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Week of 27 June 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 3 July 2005 3:45 p.m.

Monday, 27 June 2005

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I had intended to go to the gym tonight but did not need to after a rather rigorous day at work. Jackie and I moved something around 170 plus boxes today from various locations to temporary storage shelves in our area. Most of those came from a one case. 

It took most of the afternoon which by 4:30 not only was I tired but hot and sweaty as well.  

The weather is hot and humid. We had several thunderstorms during the day although they did not produce much in the way of rain either downtown or here at home.

On the way home I stopped at the vets and picked up some Rimadyl for Duncan. He is showing increasing signs of problems with his left hip/leg which I am sure is just arthritis with a little bit of dysplasia. When we had his hip x rayed a number of years ago the left one did show some separation.

I did finish the Stephanie Plum last night and passed it along to Bob. Next, I started another Mary Daheim, the second book in her bed and breakfast series. Again, I just picked up all they had on the shelf at the library and am starting with the second book. These, like her Alpine series, are very light reading. Although the bed and breakfast series are set in Seattle, WA, this book is actually starting out in Port Royal, British Columbia where Judith McMonigle, the main character and her cousin are spending a few days of R & R before the Thanksgiving holiday. Now a widow, Judith moved back to her old home place to live with her mom and turned it into the B & B.

Her books are short and light, good for picking up between the Robinson and Lovesey type series.


Tuesday, 28 June 2005

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We had a couple of storms roll through last night resulting in about half an inch of much needed rain. Some areas has flash floods but we had just enough to soak the ground and make the plants happy.

I had a hair cut appointment after work which meant getting home late. I picked up take out on the way home.

Otherwise, not much else in the news for today.


Wednesday, 29 June 2005

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No Update.


Thursday, 30 June 2005

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I just was not in the mood to post anything last night. After dinner I went to the gym. Our friend Mary will be starting as a spinning instructor in July. She wanted to do a test run of her routine so I volunteered. I have not been to a spinning class in well over four weeks which means I have missed trying out the new bikes. This gave me a chance to get in a good workout and try the new bikes. Mary's husband Paul also joined us for the practice session. Mary's routine proved to be very well organized along with being a good workout.  

By the time I got home and checked my mail it was going on 8pm. Unfortunately, starting on Monday of this week some of my earlier crud symptoms began to come back. The sore throat started mild but became progressively worst by Tuesday evening. I did not have the congestion in the nose and chest but instead developed a dry hacking cough. Since I had already promised Mary I would do the workout Wednesday I broke down Wednesday morning and called the doctor. They had a 1pm appointment which meant I could come and go on my lunch hour.

The weird part of the this whole bit of illness was while my throat hurt so bad I could not swallow it was not red. My doctor said I had a sinus infection that was draining just enough in the back of my throat to cause the irritation. Bottom line, I walked out with a prescription for one of those 3 day antibiotics and a souped up version of cough syrup with codeine. Since we have a CVS just up the street from the office I walked up upon my return to work and had them filled so I could start taking them immediately. As I told the doctor yesterday and Mary last night, unlike last time when I felt so horrible, this time I felt great except for the throat and cough. I did not go all out last night for Mary's session instead holding it down to about 85% but the workout felt great.

It is hot and sweltering with predictions for tomorrow to be even worse with temperatures and humidity combining to feel like 100 plus. Then it is supposed to cool off somewhat by the weekend. It looks like our plans for the Fancy Gap lodge will be rained out but it may be clear enough Saturday night to get in a session at Bullington.

We had a brief storm this afternoon here at home bringing us another 1/2 inch of rain. These little showers are really good for the lawn and flowers.

I am still reading through the Peter Robinson series. Last night I started Innocent Graves.


Friday, 1 July 2005

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No update.


Saturday, 2 July 2005

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We decided to go up to Fancy Gap last night even though the forecast was still not looking very promising. A strong cold front was supposed to come through late yesterday afternoon. What we hope would happen is the storms would push on through bringing some clear skies behind it by 11 or 12pm.

I worked through lunch and left at 4. Just I as I got home we got a quick moving storm come through dumping about 3 tenths of an inch in about twenty minutes.  We packed up a few things we needed for overnight and took off about 5:30 stopping for dinner on the way out of town.

While we never did get rain or storms at the lodge the skies never did clear. At one point around 11:30 things started to look a little hopeful when we actually had a break in the clouds and saw stars. But, the clouds rolled back in. We all gave up and went on to bed sometime after midnight. Although the skies never cleared the wind picked up and cool temperatures did come in. I had to get up during the night and pull the window down behind the bed and grab some covers. I would guess it was around 65 degrees up there this morning with a fairly good breeze.

Although we did not get to do any observing we had a wonderful evening sitting around on the screen porch which overlooks the valley, talking, and relaxing. We took off for home this morning around 10 arriving back home just before 11. Stephanie and Gerald from next door came over last night and this morning to let the dogs out. They were very glad to see us when we got home.

I did a quick run through the house with the vacuum and cleaned the bathrooms before tackling the lawn. It look somewhat like rain just before noon so I thought I better get the lawn mowed. By the way, once we got down the mountain it was very evident the cold front had not come through down here. It was very hot and sultry with it periodically clouding up like it will rain then the sun coming back out.

After I mowed I fixed lunch then ran out to Lowe's to pick up some more potting soil for my bush and plants. After getting those in the ground I called it a day. The temperatures are in the high 80's with 55% humidity. At one point the forecast had  been for it to cool of today and tomorrow but they have changed that to now being hot and sultry with thunderstorm chances.

I had three scoops of mulch delivered yesterday. I will start working on spreading that tomorrow and Monday.

Several of my journal friends including Bob do not post on weekends because of lack of traffic. I continue to do so for several reasons, one being I use my journal page as a record of things I do. Very often I go back to check to see what I did on a particular day/date. And, while some of  my readers may not read weekend pages on the weekend they may go back and read them the following week. Plus, I know my sister reads my page everyday including the weekends and if she misses goes back and catches up.

The NASCAR race is tonight from Daytona. Hopefully it will not get rained out. If not, perhaps I will not fall asleep before it ends.


Sunday, 3 July 2005

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It was fairly nice weather on the golf course this morning. We had clouds off and on along with a good breeze. When the sun came out and the wind stopped it got a little warm. After lunch I put out dad's summer fertilizer then edged and pulled some weeds for him.

Although it is only 82 with low humidity I still managed to get soaked through by the time finished up around 2pm.

I shall spend the remainder of the afternoon and evening relaxing watching the golf match this afternoon.

The race last night was delayed by rain. I went to bed early to read and fell asleep around 10. I woke up about 11 and they were still drying the track. I turned off the TV and went back to sleep.

We are forecast to get storms this afternoon and tonight.


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