods of rain. Just as well, since I have a lot of things I want to get done today and tomorrow.

And, this morning on my bird feeder I noticed an unusual looking bird different from my normal cardinals, finches, etc. Turns out it was Rufus-Sided Towhee. According to Peterson Field Guide they reside all year long in our area but I have not seen one on my feeder this year.


Sunday, 21 November 2004

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Good afternoon. The weather forecast for today had been for rain. Based on that information and the long list of things I needed to do we decided not to play golf today. I left around 8am for WalMart to get some shopping taken care of. Very often when I am going out there on a Sunday morning I combine my odds and ends shopping with my grocery shopping to get it all taken care of at one time.

Back home, I finished up the downstairs area cleaning project I started a couple of weeks ago before tackling the upstairs. It is always amazing to me how two adults and two dogs can creat so much mess and dirt in a week. It of the morning to get both the up and downstairs back into shape. Even though it has been ten days rather than my usual six since I cleaned last the Wednesday before I left for our trip to Savannah.

After a break for lunch I walked the dogs, put the towels in the to wash, and sat down to "rest" at my PC to check my mail. I still have some other minor projects I want to finish up today.

So far, other than a few clouds from time to time the rain has yet to make an appearance. It is quit warm, mid 50's to lower 60's.

As Bob mentioned, it will be a short week for us. I am looking forward to the break. More than likely I will post tomorrow but the remainder of the week may be sporadic.


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