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Week of 26 September 2005

Latest Update Sunday, 2 October 2005 4:30 p.m.

Monday, 26 September 2005

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It remained cloudy, overcast, and humid all day but produced very little in the way of rain. It was steady at work but nothing over whelming to talk about.

I finished up the B&B mystery at lunch today. I think I will take a break from the Mary Daheim series and read a new author Frank A. Smith. His character, Neil Paget is a DCI in Shropshire, England. There are only five books in the series with the last one coming out in 2003. Bob has read the three the library system has. 

Guess I better run. I am in the process of cleaning the over head stove fan and hood. I kept smelling grease when I would go in the kitchen and discovered the range hood screens were coated in the stuff plus the hood itself.


Tuesday, 27 September 2005

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No update.


Wednesday, 28 September 2005

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Last night I had a slight mishap with the garage door when I pulled in. I never hit the button to bring it down until I have pulled all the way in. Last night as I got almost in the door came crashing down on the very rear of the car where the spoiler flange is above the door. It bent the hell out of the garage door and put a smaller one in the flange. The only thing I can think happened was I hit it twice and it reversed on me too quickly before I could get all the way in.

Handy man Bob managed to get the roller pin back into the slot so we could shut the door. It works fine but now we have two damaged garaged doors. The other one was not working all that well which is why I switched to this one. Once Bob get's the book done we see about getting it repaired.

By the time we fixed the door and ate a light dinner it was well after 6:30 by the time I got to the gym. That threw me later getting home thus no time to put up a post. I scanned my e-mails quickly for anything important and called it a night.

I finished the Frank Smith. I highly recommend his books. They read somewhat like a Dorothy Simpson. Next up, I shall read the last and most recent book in the Mary Daheim Apine series to get caught up on that one. I still have two left in the B&B and two more of the Frank Smith. Once I get caught up on library books I want to read a couple of things from my TBR pile.

After work I stopped at the library to help take down the remains of the book sale. We box it up for various local charities to haul them off. That only took about an hour. I stopped at the Wing Zone across the street from the library to try their take out menu. The food is cooked to order. It was very tasty and they deliver.

As usual it is getting late and I have just sat down to check my mail so I guess I better finish this up for now.


Thursday, 29 September 2005

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No Update.


Friday, 30 September 2005

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The usual for last night, last back from the gym, etc thus no post. Today was my last day of work nine days. I will be on vacation next week. Marcia and Miss Lucy will be coming down.

I made a quick grocery store stop to get us through the weekend. Marcia and I shall go to the store to shop for food once she arrives.

I hope to make a tentative agenda based on the long range forecast. However, tonight stumped all the weather gods completely. It was to be a very clear and cool night, perfect weather for going up to Bullington to observe. This morning on the way to work it was looking really gray and cloudy. By this afternoon tonight's forecast had gone down the tubes. Oh well, now that is gets darker earlier we can take advantage of clear nights during the week and still get home at a decent hour for me to go to work.

It works out just a well. Bob has been working really hard to get the book in under deadline with time to do some last minute clean up the last week. For some reason I slept horrible last night and felt pretty tired all day myself. I certain resting this evening and getting a good nights sleep will take care of that.

I am reading the next Alpine book, The Alpine Quilt. As I mentioned earlier in the week it is also the most recent book in the series until she comes out with R.

It would nice if the clouds were bringing in some rain for tonight and tomorrow. We really need it.


Saturday, 1 October 2005

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It has been somewhat of a leisurely day. I started off downstairs this morning getting the finished area cleaned and freshened up for Marcia and Lucy.

Around 9:45 I took the dogs out back to play. Mimi was out with Oscar in their back yard and yelled for us to come on down. We had a nice visit while the dogs had some playtime. I finished up the downstairs before lunch. After lunch I read the last six or remaining chapters in the Alpine mystery before getting started on the upstairs cleaning.

The remainder of the afternoon I spent at my desk clearing away some paperwork, paying bills, etc. I am getting ready to run by the library to return some books, make a pet store run, and pick up takeout for dinner. Bob decided he wanted Chinese.


Sunday, 2 October 2005

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Busy day! After reading the paper and eating breakfast I took off for dad's stopping along the way for gas and money. I put out dad's seed and fertilizer in hopes that the promised rain showers for the week make an appearance.

Back home after Bob cleaned out the gutters I blew the leaves from the driveway and natural areas before staring on the lawn mowing. Bob came out just as I was starting up the mower to say Marcia was only twenty minutes or so out. Since I had not mowed in two weeks and had blown all the leaves onto the lawn I needed to go ahead and mow.

I finished the front and was partway through the back when she arrived. After a quick hello I went back to the task at hand while Bob helped unload the car. It is very, very dry. We have only had .07 inches of rain for the month of September and very little in August. I was mowing either grass or dirt depending on where I was in the yard. By the time I finished I was covered in dust and sweat.

After I showered and visited a few minutes with Marcia she went downstairs for a shower before we took off for the grocery store to pick up a few items for the week.

Grilled chicken and zucchini for dinner for Marcia and I and steak with macaroni salad for Bob.


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