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Week of 2 May 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 8 May 2005 8:00 p.m.

Monday, 2 May 2005

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Bob and I watched the first episode of the new Miss Marple mysterys currently running on our local PBS station. Reviews of the remake of the series have been discussed on the mystery discussion list Dorothy L. Some have liked it while others have hated it with other opinions in between the two. Who knows why the director/writer decided to redo a mystery series that has been done before I don't know. For me, rather than compare it to the old one, I just watch it as a new series and enjoy the show as it is.

As soon as I finish up this post and write a few checks we will watch another episode.

Last night I finished reading the Carolyn Hart. Bob did not like it but I enjoyed it. While she is not as good as some of the other authors we read I enjoy her books.

 Tonight I will start another Peter Lovesey, Diamond Solitaire.


Tuesday, 3 May 2005

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Not much in the way of news other than I did make it to the gym this evening.

The weather has continued to be cool and sunny. I think it is supposed to warm up by the weekend.

The dogs are fine. Duncan's hair has grown back over his bald spot plus continues to thicken up where it had been thin and wiry. Malcolm limps a little if he has had a lot of running around outside but is doing fine otherwise.


Wednesday, 4 May 2005

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No update


Thursday, 5 May 2005

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Last night, by the time I came home, fixed dinner, went to the drug and grocery store, and checked my mail it was going on 9pm. I was too tired to put up a post.

I spend all day today at our off site storage company. We are getting ready to destroy old paper files, doing record cleanup in our database, and other similar tasks. Jackie and I had to go check 156 boxes for various files that needed to be pulled and/or entire boxes for destruction separating those from boxes that needed to go back to storage. She sent a list of boxes to them Tuesday to pull for us from storage which were placed in a big room where we could work.

We finished up about 4:15. Jackie called Steve who told us we could leave to go home rather than come into the office. By the time we would have arrived it would have been close to going home time anyway. The off site storage company is located in an the old Western Electric plant which closed once WE was sold to AT&T. The building sat empty for many years before a local businessman started an off site storage company.

I came home and picked up Bob to drive out to the diner for dinner. Afterwards I went on out to Lowe's to pick up a hanging basket for mom for Mother's Day.

It remains unseasonably cool with temperatures barely making it to 60 today. We never did get the rain but there is still a chance tonight and tomorrow morning.


Friday, 6 May 2005

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It has been another busy week especially the last two. We were very busy today in the Records Center. I does not help that I sat up until 11:30 last night finishing up the Peter Diamond. At first I did not think I was going to like it but a third of the way through I got into the story and started enjoying it.

Diamond gets fired from Harrods for allowing a little mute, 6 year old Japanese girl remain in his department after closing hours causing a terrorist alarm to go off summoning the police. Tired of staying home with nothing do to he decided to follow up on the little girl when he reads in the newspaper she has not been identified/claimed after several weeks.

His investigation gets him involved with the local school for special children where she is being kept. Diamond starts visiting with her on a daily basis to try to make a breakthrough in communicating with her. He eventually discovers her acute talent for drawing things as she sees them. In his efforts to find the girls mother he takes her on a live television program hoping her parents or someone recognizes her. A sumo wrestler just happens to catch the show while in London for a match. He summons the girl and Diamond to his hotel room and gives Diamond carte blanch with his credit card for all expenses incurred to help the girl. The next day she is kidnapped from the school.

Peter takes off on the Concord for New York where he traces her. There he ends up in a wide variety of circumstances along with the NYPD in trying to capture the kidnappers. It turns out a national drug company, trying to make a comeback has ties to the whole plot of the missing little girl.

About midway into the book I got so interested I could hardly put it down. I just had to sit up last night to read to the end to find out what happened.

The skies are looking somewhat favorable to get in some observing tonight. We go out if things look decent close to dark. We finally got a little rain overnight. At lunch time I walked to the bank and nearly got blown off my feet. With the temperatures in the mid 50's and 20mph winds it was wicked outside. This afternoon the sun came out, the wind dropped, and it has warmed up a little into the 60's


Saturday, 7 May 2005

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It has been a busy day as usual. We did sleep in until 7:45 since we did not get to bed until after midnight. While the weather forecast was not overly positive we drove on up to Bullington anyway. Sure enough, just as it got dark enough, around 9:45, to start observing little fluffy clouds starting rolling in from the northwest. We waited around until 11 but the clouds continued to get thicker as the night progressed. We did get a good look at Jupiter earlier in the evening but that was about all.

I started off this morning with spinning class then did the house cleaning. We ate an early lunch around 11:30 before I started the project downstairs. After lunch I spent about 3 hours cleaning out and piling up junk for next weeks trash pickup and/or Goodwill. In the area where I normally park my car in the garage it is now filled with stuff to be hauled off. While sorting I also flattened an entire Trooper load of card board boxes.

I took those over to the recycling  bins stopping by the cellular phone store on the way home to pick up another 90 day phone card. Back home, I mowed the lawn before finishing up around 4pm.

The PGA tour is playing over in Charlotte this weekend and NASCAR is down in Darlington, SC tonight. Guess I will spend the remainder of the evening relaxing, reading, and watching golf and racing.


Sunday, 8 May 2005

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If you are a mom I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. We went over to Frances and Al's for a cookout of burgers, dogs, and chicken. Al was not home yet from Charlotte. The weather has been wonderful all day. Dad and I teed of about 7:20. It was little cool until the sun got up higher, about the fifth or sixth hole. I was wearing shorts and short sleeve shirt. It got a little breezy on the back nine. We were finished by 11.

I did not stay for lunch since we would see them for dinner. This afternoon the dogs got their spring bath. As soon as went downstairs in my bathrobe and slippers with towels the guys knew what was going to happen. We could not get them to come downstairs even after luring them with treats. I had to physically drag Malcolm from his crate, where he ran to hide, and pull him down the hall by the collar.

Duncan gives up once he gets downstairs and comes in the shower without an argument. Once I get Malcolm in the bathroom with the door shut and the shower door open he pretty much goes on in as well. After I showered and dressed I open the garage door to let the floor dry and also to let the dogs lay outside in the sunshine to help dry them off. While they dried off I worked on the basement for a little while.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon doing computer stuff until it was time to leave for my sisters.


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