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Week of 13 June 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 19 June 2005 1:30 p.m.

Monday, 13 June 2005

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First, be sure and take note of my new picture. The picture on my previous pages I started using when I began my diary page in 1999. It was actually taken in 1996 by a studio photographer. We took this one while visiting at the Bilbrey's.

By the way, I added a new link for Ogunquit. The one I used earlier in the week was not a good web site.

Now, I will share some of the highlights from my trip to Ogunquit, Maine. Below are just three of the twenty or so pictures I took of the Maine coastline. While they do some beaches along the coast the majority looks very much like this. Lots of beautiful rock formations, inlets, etc. These are from the beach in Ogunquit which was about a fifteen minute walk from our hotel. Several of us walked down the Sunday afternoon after we arrived. A walking path runs above and along the coastline with benches for sitting and enjoying the view. I took these photos from that walkway.

It was too far for some of our group to walk including my folks. Later in the week we were given tokens to ride the trolley for those who could not walk. 


On the walk back to the hotel we passed this house along the way and just had to take a picture. We stayed at the Meadowmere for our three nights in Ogunquit. 


On Monday morning we were greeted by 50 degree temperatures and pelting rain. Unfortunately our first stop was the Portland Head Light. As you can see from my pictures it was not a very good day to be outside along the coast. After seeing the light and having a chance to stop in the gift shop we drove on took a bus tour of Portland before being dropped off in the downtown Portland area for shopping and lunch on our own. After lunch we boarded the bus for the short ride to the Longfellow House. We have a wonderful tour of the house where Longfellow lived during his younger years. Once we arrived in Portland to walk around and tour for our lunch time and at the Longfellow house the rain had gone away although it remained cool and cloudy.

On the way back to Ogunquit we stopped at Len Libby famous chocolate shop where the largest Chocolate Moose was made named Lenny. Everyone on the bus had free ice cream and off course we all bought some of their wonderful chocolates and other assorted candy.


On Tuesday we had some free time in Kennebuckport to shop and eat lunch. In the afternoon we had a great time at the Seashore Trolley Museum. Mom and dad are sitting inside the trolley we rode on actual train tracks that no longer used of the Atlantic Shore Line. Our motor coach driver rode up front to watch the engineers steer the trolley. The next pictures are of some of the old trolley they have acquired.


The first picture is of a an open trolley with tiered seats for touring. And of course that's dad talking with one of the museum guides in front of the trolley we rode. 


Tuesday afternoon we drove to York, Maine to see the Nubble Light House.
We then drove on to Foster's Clambake which gave each one of us these silly hats to wear. Yes, that's mom and dad doing a photo-op modeling the hats.


Wednesday was spent driving to our overnight stop in PA. Thursday, on the way home we had a wonderful bus tour of Washington, DC which included eating lunch in Union Station and stopping for pictures at the Iwo Jima Memorial.


As you can see, we saw and did a lot in five days.


Tuesday, 14 June 2005

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Bob and I have been watching old episodes of Upstairs Downstairs the last few nights. I think tonight we finishing up the first season. I told him after that I need to get in some major reading time as I am getting behind in my library book reading. I read the new Donna Andrews Meg series at the Bilbrey's as well as the newest in the quilting series.

I took two library books on my trip, a Peter Robinson and a Peter Lovesey. Both were excellent. I am now reading the newest Cynthia Riggs which features the 92 year old sleuth in Martha's Vineyard.

The forecast for today was highs in the low 90's but it never did reach those. I mowed the lawn when I got home and it was not too bad. The humidity is low enough along with the breeze to keep outdoor activities tolerable.


Wednesday, 15 June 2005

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We had astronomy club meeting tonight. Bob and I left for the library and dinner shortly after I arrived home from work.

The weather continues to be hot but not too humid making the somewhat bearable outside.

Gotta run. The dogs need to play some ball before bedtime.


Thursday, 16 June 2005

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I finished up the Cynthia Riggs last night and started the newest Arron Elkins, Where There's A Will. Elkins, Gideon Oliver series is one of the best mystery series you can read. His newest book is set in Hawaii where he is visiting with his FBI friend at a family cattle ranch. Gideon finds himself helping out the family identify/confirm the bones located in a plane that went down ten years ago are indeed a member of this family.

