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Week of 4 April 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 10 April 2005 7:30 p.m.

Monday, 4 April 2005

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It has been a beautiful spring day here in the Triad. Temperatures in the mid 70's although it is still windy. Nothing exciting happening at work.

I did go to the gym but worked out on my own rather than doing a class.

Last night I started the last and most recent Sister Fidelma in my TBR stack, Badger's Moon.

The final game of the NCAA begins tonight at 9pm. That is my targeted bed time for reading so I shall watch the game in bed.

The book is in the final stages of completion.

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 5 April 2005

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I left work at 2pm this afternoon to take advantage of the beautiful weather to get some yard work done. After mowing and edging I put about 240 pounds of lime. During the middle of spreading I took a break to take the dogs down to visit with Mimi's for a few minutes.

While I was working on the lawn Bob and Paul were doing pictures of his hacks for the book. Bob and Paul finished up sometime while I was still in the back spreading. When I finished liming I stopped to fix dinner which was around 5pm. We did the after dinner walk with the Guys then I went back outside to spray weed killer in the back natural area and sweep up while Bob cleaned up the kitchen.

I finished up around 7 having completely run out of gas.

UNC did win the Final Four. I sat up watching and reading the Sister Fidelma until the very end which was about 11:15.

While I do hate the way DST messes up everyone's body clock it does make it nice to have enough time in the evenings to get the spring/summer yard work done.


Wednesday, 6 April 2005

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Bob was on a conference call when I came in from work. I took the dogs out back to visit with Stephanie and the kids next door. He came out to let me know he was off around 5pm. After a quick dinner we set up downstairs for more pictures.

We took turns holding or shooting pictures of the Dob mirror being disassembled and reassembled to show how to clean the mirror and finding and marking the middle of the mirror for collimating.

We are in the middle of the process while Bob transfers pictures to make sure he has good ones before we put everything back together.


Thursday, 7 April 2005

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Friday, 8 April 2005

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The Firm is cutting some positions and out sourcing others. I was last one hired on IA team so naturally when one of those positions was cut I was the one to go. We found out yesterday. After they told me I was offered a chance to leave for the day and come home but instead went back downstairs to continue working.

They have given us until June 15 to find something for those who wish to stay that long or until they find another job. With my skill set, my supervisor is hoping I can get another position within the Firm. He and HR have been extremely supportive and professional. The Firm is bringing in a company to help the tech folks find jobs. I will sit in on the meetings but I doubt seriously if my job skills will fit with the types of jobs they will be looking to help fill. But, I get free resume help should I not find something internally before the first of June.

I did not call Bob since I knew he was in the middle of getting the last few chapters of the book finished up. I went on to the library and grocery store after work. Last night I was pretty used up emotionally and mentally to have the energy to even try to put up a post. I went to work today as usual. Until I find something I will continue in my present job as usual. In my opinion if I act like a professional in the way I handle myself during this time period I stand a better chance of being offered something should a opening come along.

As you can imagine I did not sleep very well last night. By this afternoon the stress of the whole situation plus lack of sleep I was again pretty wasted. When I got home it appeared we had a brief period of sunshine and clearing before the next wave of rain rolled in. I went out and quickly got the lawn mowed in anticipation of being able to put out my weed and feed in the morning. It is supposed to clear up sometime tomorrow with no rain for at least 24 hours. After I finished up we drove over to our friend Steve's house to try and catch a little of the solar eclipse but by the time we got over there the clouds had started rolling back in. As we were standing talking the bottom fell out. We ran back to the car and drove out to Subway to grab some sandwiches for dinner to eat back here.

I finished up the Sister Fidelma. As usual, Treymane left up hanging at the end of the book. He always leaves one or two unresolved issues with Fidelma and a crisis in the last paragraph.

I started another Peter Lovesey but this time in his modern day series staring Peter Diamond set in Bath, England. I am reading the first one in the series written in 1991. I picked up six or seven books from the library which among those are some new books in several of my favorite series.

After I check my mail I shall call an evening and try to rest and relax. It has been a rough couple of days. But, on the bright side, Bob has almost finished the book!


Saturday, 9 April 2005

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We were up at 7am to a jump on a very busy day. Mother Nature did not cooperate during the night. We had no rain and no dew because of the moderate winds.

After reading the paper and eating a bowl of cereal I started on the house cleaning and started a load of bed linens while Bob continued with wrapping up the book.

 After house cleaning I went outside to water down the lawn then put out my weed and feed as planned. By 10:45 I had finished up in the yard. We ate an early lunch before I dried the bed sheets and wash both of Duncan's dog beds.

After Bob and I reorganized and loaded astro-truck I came up and took my shower.

This afternoon we are heading up to Bullington to participate in an FAS event then get in a couple of hours of observing.

Although it is still windy this afternoon the temperatures have climbed nicely into the mid-60's. The winds are supposed to die down by tonight.


Sunday, 10 April 2005

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Picture perfect day! Spring the Carolina's can not be better typified than what we had for our weather today. Dad and I teed off this morning at 7:30 under clear blue skies, 45 degrees and 0 winds. By the sixth hole I had removed my sweatshirt being comfortable in shirt sleeves at the temperatures quickly climbed into the low 60's.

After lunch I mowed the the back for dad. Yesterday the cable on his mower broke. Al brought over their mower and mowed the front and part of the back for him.

After a quick shower I went down to Mimi's. She was hosting one of those Souther Living Home shows for a friend. She only invited a few of us from the neighborhood and some friends from work. I am not usually too keen in attending these types of things but knowing Mimi she would keep it real informal and low key, which she did.

After it was over Stephenie from next door, who also attended, her girls and husband plus Bob and the dogs stood outside and talked for awhile. It was just pretty to be indoors today.

Bob and I went out for dinner the Chinese restaurant to celebrate finishing up the book.

Last night we also finished up our Deep Sky Binocular list finding the last of the remaining ten objects we needed about 11:30. Since the dogs had been left since 3pm we packed up and came on home despite the fact that conditions were almost perfect for finding things. I guess I was in bed by 1am and of course back up at 6:30 to play to golf.

All in all, it has been a great weekend.


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