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Week of 13 December 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, December 19, 2004 6:00 p.m.

Monday, 13 December 2004

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WHEEEE! Myrtle Beach. No I have not lost my mind. This line is from one of the skits in the show. There really is not anyway to put into words how wonderful the show was. Two of the singers are also comedians who come out and do one liners to a straight man who also is a performer. In one of the skits the guy comes out dressed funny with a retractable measuring tape clipped to his pocket. Every few minutes he pulls it way out into the air and goes wheee! Myrtle Beach as part of the skit. The jokes are funny but tasteful. The sets, lighting, and music was terrific. They sang traditional Christmas carols, special ones written for the show, some country, and some funny ones like Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.

Friday night I managed to get most of the ornaments on Frances' tree while she worked on putting out other decorations. We got in bed around 12:30 and back up at 4:15am. We picked mom and dad up at 5 at their house in the bus then drove on down to Thomasville to pick up the group.

They are a remarkable group of senior citizens ranging in age from late 60's to one lady who as 91. She was as spry as any 78 year old and did not look a day over 80. There were about 40 some from the senior center plus three young teens, Frances, me, the tour director, and her husband.

After a breakfast stop we were in Myrtle Beach around 11:30. Our first stop was Hamrick's where we shopped for about an hour and a half. Then on to a new mall where we ate lunch at the food court and had time to do shopping or just walk around. We arrived at the hotel around 3:30 to get checked in and settled before leaving for dinner at the K&W and then on to the show.

We got back to the hotel about 11pm. Sunday morning I slept in until about 7:30 then went for a run on the beach. When I was growing up we went to the beach almost every summer up until I was in college. After attending college in the mountains of NC I fell in love with the mountains over the coast. However, I still enjoy going to the beach and seeing the ocean. Myrtle Beach has changed a lot since I was a little girl. I guess it has been about 10 years since I was down there.

When I got back from my run dad came out and we walked the beach a little before it was time to go in so I could get my shower. We had to be on the bus by 10. First stop was the Tangier Outlet mall followed by a second stop at another Tangier Outlet Mall. They have some of the same stores but the second one is larger and has some stores not at the first one.

After we had shopped until we dropped, eaten lunch, etc we boarded the bus for home with a quick stop in Marion, SC at the Russell Stover outlet. It was 9pm when we pulled into Thomasville. By the time we drove to Level Cross to park the bus, load out stuff, and get on the road home it was going on 10pm. We got to my house at 10:45.

Tomorrow night I will post some pictures I took of the outside of the theater and on the beach. The weather down there was cool and windy. The weather here has turned cold and windy with temperatures tonight going down into the teens with 15 to 20mph winds.

I had mail from one of my readers about last weeks old wives tale concerning thunder and snow. He pointed out that only happens if it is truly winter which it will not be until December 21st. So it looks we will not get our snowfall in 9 to 12 days following our horrendous storm last Thursday night.

Bob was over at Paul and Mary's house this afternoon setting up some computer stuff for them. I came home from work, started checking my mail, fed and walked the dogs then took off for my 5:30 step class. Afterwards I picked up a pizza order Mary had called in for us and drove over to their house.

We stayed a visited with them until about 8:15. Guess I better wrap this up and get a few more things done before heading off to bed.


Tuesday, 14 December 2004

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As promised, here are the pictures from my trip. The first one I took from the balcony of our hotel room Saturday afternoon. This pier was very close to the hotel. The middle one is the outside of the Carolina Opry Theater where we saw our show. The third one I took Saturday morning while on my beach run. Fortunately I did take the camera along just in case I had a Kodak moment.


That pier way off in the distance of the first picture below is the one I did my run to. On the way out and back I came upon this very large flock of sea birds eating in the same place. As I ran toward them they all scattered but had resettled by the time I came back. I slowed down far enough back to keep from scattering them so I could get a picture. After I finished up my run and arrived back in front of our hotel dad came out for his short walk up the beach. One of the ladies in our tour group happen to be out on the beach and took our picture for us.


In yesterday's post I credited the reply about my wives tale concerning thunder and winter to "one of my readers" Well! The reader who sent the reply just happened to be our good friend BRIAN BILBREY.

It seems Brian took offense at the fact that I referred to him as "one of my readers" rather than by name. While I often talk about Brian and his wonderful wife Marcia I usually do so in the context of a visit or event on their journal pages. As you may have noted in the past, when I mention e-mails from my readers I refer to them as "one of my readers". I have always felt it was respectful not to publish names of people who send me private e-mail about my posts, etc. Brian, I shall promise to always refer to you by name when mentioning the text of an e-mail in relation to my journal pages. Be sure and read his post for today. He seems to be suffering from some sort of post bowling syndrome that has greatly reduced the mobility in his legs.

