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Week of 16 May 2005

Latest Update: Saturday, 21, May 2005 5:00 p.m.

Monday, 16 May 2005

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Bob took a picture of our boxes piled along the curb. Most, if not all of them, came from our attic. The big stuff from the basement like metal cabinets and wooden tables was picked up by the scavengers. I was so tired of looking at all that mess when I had to go up in the attic to get something I decided it was time to throw it out.

<>Not only was the stuff packed and stacked on the small finished area but also on the insulation between the rafters. All the stuff up there was covered in sawdust and wood chunks including my luggage. Once I managed to get all the major stuff out I swept off the finished board area and cleaned off the stuff we were keeping up there.

It was an otherwise busy as usual day at work. The weather today has been perfect, not too hot or cold. Tonight after dinner despite having a lot of things to do in my office, we visited next door with the kids, Stephanie, and Mimi who were all outside for about an hour.


Tuesday, 17 May 2005

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No Update.


Wednesday, 18 May 2005

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Not much in the way of news. Bob and I have FAS meeting tonight. We are meeting Paul for dinner before the meeting.

The City picked up all our junk from the curb today. Looks much better needless to say.

The weather has turned coolish at night but warms up to the low 80's by late afternoon which always creates those outside chance of storms.


Thursday, 19 May 2005

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I left work at noon today in order get some things done. I managed to get several things crossed off my list including the grocery shopping. After quickly unloading I took off again for my 4pm appointment at Tim's to get the oil changed/car serviced, etc.

Just as I got to Tim's a decent sized thunderstorm started rolling in. As I sit here checking mail it continues to rain and thunder. We really need the rain. In a few minutes I will take off again to complete some more errands on my list before meeting Betsy. We are driving out to Clemmons to meet our friend Nancy for dinner. She was in the auto accident back in March. She is now working half days while under going therapy but feels like getting out for dinner. We will be about five minutes from her house so she will not have to drive very far to the restaurant.

Last night I was finally able to stay awake long enough to finish the Peter Robinson, Inspector Diamond mystery Hanging Valley.

The FAS program was rather interesting last night. This is the second talk we have heard from an associate professor at UNC-CH. He has about six degrees in various subjects ranging from math to astronomy. Several years ago he developed a software program demonstrating the astronomical uses of Stonehenge. For a young man, most likely in his mid-thirties, he is very impressive. His wife is an anthropologist. We left after the program ended, around 9pm, so we could get home to walk the dogs and get to bed before too late.


Friday, 29 May 2005

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Time to relax. It has been a very long week with today being a very busy and tiring one as well. Tonight I shall relax and read the next book in the Peter Lovesey series featuring ex-cop from Bath, Peter Diamond. I read two chapters last night just to see how it started since I was so late getting into bed after being out for dinner.

We had a wonderful dinner last night at a very nice, small Italian restaurant. It was about 6:45 when we Betsy and I got there. Nancy had already arrived to get us a table. We did not leave until almost 8:30. It was fun to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal while catching up on all our news. After I dropped Betsy off it was almost 9 when I got home. After I played some ball and we walked the dogs it was well after ten by the time I got to bed.

We had more rain over night but the total amount looks to be only about half an inch. It rained a little this morning on the way to work and was raining lightly tonight when we walked the dogs.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. While I have some things to get done I do not plan on working as hard as I did last weekend!


Saturday, 21 May 2005

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Taking it easy for a change. Bob got up with the dogs sometime after 7:30. I slept in until 8:15. I planned to get some minor stuff done today but nothing major with full intentions of having a restful day overall. I have been pushing it pretty hard lately and need a nice relaxing day.

The new covers for the sofa and love seat cushions for our This End Up furniture finally came in earlier this week. They have been on order for several months. We had an old set of the large cushions stored downstairs with the original foam. When I ordered replacement covers for those I ordered new foam for just the large ones we sit on, not the backs or ottoman covers.

We brought up the old seats to put the new covers on now that they have had many years of "rest". The backs I rotate around swapping them out periodically with the ottomans since they are the same size. The new covers look really nice. When I ordered fabric swatches to look at I chose dark colors in order to hide the dirt and stains caused by both dogs and humans. When I called to make the order I had narrowed down my choices to two. I asked the lady which one she recommended based on our wear and tear and she suggested the one we have. They also applied some type of heavy duty stain repellent. I will take some pictures and post them Monday so you can see how they look.

After getting the furniture back together I did the house cleaning. After lunch I caught up on my ironing. The remainder of the day I shall spend sitting here at my computer doing stuff and resting.

It is a picture perfect day with clear blue skies and cook temperatures in the mid-70's. We ended up only getting about half an inch of rain but what we did get washed everything. All the trees and flowers look bright and green against the blue sky. It is a little breezy at times. Today was indoor day tomorrow will be outdoor day.


Sunday, 22 May 2005

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Another gorgeous day in May. Dad and I had to play the short course this morning due to our regular course being occupied with a tournament. It was actually cool enough that I had to wear long pants although I was wearing a short sleeved shirt. Temperatures started out in the low 50's but by the time we finished, around 10:30 it had warmed up to into the 70's.

Mom fixed a great lunch, Frances also joined us, and we had a nice visit. As soon as I got home, around 12:15 I changed into shorts and old t-short to get started on the yard. Bob blew out the gutters first then I had to clean all that mess up by blowing/sweeping up the debris from the deck, sidewalks, and drive. Afterward I gave all the bushes their spring trimming including the massive row of forsythia along the drive that belongs to the neighbor. If I don't cut it back it grows over our drive and in our way when we pull in around back to the garage.

Of course, that creates yet another mess to clean up. Some of the cuttings I mowed up when I did the yard the remainder had to swept up and piled on the street. The yard cart was filled with grass clippings, etc.

After mowing I had to edge then do a final sweep and clean. It was almost five by the time I finished and yep, you guessed it, I am beat! At least it wasn't real hot but man, the pollen is BAD. When I was blowing the pollen dust was going everywhere.

I did not get around to fertilizing the azaleas and dogwoods. I may get a second wind after dinner and do that, it will not take very long.


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