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Week of 14 March 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 20 March 2005 5:45 p.m.

Monday, 14 March 2005

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Not the way to start your Monday! My alarm clock did not go off this morning. I know I set it last night before I went to bed. Malcolm woke me at 7am licking my face. I was dead sound asleep. At first I thought it was still the weekend then realized it was Monday morning. Bob was getting ready to take the dogs out. I jumped in the shower, fixed a quick breakfast, dressed and was out the door at my usual time.

It took me about an hour to wake up fully once I was at work! Anyway. I will have to investigate things tonight and see what happened to the alarm.

To make matters worse, we were slammed with  tickets this morning, almost 1000, mostly from one person's contact list. It will take most of the week to clear those out.

I had a hair cut appointment at 4pm. We had a quick dinner to allow me to get to the gym. I just worked out on the cardio and weight machines rather than try to make a class.

Over the weekend I read a current Irish mystery by Ann Fallon, Potter's Field, written in 1992. Her amateur sleuth, James Fleming is a solicitor in Dublin. This is fourth book in the series but the first of only two of the six the library has. She has not written one since 2000. It was fair. She goes into a lot of descriptive detail of her characters and places. The book was a little slow at first but improved as I got further into it. James goes to a small artist community to discover why a potter, who had recently moved to Dublin, was murdered. He finds some very strange things going on in the community including the church rector's wife who tends to have control over most everyone's lives who live there.

Well, I mentioned that warm weather we had yesterday. Last night we had a couple of thunderstorms come through which caused the temperature to drop. It was cool and rainy this morning though the sun came out this afternoon and warmed things up a little.

It is to turn cold by the middle of the week.


Tuesday, 15 March 2005

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My alarm clock worked fine this morning. It has two alarms. I set both just in case the first one was malfunctioning. I am not sure what happened when I set it Sunday evening but the first alarm went off as usual.

I am reading the latest book in the Jane Austen mystery series by Stephanie Barron, Jane and His Lordship's Legacy. Jane is left a trunk full of papers and diaries of her Rogue gentleman secret agent Lord Harold Trowbridge who killed at the end of the previous book. Jane has been willed this legacy, much to the dismay of his family, in order to write a posthumous tribute of his life and work. Jane, her mother, sister, and family friend as now residing in Chawton Cottage which is owned by her brother. The cottage and grounds were given to her brother by a wealthy relation. On the same day Jane and her mother move into the cottage Jane discovers the body of a laborer in the cellar. As Jane works to solve the murder she must continue to fight the objections of the Lord Trowbridge's family over inheritance of the trunk.

Not much else in the way of news. The weather folks seem to think we will get some sort of falling precipitation starting tonight in the form of rain/ice/snow.


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

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We have a rain, snow, and sleet off and on for most of the day. It was too warm for anything to stick on the ground. More of the same predicted for tomorrow.

I am still slammed at work. Much to do not enough time. This morning I had my six month dental cleaning and exam. All is fine. I made it work by 9:15. I left at 3:45 to get home with enough time to fix dinner and make it to the 5:30 step class.

I made up part of my time yesterday and will make up the remaining time tomorrow and Friday.

Have a great evening.


Thursday, 17 March 2005

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Happy St. Patrick's Day. Like my friend Marcia, I too am Orange Irish rather than Catholic green.

We woke up to not quite a winter wonderland but we had some wet snow on the lawn and roof tops. The roads were wet with some slush. While the temperatures hovered all day above freezing the wind was wicked.

By the time I had left work  at 3:30 most of the precipitation had stopped and what was on the ground had melted. I made the weekly library and grocery store run on the way home.

Guess that is about all the news for tonight.


Friday, 18 March 2005

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After yesterday's cold weather today warmed nicely into the mid-50's. I picked Bob up after work to head out for dinner at the little diner then make a trip to Wal-Mart. Bob sat in the car and read while I went in to pick up a few things.

I did not feel like battling rush hour traffic between 4:30 and 5:30 out to Wal-Mart directly from work.

I am still reading the Jane Austen. This one is pretty good. I have just been too tired and sleepy at night to stay up very late to read.