This afternoon after work I took a quick run out to Wal-Mart. We only needed a few items from the grocery store as well as a couple of things from the drugstore. I combined both trips to also give me a chance to pick up another hair dryer. Mine broke last week. Early in the week the folding handle broke requiring me to hold the drying by the main unit while I dried my hair. As I was packing it on Friday for my trip the handle came completely apart. I used Frances' to dry my hair on Saturday morning and used the hotel one Sunday. We had an old one in the cabinet downstairs which I retrieved when I got home Sunday night to use until I could purchase a new one.

Bob install one of the new UPS's in my office this evening after dinner. I feel much better now knowing I have some protection while working at my PC should a storm come up.

I am reading the third book in the Cynthia Riggs mystery series starring 92 year old sleuth Victoria Turnbull set in Martha's Vineyard, MA. In The Cemetery Yew Victoria assists the Island police in discovering why a coffin and a hearse drive end up missing along with the reasons behind an empty grave.

When Bob was reading this series a couple of months ago he commented on how difficult it was for him to imagine a 92 year old woman doing some of the things Riggs has her do in the books like hiking around looking for missing plants, staking out cemeteries, and assisting in crime solving. If he had met the 91 year old woman on our bus trip this past weekend he would have no problem imagining Victoria's activities.

It is still cold and windy. I think it is to start warming up toward the end of the week. I have to pay some bills and organize some things on my desk.


Wednesday, 15 December 2004

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Short post tonight. I just got back from my 6:30 class at the gym. Instead of our usual power pump with weights and barbells we did a new hour long routine combining ab work, free small hand weights, and stretch bands. Normally I do the 45 minute power pump routine then leave instead of staying for the cool down and ab work to get home by 7:30.

It was great class but I did not get home until almost 8pm.

See ya!


Thursday, 16 December 2004

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Last night I finished reading the Cynthia Riggs. Tonight I will start another new author/series, Laurie Berenson. Bob has read the first two or three I found on the shelf last week. This afternoon we made a library stop before going to dinner at the Chinese place. I reserved the remaining ones located at other libraries. I think of the 11 in the series the system had six or seven. The main character, Melanie Travis, works as a special education teacher who also breed poodles.

The temperatures never did climb out of the 40's today into the expected low 50's. Snow is still in the forecast for Sunday. Let's see...thunder last Thursday, snow this Sunday...that would be 10 days? My little wives tale may come true after all. Guess we will wait and see.

Things have been very busy at work. Tonight was the Firm Christmas party. I attended last year and was not overly thrilled with the experience. I decided to skip it this year. My coworker who also processes tickets will be off tomorrow. It will be all I can do to keep up with incoming tickets by myself.

Time to go out and watch my tape of West Wing from last night. Have a good evening.


Friday, 17 December 2004

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It was a long and tiring day. Not only did I have double the number of tickets to process we had a late project to complete before I left for the day. One of the major uses of our database right now consists of creating holiday card lists. A secretary for one of the attorneys created the card list but forgot to check off the box as the mailing address. At 3 o'clock she called my supervisor who also does all of our database behind the scenes stuff to let us know what happened. When the secretary ran the mailing list the addresses did not print out. DUH!

With us being one short today, my supervisor and I started correcting the mistake. Unfortunately we had to work in the Web Client rather than the Windows client of the software where we usually work. The Web client is not as easy to work in when doing contact editing. At 4pm, when it was time for me to leave, I was almost finished with my half of the alphabet so I just stayed an extra ten minutes.

Time to get some gifts wrapped. I will do some tonight and finish up over the course of the weekend. Hope you have a good one.


Saturday, 18 December 2004

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We slept in until 7:15 or so. I was at the gym by 8:40 for the 9am spinning class. Just as I got back home and upstairs dad called. We decided tomorrow was to be too nasty for golf. The temperatures are expected to plunge during the day from the low 30's to around 17 by tomorrow night with 30 to 40 mph winds. Not knowing when the winds and rain will get here it will better not to to. I had some boxes I needed to take to mom so I went over for lunch and a visit today instead.

This afternoon I finished wrapping all the gifts. At some point I will get a couple of pictures of the tree and living room to post on my page.

Guess we will spend the evening reading and relaxing.


Sunday, 19 December 2004

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After sleeping in until almost 8 I had just enough time to get the paper read and the house cleaning done before lunch. At noon we drove over to Paul and Mary's for an afternoon of Building the Perfect PC.

With Bob assisting and me taking pictures, Paul and Mary build the small form factor desk top system from the chapter in the book. It took a little longer than it would have if Bob and I had built but we had a good time. We ran out time before Bob had a chance to load software, etc. Paul and Mary had dinner and evening plans plus they needed some additional supplies Paul will pick up before Bob goes back over to finish things up. After doing the smoke test Bob tried to format the hard drive but I think he ran into some problems but, again, did not have time to really sort out what was going on.

We left their house around 4:30 and drove out to Subway to pick up dinner on the way home.

After dinner I walked the dogs while Bob sorted the dried dark and white loads and put the towels in to wash.

It did not get as cold early as predicted though some light rain did fall this morning. However, the wind has picked up considerably since we came home. I can hear it howling around the corner of the house in my office.

The temperatures are to drop down to around 15 with 20 - 30 mph winds.


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