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Week of 21 March 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 27 March 2005 12:30 p.m.

Monday, 21 March 2005

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I sat up last reading until I finished the Peter Robinson. Very good read. Not sure what I am in the mood to start tonight from my rather large TBR pile.

It was another fine day here in the Triad. I took my usual lunch time constitutional around 11:30 and it was already in the low 60's. This evening it was off to the gym as usual.

Not much else in the way of news. We are, as usual, very busy at work.

This will most likely be my last weekend before having to add weekly yard work to my schedule. In addition to the usual mowing, edging, etc I have a couple of small landscape projects I want to do in both the front and back. But, I love to be outside working so I really don't mind. In the spring keeping up with the fast growing grass can be difficult but things settle down around the end of May.


Tuesday, 22 March 2005

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The gas station I normally get my gas is located next to my bank. Today, on the way home, I stopped to fill the tank then went next door to take out a small loan to cover the cost!!! Geesh!  Here is my theory on the gas prices:

The recent trend of bashing those of us who drive some type of SUV makes me think the government/environmentalists are behind the high prices of gas in order to get people to go buy the smaller cars that get higher gas mileage. Now, I am not one to believe that Hummer's are a necessity around town but whether or not you drive a Ford Explorer, Toyota Land Cruiser, or something the size of our Troopers it is no one's business but the car owner.  Oh well, off my soap box now!

We have rain moving in tonight and tomorrow. It was much cooler and very windy today. Perhaps we may even hear a rumble of thunder.


Wednesday, 23 March 2005

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Mother Nature has been very busy in our area of the country today. This morning, around 6:10am a very bright flash, visible with my eyes closed, warned me of an approaching storm. Several minutes later I heard the thunder about the time the alarm went off. At the same time I made a quick dash for the shower Duncan levitated onto the bed behind Bob, just as he sat up, and Malcolm barked.

While I showered Bob took the dogs out and grabbed the newspaper. It was raining when I left for work but the thunder and lightning had subsided. As I got closer to downtown, where I work, it was raining harder so I guess I followed it in.

This afternoon when I left work the sun was shinning with the temperatures in the mid 60's. I did not take a lunch today so I could leave at 3:30. I needed to stop at both the library and the grocery store, get home to fix dinner, and go to the gym

As I came out of the library the skies were looking dark west and north of us. When I left the grocery store the skies were just about black over head and Very black back to the west.

It started raining and thundering while we unloaded the car. We turned the local news on while I was cooking dinner. We were under a thunderstorm watch then warning as small hail started to come down and the winds picked up. I quickly assemble dinner while Bob took utinsels, drinks, etc. down to the basement. We ate our dinner downstairs while we watched the local news track the storm. Some areas around us had baseball/golf ball sized hail that made the ground look like it had snowed. Several reports of funnel clouds came in as the storm moved off to the east.

It was now six o'clock. By the time we came back upstairs, cleaned up, fed and walked the dogs, it was too late to bother with the gym. Plus, I have a slight case of whatever coughing/sneezing/congestion crap has been going around. I feel fine but have had laryngitis for several days and a dry cough periodically. I very rarely get sick but am lucky enough to usually just come down with a mild case of what everybody else is passing around when I do.

I am reading another book in the series with the Irish barrister who enjoys trains and solving murders. This one is not as good as the first one I read but I will go ahead and finish now that I have started it.


Thursday, 24 March 2005

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Not sure if it's a cold or allergy at this point but I have sneezed and blown my nose all day. I left at 3:00 this afternoon to meet up with my friend Betsy. One of our friends from the library was seriously injured in a car accident last weekend while visiting their daughter and son-in-law out of town. All four were in the car returning from dinner when a car crossed the median. It spun them which in caused them to be plowed into on the side by the car behind. Thankfully everyone is now home recuperating. Betsy and I took dinner and stayed for an hour or so to visit. She will be out of work for a long while. While the seat belts caused a lot of the internal damage to both Nancy and Carl they most likely saved their lives.

Last night I started the most recent John Dunning mystery The Sign of the Book.  Dunning's lead character, Cliff Janeway, is the former cop turned rare book dealer. This is an excellent series.

Well, for many of you tomorrow will be the start of a three day weekend. Not so for me, it will be work as usual.


Friday, 25 March 2005

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We have beautiful weather this afternoon. I took the Guys down for a visit with Mimi, her son, and their dogs for about half an hour. After dinner, Bob and I took the dogs back out to visit next door with Stephanie and her little girls until about 6pm.

I don't think I can remember so many shirt sleeve days in the month of March in a long time.

I went to bed early last night. While I did not feel 100% this morning I was over the sneezing, coughing, and runny nose. Tonight I shall relax, read, and watch at least the first game of the NCAA with State playing. Doubt I will stay up late enough to watch Carolina play.


Saturday, 26 March 2005

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I was up and on the road at 7pm to drive down to Charlotte for the annual flyball tournament. I always go down for the day to sell merchandise for CBCR. We usually do a pretty good business plus some good PR. There are always one or two folks who come up to tell me about a BC they have adopted from us, etc.

Bob, Paul and Mary attended a memorial service for Steve's mom, who died earlier in the week. She was 88. Steve and his family were on vacation when she took sick and had to return home early.

I got home about 5, unloaded the car and took a shower. As I was walking the dogs Bob came home. I fixed pizza for dinner then I had to go down and let Emma and Oscar out. Mimi and Steve are away for the evening and did not want Oscar to stay crated for more than three hours. I feed them before letting them out to play and run around with my guys until Oscar finally did his business. What a good puppy.

The rain has held off so far today but will be coming in tonight and tomorrow.


Sunday, 27 March 2005

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Happy Easter. It is a wet, dreary, and cold Easter Sunday, not at all unusual when Easter falls this early. Guess we lucky it is not snow.

I spent this morning doing the usual house cleaning chores. I have "things to do" at my desk/computer this afternoon before going over to Frances and Al's later this afternoon for dinner. I will bring a plate back for Bob. He is hard at work on the book and seems to be coming down with what I had on Thursday.

Hope you have a great day.


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