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Week of 31 January 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, February 6, 2005 6:16 p.m.

Monday, 31 January 2005

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Wow, the last day of the month has arrived already. Sorry, no pictures. Bob was too busy today to get them downloaded.

This past weekend my gym moved into their new building about half a mile around the corner from their old location. The gym owner built a free standing building, much like a metal warehouse. The old gym was in a store front in a strip shopping center.

Tonight I went over for my usual 5:30 step class. The main part of the building is really nice with a large open floor for the weight machines and free weights. The cardio equipment runs along one wall with another upper tier above it with additional cardio machines.

The aerobic/body pump room has a nice rubberized floor but too me is little too small. By the time fifteen or so people get lined up with a single step or in the case of double step class, two steps, it was pretty crowded. The yoga room, across the hall has hardwood floors. The spinning room was very tiny with just enough room for the ten bikes and an instructor up front.

They were really rushed to get by today when their lease was up on the old building. I guess they have some fine tuning to do before everything is completely finished but the new facility is very nice.

Last night I finished up the Sister Fidelma mystery. Guess I will start another Berenson dog mystery tonight.


Tuesday, 1 February 2005

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Here are some pictures of this past weekends little snow event. As I mentioned, we had a wonderful snow fall for about an hour and a half before it turned to freezing rain/sleet. Around 3 o'clock I went out to shovel the walk due to the prediction of several more inches of snow. In the meantime, Malcolm the thief was at it again. He found my oven mitt in the dirty towel basket and decided it would make a great mouth toy. Since he no longer chews things (except paper products) I let him have it to play with for awhile


The next morning instead of waking up to more snow we had our typical frozen trees and branches. I did manage to get a shot of one of the bluebirds.


It looks like we may get some more inclement weather later on this week. As usual it all depends on the cold getting here with the moisture, etc.

They came to clean the carpet downstairs today. When I got home from work I walked up around to the front to keep from walking on the stairs. I did not even take a peak to see how it looks. Bob said it looked much better to him when he checked on it after they finished up.


Wednesday, 2 February 2005

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I failed to change the date and move the current anchor for last nights post. Be sure to take a look if you missed it.

Another winter storm may be coming our way. This afternoon I had intended to make my normal weekly grocery run. Knowing how everyone panics when they start calling for bad weather I decided to leave an hour early this afternoon to try and beat the crowds. Guess it worked because when I arrived at the store there was hardly anyone in there.

Since I got home early I decided to go ahead to the gym first and get that out of the way before dinner just in case the bad weather got here earlier this evening than expected. So far, nothing has started falling yet. I will get up early in the morning and go in early to not only make up some time but to get ahead of rush hour traffic just in case we do have falling weather tonight.

Last night I finished up the Berenson mystery, Once Bitten. Not sure what I will start tonight.


Thursday, 3 February 2005

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Another winter storm fizzle! I was up at 6 this morning to see what the weather/roads looked like. My game plan, like the grocery store trip yesterday, was to head out early for work ahead of the normal rush hour traffic. I also had an hour to make up which I could do by working 7:30 to 4 without a lunch break.

We had apparently had some form of freezing rain over night since the trees had some minor icing on them. But, the sidewalk and roads were just wet with rain which was still falling when I left at 7:15. I heard reports off and on all day from the tech guys who have to out and about to our other buildings that sleet was falling periodically. The snow never did materialize.

By the time I left at 4 it was just starting to clear off. By tonight all of the wet stuff will be out of here. My prediction...we have missed three big possible snow/ice events in a row. That means we will get nailed by one and/or both before the winter season is over.

Last night I started the fourth book in the Bay Tanner mystery series by Wall. It has been out for awhile now but I have been waiting on the library to even get a copy so I could reserve it. In the last book Bay took off to France with now retired undercover agent Dornay from Interpol after he was seriously wounded in helping Bay solve a murder. After several months Bay is getting home sick for Hilton Head, SC. Just as Dornay suggest they go home for a visit Dornay gets called back into active service. Bay, being violently opposed to this after seeing him almost die once before, leaves France alone to head back to her house and life in SC.

The day she arrives home her partner in their private investigating firm gets contacted by an old college friend who wants them to identify some bones found in a grave. Bay is against getting mixed up in that type of investigation but finds herself involved after the college friend turns up dead.


Friday, 4 February 2005

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No update.


Saturday, 5 February 2005

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Greetings. No post yesterday due to lack of time. I rushed home from work to get changed in order to get Duncan to his vet appointment by 4:30. He drew blood and took another urine sample. We will wait to see how the various high levels in his blood work look in order to decide what we need to look at next.

Back home, I fed the dogs while Bob finished getting our observing stuff in the truck then walked the dogs before taking off for Bullington. It was a fairly good night early. While there was not any cloud cover the haze and seeing went down hill after about 9:30. We bagged five objects but also worked on some filter experimenting for the book. Besides Bob and me, Paul, Don, Dan and Jeff were all up observing.

It was not cold but the winds were just strong enough to make things chilly and blow papers and book pages around. It was also VERY muddy. Between the car tires and our shoes I think we brought home about half the field around the observing pad home with us.

By the time we arrived home, played with the dogs, and settled into bed it was almost midnight.

I had to be up and at the library this morning by 9am for a Friends project. I woke up at 7 and decided I would snooze another half hour or so. Next thing I knew, Malcolm was doing his wake up slurp and attention pawing at 8:30. I jumped out of bed, dressed, made a couple of Ego's, and took off about 8:55.

Several of our volunteers have turned our book sale storage room into a book store. They open it one day a week during the day and one night a month. So far, it has been brining in several hundred dollars a month. Part of the storage room had some junk and stuff that George said could be moved to another storage room.

I did the heavy moving of books, boxes, and other stuff while the other ladies moved out the light stuff. I was finished with my part of the job by 10:30 leaving them to continue organizing books with some of the other volunteers. I left the library for a quick run out to Lowe's to pick up some bags of Scott's fertilizer with crab grass preventive. I need to do both my yard and dads. It can go out anytime between now and April. But, with the end of February and March always being iffy with the weather I wanted to get it out early. Plus, we can have some very warm springlike days during those months that will allow some of the weeds to start growing. Speaking of growing, I noticed while walking around outside today, my bulbs are starting to come up.

On the way home from Lowe's I stopped off at our friends Bonnie's house to drop off a cross stitch project Lenore started but was unable to finish. She has volunteered to finish it for me.

Back home, I fixed lunch before taking the Guys down to play with Emma for a few minutes. The remainder of the afternoon has been spent vacuuming and washing my truck while Bob washed Astro Truck. The temperature right now is just a little over 60 degrees outside. I just mopped both bathroom floors and am waiting on those to dry in order to go take my shower.

I have tons of e-mail to catch up on from yesterday and today. Although it is to be clear tonight I don't think we are going back out observing tonight. We have both had a very busy day coming at the end of a very busy week. Tonight we need to stay home and relax/read plus I need to get to bed early since tomorrow is looking like a good day for golf.


Sunday, 6 February 2005

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Dad and I were at the golf course by 8 this morning but had to wait an hour to tee off due to the heavy frost. That made it 12:30 by the time we finished up. While the weather was sunny the wind was a little brisk making it rather chilly playing the front nine. By the time we got to the back side it had warmed up and the wind had died down some.

After lunch I put out dad's fertilizer then came home and did mine. It was going on 4pm by the time I got upstairs for my shower.

Last night I finished up the Bay Tanner mystery. I enjoy Wall's characters and plot locations as much as I do the story. Her mystery in Judas Island concerns a murder that took place on the island during WWII which the archaeologist who turned up dead, discovered by accident.


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