As Bob mentioned on his page I have been battling a horrid sinus infection since my return from Maine. As you know, I am very rarely sick and have, in fact, avoided any sinus infections for major proportions for several years now.

By Sunday night I was feeling bad but not awful but Monday it progressed into a nasty cough, stopped up head, sore throat, and tight chest. Worst of all, I had no appetite. Let me tell you, when I don't want to eat there is something major wrong with me!

I do not like to take antibiotics for minor things like sinus infections but I felt like this one was heading toward being very bad. Having just returned from vacation I did not want to be out sick or take time off to go to the doctor who would most likely prescribe prescription cough medicine and tell me to continue taking my prescription decongestants, allergy medications, etc. Don't get me wrong. I have a great doctor and like him. But why do to all that bother when I knew we had something to treat it in the house.

Over the years we have saved a lot of various antibiotic prescriptions as well as other medications given to Lenore or members of the family who could not take them for one reason or another. Bob is not a doctor but he knows medications. By Tuesday evening I was so miserable I brought up the bag of pills and demanded he find something to knock this crap out of my chest and head.

Today, I feel the best I have felt since Sunday but am still not back 100%. I shall continue to follow Bob's prescribed course of treatment.


Friday, 17 June 2005

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Whew. I so glad Friday finally got here. After a week of trying to play catch up at work while fighting this nasty infection I am ready to have a couple of days off.

The weather has turned wonderful with clear blue skies and temperatures in the low 80's after the hot nasties earlier in the week.

We shall spend the evening resting and reading. I picked up takeout Stromboli for dinner on the way home.

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, 18 June 2005

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Happy Saturday to everyone. My "crud" is much better not gone away enough that I could go to the gym this morning for spinning class. I still have a fairly wicked cough and still sound like a frog when I talk.

I did get the usual house cleaning accomplished including mopping the bathroom and kitchen floors while also washing the comforter on our bed and the mattress cover.

After lunch I ran a couple of errands to the library and pet store. While we were visiting the Bilbrey's Duncan spent most of his time laying outside in their yard. As a matter of fact, we often had to force him to come inside.

Back before we got Malcolm we used to let Duncan lie outside in the front yard attached to a rope and tie out. He would stay out for hours only barking at things like other dogs or the mailman. I am not sure why we stopped except that Malcolm does not like to be outside unless someone is out with him. I guess it was easier to just have them both in.

Today I bought a new tie out and rope to try letting Duncan lie in the back yard. Bob can take him down for their morning out and attach him to his tie out and leave for a few hours to enjoy being outside, weather permitting of course. He also has water in case he gets thirsty. We will see out it goes. I put him out a little bit ago and just checked on him. He seems to be asleep in the shade, contented, at least for now anyway.

I some work to do in my office, organize my desk, etc. this afternoon. The weather is warm and sunny but not too hot. It looked like rain when I left to run my errands but the sun is back out now.


Sunday, 19 June 2005

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Happy Father's Day. Dad and I did not play golf this morning. The weather forecast was for morning showers followed by afternoon thunderstorms. We slept in unto 8. I looked out the window and the sun was shinning bright as ever. While Bob took the dogs out I came out to retrieve the newspaper making a comment about how clear and sunny it was. About that time a loud clap of thunder came from the south side of town where my folks live. It looked like they were indeed getting a storm. However, it blew past them pretty quick and has remained sunny and pleasant the remainder of the day.

While Bob did the laundry I organized a couple of closets and packed some stuff away that had been downstairs.

My lawn mower is still not running right. Bob pulled the spark plug this morning. From the way it looked we determined that was most likely the problem. I drove out the parts store to retrieve a new one. Once install, the mower ran great, until about ten minutes later after it got hot. Once again, it started running rough but I was able to finish the lawn. I do not know much about small engine repair but I feel certain the problem is either in the oil or the carburetor. We drained and added new oil last so I am not sure what is going on.

This afternoon my plans are to watch the race from Michigan and the U. S. Open golf from Pinehurst, NC while catching up on a rather large pile of reading materials I have fallen behind in from being gone on vacation.

We are going over to Frances' later this afternoon for a cook out.


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