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Week of 12 September 2005

Latest Update: Sunday 18, September 2005 4:45 p.m.

Monday, 12 September 2005

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Greetings. It was a very busy day yesterday. Dad and I played golf early. I took dad home to pick up mom and get his car and met them over at Frances and Al's. They cooked up a big brunch of waffles, hash browns, bacon, and sausage for us to enjoy while catching up on the details of her trip and looking at the pictures.

Back home, I gave the car a quick wash then loaded it up with CBCR merchandise driving back over to the mall to meet Dana. She will take the stuff down next Saturday to a yard sale we are holding to raise money for CBCR and pets in need from Katrina.

We stood in the mall parking lot and talked for about an hour and a half. I got back home around 5:30. For dinner I grilled Bob a steak and me a chicken breast to go along with peas and French bread. By the time we walked the dogs and I did a few chores I was too tired to write up a post.

Bob, as most of you know, is on critical deadline for the book. I had a week of vacation planned with my friend Marcia. Bob and I were to drive up the last Friday of September then Marcia and I would take off that Saturday for a week in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. When we made those plans Bob had no way of knowing it would be deadline week. He was supposed to spend the week with Brian back in Maryland, writing during the day while Brian was at work. With the deadline looming he not only needs to be here to write, but to do pictures etc. Which means I also need to be here to help with that plus do some dog duty. 

So, with a heavy heart I called Marcia on Saturday to tell here there was just no way I could come. I was as much disappointed for her as I was for me since she had all these great quilt stores picked out she wanted to hit. plus a trip to L.L. Bean. But, we can always try again next year.

Brian came up with a great alternate plan. Have Marcia come down here. We could plan day trips around Bob needing me to be here for pictures. While I don't know if there will be a lot of quilt/fabric stores we have not already hit, there will plenty of things to do and see.

Tonight I had a hair cut appointment after work. When we went out to walk the dogs Stephanie and the kids were out so we stood and visited with them for awhile.

Duncan has a vet appointment for Wednesday at 4:30. He is still throwing up and limping pretty badly. Plus, I found a large knot on his side Saturday.  I have taken him off the aspirin hoping that was causing the vomiting. Guess we will see what Dr. Taylor has to say.

I am reading Alpine Nemesis.  With the weather so gorgeous I have been reading at lunch for only about 20 minutes then going for a walk. 


Tuesday, 13 September 2005

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Well, today was Terrible Tuesday so I dread what Wacky Wednesday is going to be like tomorrow. Jackie had to take care of a family problem and had to leave early. We had a slew of deliveries this afternoon after having to do two flat box runs this morning to one of our other buildings. We take 140 flat boxes on the cart at a time from the storage room to where they are needed for boxing up closed storage files.

I rushed home, fixed dinner, and went over to the library to assist two other Friends board members with getting the newsletter mailed out. A SNAFU prevented the usual library volunteer workers to get them folded, stamped, and addressed. We managed to get it done in about an hour. I had to make a grocery store run on the way home to pick up drinks for Bob and milk for my breakfast.

It has turned hot and humid again with Ophelia sitting off the NC coast. At this point we not even going to get any much needed rain as she skirts the coast and goes back out to sea.


Wednesday, 14 September 2005

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Well, it did not turn out to be a Wacky Wednesday but instead a rather quiet one. I worked through lunch in order to leave at 4 to get Duncan to his 4:30 vet appointment. Of course, we will not know anything until the blood work comes back. We are starting him on a new medication, Previcox, for his knee and hip. Dr. Taylor is not sure why he is limping on the front leg other than it may just be a muscle pull or the beginnings of arthritis in the front shoulder.

I finished reading Alpine Nemesis last  night and immediately started Alpine Obituary. Usually I alternate back and forth between series but the ending of Nemesis made me want to go directly into the next book in the series. She usually has several months lapse in book time, which she does but it continues the storyline of what happened at the end of the Nemesis. I don't want to ruin the books for anyone who may be reading them but I was so surprised by what she did with several of her characters.


Thursday, 15 September 2005

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No update.


Friday, 16 September 2005

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I did not have time last time to get a post written. I finally made it to the gym after dinner after almost of week of being too busy. Just as I got home and started checking my mail Mimi called to ask the dogs to come down to play.

By the time we got back it was going on 8:15. I did a quick run through for important mail and bagged it for the night.

Dr. Taylor called this afternoon. Duncan does have another urinary tract infection. Not sure why he keeps getting those. He did not hear back from the lump biopsy but is not real worried based on the blood work. The new medicine for his hip and knee is doing wonders. He acts like his old self for the first time in several months.

Tomorrow I will be at the NC Zoo most of the day for the Firm's annual picnic. They choose different locations. This is the first one I have attended. Again, Bob and I were supposed to go but unfortunately Bob has to stay home and work. My friend Bonnie is going with me. We will have a great time but I shall miss Bob being with me.

It is very dry. We have had only .02 inches of rain since the first of September. It rain about that much this afternoon. We need a couple of days of good soaking rain.


Saturday, 17 September 2005

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Bonnie and I had a wonderful time at the zoo. We left a little after 8 arriving at the zoo around 9:20. It was very hot in the sun but parts of the walking paths between exhibits were shady. The food was delicious. We had BBQ, grilled chicken, burgers, dogs, slaw, fruit, chips, and banana pudding for desert plus beverage.

It was set up under a large tent in the picnic area of the park. There are four main areas of the zoo, North America, Africa, Sonora Desert, and Australia. Walking from end to end plus to all the open animal areas, inside exhibits/animal areas, etc covers roughly 5 miles or more. Bonnie and I did the African outdoor and indoor areas plus the aviary before time to walk back down to the picnic area for lunch around 11:30. After lunch we walked the remainder of the Africa outdoor areas, then on to the others listed above. We finally finished seeing everything around 3pm. We took the tram back across to where we started to save time and our feet. Walking on all that concrete started to wear out the feel after that many hours of walking.

A few of the animals were not out or were off sleeping but we saw most of them. Since I was at the zoo last it has really expanded and become one of the best I have had the pleasure of visiting. I will post pictures on Monday to give Bob time to download and me a chance to choose which ones I want to use.

We got back around 5pm. Bonnie went on home. Bob and I had a light dinner since it is so warm. Last night we watched Gosford Park. A really excellent film with a great cast. I highly recommend it.

Duncan continues to improve in both mobility and spirits. Guess I will wrap this up for now.


Sunday, 18 September 2005

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Another picture perfect fall day in the Triad. Dad and I got in a full round of golf this morning followed by lunch by at the house.

After I got home and read the paper I did a very quick bathroom cleaning and vacuuming of dirt and dog hair. Next outside to mow. It is still horribly dry. We are around nine inches short of our normal rain fall for August and September. The grass was a little high in places but the leaves are falling fast and furious already with the dry weather. I was almost finished with the mowing when Mimi called to see if the dogs could come down to play. I took a break for twenty minutes or so to let the dogs visit before finally finishing up the lawn. After I finished I looked as if I had been rolling in a dust bowl so it was straight to the showers for me.

That's about it for today.


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