An update on my mom. She is still not doing very well despite a change in medication and out patient therapy.

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, 19 March 2005

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Greetings on a lovely Saturday afternoon. I was up and off to the gym at 8:20. Back home, I took the dogs out for a quick walk that turned into an hour and a half neighborhood visit.

As we walked down the street I talked with our neighbor who has a relative in the hospital. On the way back we stopped to chat with our next door neighbor on one side. In a few minutes Paula from across the street came over with her dog Max so we stood around and talked. As we were heading in the other next door neighbor came out with her two little ones who like to see the dogs. As we were standing and talking Mimi and Sean came over. We moved to Mimi's back driveway area so I could put Duncan and Malcolm in the fence with Emma and the puppy Oscar.

We stood around and chatted while the kids played around us and the dogs entertained themselves inside the fence. Malcolm's leg is getting better but I do not want him to play ball outside and risk skidding on his leg. We are doing some light ball playing in the house but not as much as usual.

I decided it was time to bring my dogs home for a rest and some water. Our neighborhood is making somewhat of a comeback. When we first moved in 17 years ago our street and the surrounding ones included older couples with grown children as well as a lot of families with small to young adult age.

As time passed a lot of the older folks moved out as well as some of the couples our age who moved on for various reasons. Like the house next door which sat empty for several years except for the brief time it was rented by the Wake students, many houses were being purchased by folks not keeping them in good repair or they sat empty.

Now we have the nice young couple next door with two small kids plus Steve and Mimi with their little boy. Down the street is an older lady but her daughter and grand daughter live with her.

It is nice now to be able to go out and visit with the neighbors again and get to know everyone.

Before starting the usual house cleaning chores I fixed lunch first. It was about 2pm when I finally sat down here at my desk. As usual, I have piled stuff on top all week that now needs sorting as well as e-newsletters, etc. Some bill paying and check book balancing are in the works for later this afternoon or early evening.

Last night I stayed up until I finished the Jane Austen. Jane and His Lordship's Legacy was one of her better efforts in the series.

It is warm, mid-fifties with some light clouds moving in. I think we have a small chance of a shower this afternoon and tonight.


Sunday, 20 March 2005

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Lazy spring day! We usually have two types of weather on the first day of spring. It will either be really cold with falling precipitation or really warm with highs in the 60's. Today we had the latter. Dad and I played golf this morning. It was a little cool on the front side since we teed off about 7:30 but it warmed up on the back nine although the wind picked up a bit.

After lunch and a visit I came home with very good intentions of spending my afternoon here getting some work done. You know the old saying about good intentions...!

After my shower I put the towels in to wash then sat down to read the paper and watch the basketball game. NC State was playing in the first game. While Bob went back to rest and read on the bed I flipped back and forth between the game and the NASCAR race. State won which was followed by the UNC game. At that point I was switching between the race, the game, and golf. I lost interest in the race but flipped back and forth between the game and golf.

At least while I was "watching" I was also reading my Bark magazine. I fixed a light dinner while we watched the first part of the Duke game which is in the first half now.

While I really needed to work this afternoon I think I needed the afternoon of rest and mind numbing sports just to relax both brain and body.

Last night I started a new author for me, encouraged by Bob, Peter Robinson's  Chief Inspector Alan Banks series.  Having read through about half of the second book in the series but the first one available in the library, A Dedicated Man, I surmised this series will be very similar to Dorothy Simpson's Luke Thanet. Set in the small town in Yorkshire, England, Banks has left his job in the big city of London to take the Chief Inspector job and to enjoy the supposedly quiet life of the country.

However, he is finding murder happens even in the quiet hills of Yorkshire. Banks has to solve the murder of a local historian found buried under a wall in the town of Swainsdale. Known for his gentle and kind nature Banks has to look hard at his list of suspects for a reason to kill such a well like man. Local teen Sally Lumb, at sixteen, finds murder investigations something of a thrill and decides she will solve the case on her own perhaps putter herself in line to be the next victim.

If you like British cozy mysteries I will go ahead and recommend this series based on this first book I am now reading.


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